Sex story websites were very useless and complicated.The pages of the stories were complicated and then in the middle of

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Posted on: 09:28:AM 26-Feb-2021

I went to the bank last Friday to open up a new business account and transfer money into it from

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Posted on: 11:00:AM 19-Mar-2021

I am Pankaj. I work for a pharmaceutical company these days and have to travel a lot. I travel by

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Posted on: 11:03:AM 19-Mar-2021

Hello again, sometime back we college friends planned for a trip, though not from college side but ourselves. But as

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Posted on: 11:05:AM 19-Mar-2021

My name’s Abhay and this incident happened when I was in the first year of college. I wasn’t exactly an

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Posted on: 11:07:AM 19-Mar-2021

The only reason behind not disclosing my identity is because I am expecting true feedbacks for my writing! If you

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Posted on: 11:09:AM 19-Mar-2021

My name is Sujatha. It is my wedding night. I am 22 years old with fair and smooth complexion. I

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Posted on: 11:11:AM 19-Mar-2021

As it was a luxury bus we had booked our tickets and all the seats were booked. We were going

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Posted on: 11:12:AM 19-Mar-2021

I have always believed that sex is a token of love, a feeling of completeness and oneness. Agree that it

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Posted on: 11:14:AM 19-Mar-2021

Hi  Xyz readers, I am Vijay Kumar. This is my first story I am submitting. I am sharing the moment

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Posted on: 11:18:AM 19-Mar-2021

I  am a married man age 37 and ophthalmologist (Eye specialist) by profession, living in Lahore. The event I am

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Posted on: 11:21:AM 19-Mar-2021

This is My True Story. The lady is a foreigner and her name is Roxie. She happens to be my

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Posted on: 11:23:AM 19-Mar-2021

this is Alex again with another story of mine, and this time this lady is a true Pakistani bitch. A

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Posted on: 11:24:AM 19-Mar-2021

I am happy to pen down another incident that happened to me. I am happy for the responses that I

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Posted on: 11:26:AM 19-Mar-2021

I am a 50 years old chap retired from being a Manager in a Tea Plantation in Assam and Darjeeling.

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Posted on: 11:28:AM 19-Mar-2021

It all started when I was 13…my interest in sex, that is! One day I was home sick from school

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Posted on: 11:30:AM 19-Mar-2021

My husband could never really explain why it turns him on for me to be his slut wife, “It just

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Posted on: 11:32:AM 19-Mar-2021

Hello everybody, I am Sojol, a resident of Western Eurpoe. I am 28 yrs old, six ft tall, medium built

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Posted on: 11:34:AM 19-Mar-2021

This is Rajiv and I am currently staying in Melbourne (Australia). I am a big fan of Xyz, read most

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Posted on: 11:36:AM 19-Mar-2021

I met a girl at my work place who was a new joinee. Her name was Kalyani(name changed). She was

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Posted on: 01:30:AM 20-Mar-2021

My name is Ali. I am 23 now. This incident happened to me 3 years
back when I was 20

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Posted on: 01:31:AM 20-Mar-2021

I was in The Hague, capital of The Netherlands to attend a meeting on Global Warming. Representatives from 27 other

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Posted on: 01:32:AM 20-Mar-2021

Hi Everyone….This is Silver back with a new experience…My last experience I had written was Sales women in Sept 2009,

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Posted on: 01:34:AM 20-Mar-2021

Hi! I’m Sagar from Dhaka . I’m an Engineer in profession, working at a MNC, 5′7″ height, fair color with

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Posted on: 01:36:AM 20-Mar-2021

I am Raja,29 yrs old, six foot, medium built physical structure. After finishing my MBA, taking care of my family

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Posted on: 01:38:AM 20-Mar-2021

I was spread eagle on my double bed with just my jeans trousers on and Leah was on top of

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Posted on: 01:41:AM 20-Mar-2021

