My first introduction to sex

Hi  Xyz readers, I am Vijay Kumar. This is my first story I am submitting. I am sharing the moment when first time I saw the pussy in my life and I got my first sex experience. I am very interested in older women from the days of my teenage. I always used to catch the chance to see cleavage of my teachers in school. Later when I came in college I tried always to see the figure and cleavage of Aunties who used to come to our house. I used to fantasize about them kissing them fucking them.

But I never got the chance. Time passed away and I got admission in D-Pharm. I passed it and till I could get any job I planned to join any local hospital to pass the time as well as to get the practical training of Medical practice. I was introduced to a hospital by one of my father’s friend. It was Dr.Asha’s hospital. Dr.Ahsa’s husband was also a Doctor and he was a govt employee and she herself was running the hospital. She welcomed me warmly and showed me the whole hospital. In that hospital with her there was one more staff, the dresser. His name was Kishan. Dr.Asha was 31, mother of two children, and I was 21.

She was a beautiful women with fare color and attractive figure. She looked much younger than her husband. As she was a lady doctor her most of patients were ladies. She used to check the patients herself and in case if there was need to inject the patient she herself used to put the injection. In the afternoon we used to sit when there were no patients and discuss about the cases, madam (I used to call her madam) attended. I usually asked her about any patient, her decease, her treatment, why any particular medicine was given to that patient etc. Madam explained me each and every thing in medical terms.

Some time we discussed about sexual deceases of women also. One day madam asked me that why don’t you learn to push injection. I agreed with the condition that you will teach me. She agreed. That day when a lady patient came for injection madam asked me to come in the injection room with her. In the injection room madam asked lady patient to lie on the table open the ‘nara’ of the salwar and remove the salwar and underwear slight from the buttock. Madam first time herself showed me how to push the injection. Then next time gave it to me and asked to try.

Our hands touched always when madam gave injection in my hands and taught me how to inject. Her soft hands touch and buttocks of ladies gave me excitement and my dick began to harden when I used to push the injection. I think madam noticed it, but did not tell anything. There were some ladies who used to come for abortion, they had to be given injections so that they can remain unconscious for half an hour. Madam made me expert in each and every thing. Whenever she had to go to injection room she always called me with her. By this time we had become very friendly with each other and we used to start exchange jokes about doctors and patients.

We used to exchange these jokes when we used to put the injection. I started liking Asha madam and always tried to touch her accidently when we enter injection room together. But she never minded it and always showed it like it was not intentionally by me and it was happening in natural way. One day I was giving an injection to a patient to make her unconscious and she was standing along with me. She waited for the patient to go in sleep. As I finished the injection and patient closed her eyes, went in sleep, madam came close to me and cut my left ear lightly with her teeth. It was a pleasant surprise for me.

I could not believe what happened. I just turned to her, she was smiling naughtily. I just caught her with one hand, put my another hand behind her back, pulled her tightly to me, placed my lips over her lips and kissed her. She just pushed me and moved out. I kept standing there for a moment and then came out. After that day it became a routine to kiss her and press her boobs and butts in injection room, taking care that no one could see us. One day I touched her between her legs and asked her that I want that.

She replied that sure I will give it to you. She asked me to come to the hospital after lunch from the back side door and she will call a patient, who had taken appointment for abortion, at that time. Then after making her unconscious we will do what you want. I was in the heaven and eagerly was waiting for lunch break. At lunch I looked at her. She just blinked her left eye and smiled. The patient also had come. I did not take lunch that day. Just left the hospital, took a round and reached the back door. It was already open according to planning. I entered and locked it and silently knocked the back door of injection room.

Madam opened the door. She was in saree that day. Looking ‘Gazab’. Inside patient was sleeping over the table and a bed sheet was spread over the floor. We kissed lip to lip keeping our eyes closed deeply at least for three minutes. Then I lay her down on the bed sheet. Kissed her cheeks, lips, neck and cleavage. I asked her I have never seen the naked boobs till now. Hearing this she passionately kissed me over my face and lips. I removed her blouse she was in saree and bra now.

Boobs half covered half looking, making every moment suspense for me. I first licked her belly between the two hills and then uplift the bra with my hands without opening the hook. It was an unbelievable moment for me. Two beautiful, complete, soft, naked, big breasts were just close to my eyes, my lips, my hands, whom I only have seen ‘chori-chori’. I kept both my hands on both beauties, lips over her lips and start pressing, fondling and feeling them. Slowly my lips started moving down. Her chin, her neck, her shoulders and finally her tits. I was sucking both the tits one by one and she was moaning with pleasure.

Then she reminded me that this is hospital, we have to finish early. Lick them next time. I smiled and move downwards to her naval area. She was very sensitive with that part. As I kiss her over her belly she just got mad and pressed my head close to her belly. She was playing with my hairs. By this time she had become wet and touched my dick over my pant. I immediately removed my all cloths and she was in saree till now. She caught my shaft with one hand and put a kiss over it and asked me to finish as the time was going on. She requested to pull over the saree as it will take time to dress it again.

I refused totally because it was my first time and I wanted to make it memorable by doing it with she and me totally naked. I removed her saree and opened and removed petticoat. She was wearing red colored panty and her thighs were so stuff that I put many kisses over her thighs only. Then i rolled her and put many kisses over her back from shoulders to hips. Then finally I hocked my fingers in her panty and pulled it down. Kissed her buttocks even bite one buttock lovingly with teeth and rolled her again. I put my hands over both her knees and parted her legs.

The thing i had never seen, the thing I was viewing first time really, the thing I was waiting for was in front of me. I kept watching for a few moments, just like I was hypnotized, till she started smiling, i came back to the reality and put a strong kiss between her thighs over her clitoris. She moaned slight loudly aaaaaaaahh and raised her hips. I then came over her, locked her lips with mine and she guided my dick to its destination. I pushed and I was inside her. I then started pumping her and she started moving her hips from downside in the same rhythm

I was pumping. In the whole course our lips did not unlocked. She came first with a long orgasm and after I came and filled her pussy with my love juice. We kept laying in the same position, my dick inside her, for few moments. She told me she had never had that much long orgasm with her hubby. We then kissed finally, got up, dressed up and I went out from the back door and joined work after my lunch break
The end

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