A beautiful feeling

I have always believed that sex is a token of love, a feeling of completeness and oneness. Agree that it is also a need for the body, but when you have sex with some one you dearly love then it is a completely different experience as compared to any lust-full relations. At that time love overtakes lust and sex is just a way of expressing this love. When you are in the arms of your loved one, then there is no better feeling than that.

Hi. I am Addy from Mumbai. A regular visitor of this site, but I never really got the opportunity or the time to share my experiences with you all. I am a Software Engineer by profession and have been in a relationship with a girl for the past three years. I would like to receive your comments after you have read the story. My email ID is [email protected]

My girl-friend is extremely beautiful though she is a bit skinny. She has got beautiful long hairs (I love women with long hairs) and a brownish pair of beautiful eyes. Some people might not consider her sexy but surely no one can deny that she is very beautiful. But as far as I am concerned, she is the most beautiful and sexiest girl in the world. We love each other dearly. She, being ‘conservative’ types, always thought that sex (especially intercourse) should happen only after marriage. And I, on the other hand, is very broad-minded. But I never forced her in doing anything against her wish and may be that is the reason it took us three years to have a complete sex.

It was a gradual process, from holding hands to hugs; to kisses to foreplay; and then finally to intercourse. I still remember the first time we kissed. It was at the rear seat of my car with my other friends sitting in front. It was her birthday and I had promised her that I would give her something special as a birthday gift. We reached to an isolated place. Switched off all the lights of the car and asked my friend to get down for some time and look if any body is coming. As soon as he got down, I asked my gf to close eyes and be ready for the gift. She was very excited and immediately closed her eyes. I drew my lips closer to her lips. Our lips were so close that even air could not pass through. I kept my lips on her trembling lips. She opened her eyes just for a moment and again closed them as if she knew what the surprise was. And we kissed and kissed for about 10-15 minutes. It was the best feeling I ever had. I remember how intoxicated I had got by the kiss that I could hardly drive back home.

Kisses became regular then. At the starting she would just let me do whatever I wanted with her lips. But gradually she started responding as time went by and at times she would be more desperate to kiss me than I would. One day she said, “Hey Addy I have read in a survey that most men keep their hands on the girl’s breast while they kiss.” I gathered some courage and kept my hands on her breasts and kissed her hard. Her breasts were so soft and still so tight. That was the first time I had touched her breasts and it became normal after some time. She would not allow me to put my hands beneath her t-shirt so I would fondle it over the clothes only.

Then arrived ‘the day’. It was Valentine’s Day and luckily for us her parents were out of town. I some how convinced her to stay at her place for the whole night. We have stayed many nights together and she completely trusted me. I went to her place. There was a watchman outside her bungalow and we wanted to make sure that he does not come to know that there is some one else at the place apart from her. So I jumped the boundary wall and entered the house from the rear door. I had prepared a lot of surprises for her. As soon as I entered the place she immediately closed the door. I could see how tensed she was and to ease it off I gave her a big and warm hug. That helped her in staying calm. She held me tight and I could feel here breasts in those padded bra, brush across my chest. She was wearing a pink night suit with her hair let loose and she was looking very cute and beautiful. She asked me to freshen up. While I was back from the wash room, I saw the room was all lit with candles and some music was on. She came near me and said that the dinner was ready. We had a very romantic candle light dinner, holding hands and lost into each others eyes. We had ice-cream then. As she was tiding up the dining table, I held her hand and asked her for a couple dance. She agreed immediately and held me tightly. She kept her feet over mine and we just rest into each other’s arms dancing to the rhythm of the romantic music being played. I remember the song. It was ‘Everything I do’ by Bryan Adams. As the song ended I asked her to close her eyes. Bending down on knees I opened the box containing the golden ring that I had brought for her. I asked her to open her eyes and as she did, I proposed her “Will you marry me sweetheart”. She was speechless for some time and then tears started rolling down her eyes. She said that she had been waiting for this moment since a long time. She raised me up by holding my shoulders, looked into my eyes for some time and hugged me tight. I said, “You hasn’t replied yet” and she slapped me lovingly saying, “do u still want a reply? Of course I will marry you…”.And she kissed me passionately.

After a long passionate kiss I took her in my arms and walked towards her bedroom. She was looking into my eyes and giving me some naughty smiles. I laid her on the bed and she was looking so damn beautiful. I came over her and we started kissing again. Our tongues exchanging saliva. I moved from her lips to her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks and the bit her ears slowly and she moaned “ooucchh…” I started licking her neck which is a very sensitive spot for most of the girls. While doing so I slowly started to put my hand beneath her t-shirt. To my surprise, she did not object and so I went upwards and held her breasts tightly over the bra. I was always cautious of pressing the breasts hardly as I thought it woudd cause pain to her. But that day she herself held my hand over her breasts and asked me to press them hard. I did that and I could see the pleasure on her moans as she was gasping for breath and moaning slightly. I removed her top. Now she was in a black padded bra and her lowers. She rolled me and came over me and started kissing me all over. She removed my t-shirt and started kissing my chest region. I have a very few hairs on my chest and seeing that she said I will regularly wax your chest hairs after we get married. And she started licking and biting my chest all over. As she would come down to kiss me, her hair would fall all over her face and it was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. I held her silky hairs with my hands and set them aside so I could see my darling kissing me all over. She started moving down biting my stomach and as she was doing so, her breasts were just above my semi-erect penis now.