This is a true incident that happened two weeks ago and it took me 2 weeks to get out of

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Posted on: 01:42:AM 20-Mar-2021

Hi guys, I am sharing my real story that happened with me few weeks back. I had been an avid

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Posted on: 03:43:AM 20-Mar-2021

Hello everyone, this incident happened when I was doing my masters from UK with one of my professors which is

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Posted on: 03:45:AM 20-Mar-2021

Well here we are on the plane and in the air and on our way after the wedding and the

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Posted on: 03:47:AM 20-Mar-2021

I’ve been making a lot more trips to the local supermarket since my wife of 30 years died. I really

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Posted on: 03:49:AM 20-Mar-2021

Hello friends, I am great-full to this place as so many stories, that just raise my tool and feel so

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Posted on: 03:51:AM 20-Mar-2021

Hi, I am Sahil from Ahmedabad, Western India. This is the story of how I found out about the secret

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Posted on: 03:54:AM 20-Mar-2021

I grabbed the last sandwich and rushed to my bike, It was 20 minutes short of 9am. I put

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Posted on: 03:55:AM 20-Mar-2021

This incident relates to the time when I was an adoloscent. We were a family of three brothers, three sisters,

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Posted on: 06:14:AM 20-Mar-2021

It was around noon, I was waiting for Sabari to pull into the railway station. The stench of urine and

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Posted on: 11:11:AM 20-Mar-2021

I retired as a Matron from a big hospital in Delhi. I am a widow. My Husband who was a

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Posted on: 11:14:AM 20-Mar-2021

This happened about 3 months back during the summer of 2010. So my memory is fresh and vivid. When I

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Posted on: 11:23:AM 20-Mar-2021

After twelve years of marriage, my wife, Lara and I, were facing disaster. We both enjoyed each other’s company, and

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Posted on: 11:27:AM 20-Mar-2021

I am still amazed by what I saw from my bedroom window last year. I live in a large community

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Posted on: 11:29:AM 20-Mar-2021

My wife, Lara, and I had completely renewed our sex life by each spending one night as a slave to

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Posted on: 11:32:AM 20-Mar-2021

Damn, I swore to myself as I forced my way to the front of the line through the gigantic crowd

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Posted on: 11:37:AM 20-Mar-2021

I have recently started having daydreams about my girlfriend, Rachel, and another boy having sex in front of me. Rachel

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Posted on: 11:39:AM 20-Mar-2021

Matt Samuels was a highly successful CPA, with a lovely wife named Judith, and they both appeared to be the

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Posted on: 11:45:AM 20-Mar-2021

I work on the second floor of a three-story building. My office has windows but my view is mainly of

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Posted on: 05:13:AM 21-Mar-2021

Fourteen years ago, at the age of 18, I became pregnant, and got married, three months before the birth. Two

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Posted on: 05:31:AM 21-Mar-2021

Kirk rides Sherene up and down until her screaming subsides. He pulls out his huge, thick cock from her

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Posted on: 06:00:AM 21-Mar-2021

Dell hated working on holidays, away from home, all alone, and bored stiff, not a very pleasant way to spend

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Posted on: 06:15:AM 21-Mar-2021

She saunters in wearing a slinky black leather body glove, which plunges daringly low to reveal her voluptuous breasts. The

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Posted on: 06:17:AM 21-Mar-2021

I didn’t intend to set up my video camera to spy on our babysitter. But after watching a news report

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Posted on: 06:19:AM 21-Mar-2021

I am working in a corporate firm in Islamabad. This incident happened when I shifted to Islamabad for the first

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Posted on: 05:43:AM 28-Mar-2021

I had recently won a new Reality show in India called the “ Sabse Bada Fan Kaun†in which as

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Posted on: 07:22:AM 03-Apr-2021

Aishwarya Rai was famous in hollywood as well and she had her own fan following in der. So she had

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Posted on: 05:15:AM 09-Apr-2021

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