She bit me hard at the corner of my stomach and I couldn’t stop screaming with pain. She put her hands over my lips and I bit her fingers hard. She then turned me and asks me to sleep over my stomach. As she saw my back she said that wow you have such such a smooth back. And she slept over me. Her breasts pressing hardly over my back. We stayed that way for some time and then I asked her to sleep over her stomach. She was looking very sexy that time with only a bra strap over her sexy back. I unhooked the bra and held her boobs from behind. I slept over her and put all my weight over her and at the same time was pressing her breasts hard. She became mad with pleasure and was moaning loudly…”Aaaaaahhhh…Addddddyyyyy…press them harder…yes they are yours…press them…” I had never seen my gf getting so horny ever. I started kissing her back and moved down. I bit her hard just above bums and she screamed loudly. I bit her bums over the soft night suit cloth and she again screamed. Slowly I started lowering her night-suit lower along with her black panty which was clearly visible. I lowered it just enough so that her ass was seen and I started licking her arse. I rolled her back so that she was on her back on now. And I completely removed her lower now. The girl of my dreams was lying naked in front of me!!! It was the first time I was seeing her vagina. It had very few hairs and was small and pinkish. I lifted her slightly to see her other hole and too was very small.

Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the moment. I got up from her and started removing my remaining clothes. Seeing me struggling with my belt she got up and removed it for me. And the slid my jeans down. She held my penis over the underwear and pressed it tightly. A moan left my mouth. She removed my undies and let my penis free. It was aching and had become rock hard. She was scared for a moment and very innocently asked me if her hole was big enough to take it in. I smiled over her innocence and kissed her passionately. While kissing, she held my penis into her small hands. And started rolling her hands up and down over it. I asked if she would give me a blow job. She said that as it was her first time, she was scared. Sensing my disappointment, she kissed me back and said, I am sorry Addy. But I am too scared to do anything. I promise I will do whatever you want but let me get used to such feeling first. I understood her feelings. I knew she was nervous. Even I was. I made her lie down. I read somewhere that it is very painful for the girl at the first intercourse. And I did not want my darling to bear any pain. So I made sure that everything is in the right place for continuing further.

I slid my finger into her warm vagina as I knew she was a virgin and wanted to break it by fingering her before the intercourse so that she would have to go through the minimum possible pain. I started putting my finger further in. It was very tight and I could see that she was in some pain so I started kissing and playing with her breasts so that her mind gets diverted. Slowly and steadily I pushed my second finger in. And started pushing it hard. I could feel her vaginal walls and an obstruction in between. I knew I had to break it for entering in. I did that and she screamed very loudly. I could see drops of blood rolling down my hand. Tears rolled down her beautiful eyes and she started telling to remove my hand as it was unbearable. I knew I had to support her for the moment and then only I could go further. So I did not push my hands further in and let it stay at the position so that she gets used to it. We lay there silent for some time. And after some time the pain had subsidized. I started fingering her again. She was feeling some pain but I could see more pleasure than pain on her face. She started moaning again. I love u Addy…don’t u dare leave me…you are only mine and I am yours forever…And I saw some white fluid coming out of her vagina. She had an orgasm probably.

It was my turn to get some pleasure now. Her vagina was already wet with her fluids. I asked her to hold my penis so that it becomes hard again. She obliged to it and started stroking my penis hard. I knew it would not last longer I she continues to do so. So I stopped her. I came over her in the basic missionary position and started to insert my penis into her vagina. It was very tight and I was finding it very difficult to enter even though her vagina was wet. I applied some Vaseline over my penis and at the entrance of her vagina and again started inserting it. She closed hers biting her lips and trying to get hold of the bed sheet. I knew she was in pain and she would never show it for my pleasure. But I tried to be as gentle as I could and my penis finally started entering her hole. With a few strokes it was almost in. (I won’t boast that my penis is 8 or 10 inches as others do. I have a normal sized penis capable to give pleasure to my girl and I am happy about it).

Within a few strokes she got used to my size and started responding well. She was moaning…I love u adddyyy…yes stroke it deeper. I want to feel my wud be husband fully inside me..yesssss…make love to me darling..I had never seen her in such a way. And I was loving every bit of it. We were stroking in a perfect unison. As if our two bodies had melted into one. Our speed increased and I knew I was nearing my orgasm. I did not want to take chance of making her pregnant as I had not worn any condom. So I took my penis out and sprayed my sperms over her body. We were breathing heavily. Sweating all the way. I lied besides her and stayed there for some time. Then we had a quick wash where she cleaned me and I cleaned her. We laid in the bath tub for some time…Naked…In each others arms. And then headed towards the bed room and slept into each others arms… That was the most sound and satisfying sleep I ever had in my live.

When I got up in the morning and as I slid the hairs over her face, I could see the feeling of content on her face… The feeling of being loved..The feeling of submitting oneself completely to some one else. The feeling of love !!!
The end

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