Sex training by older woman

I am a 50 years old chap retired from being a Manager in a Tea Plantation in Assam and Darjeeling. I am from Mumbai. PROLOUGE. The narration begins on the day I got married. It was an arranged marriage though we went out a few times. My wife was from a very well to do old landlord family. My Father was a senior Officer with the railways. I was the only child.

After the customary Exchange of garlands, my wife and I were put on a stage like some specimen for exhibition and the guest one by one came and offered gifts to us and posed for photographs as a mark of attendence. With some of the guest we shook hands and with others we touched their feet asking for their blessings.

While there, a very dignified old lady heavily jeweled was escorted up the stage my my father-in-law. My wife whispered that the old lady was her Nani (Mother’s mother). She looked very fimiliar to me but at first I could not place her. As I bent to touch her feet, she caught me by my shoulders and hugged me. As she hugged me she whispered, ” Do you remember me?”

FLASHBACK. I was 18 years old, fresh from School going on my first job with a tea plantation in Assam as a assistant manager. My father as a gift to me bought a First AC ticket for me for my travel from Mumbai ( then Bombay ) to Kolkata (Then Calcutta). The train left Mumbai in the evening and reached Calcutta the next evening if it was not late as it invariably was.

My luggage was put into the compartment and informed about it. I did not go into the cabin to check or anything. I stood on the platform chatting with parents and friends who had come to see me off. Soon I heard the whistle blow and after a quick bye to all jumped into the train and looked for my cabin. It was a coupe( two berths only ).

As I reached the door two things struck me – one a beautiful perfume which overpowered all smells one associates with a train journey in India and the other a distinguishing looking lady about 50 plus years elegantly draped in a saree and delicately made up with her more-salt-than-pepper hair with every strand in place. I was dumbfounded for a moment.

Then I wished her and asked, “May I come in?” She smiled a smile that would launch a thousand ships and said, “Sure, this cabin is yours as much as it mine till at least Calcutta. Come in and make yourself comfortable, take a seat.” Just before I sat down she offered me her hand and said” I am Premanjali. You can call me Prem like all people I know call me.”

I took her hand and with the gentlest squeeze ( as taught in good public schools)started to give my name. “no need for that I know your name it is on the reservation chart” I settled down in one corner quietly. “Have you any idea when the TT wil come so that he can check our ticket and we can relax?”

I had no idea so till the TT came which was in about 45 minutes she found out that I was joining a tea Plantation and would be in cal for a day, she also found out which school I had studied in, etc. Pulling out a packet of Craven ‘A’ Cigarettes she offered me one but I refused saying I do not smoke on a regular basis, but she then insisted that I enjoy one with her.

I took one and lite it for her and for myself ( In those days there was no smoking restrictions on the train). She asked me if I had a steady girl friend. When I answered in the negative she asked me if I was a homosexual because ” a good looking strapping guy like you should heve had a large bevy of girls after you and raping you” I smiled and said, ”

I am neither an homosexual nor have I got the luck to have a bevy of girls rape me. In fact I am preety inexperienced” She laughed, ” Good boy -what?” Just then the TT came and checked our tickets and said we would not be disturbed till 10 o’clock next day. “Lock the door,we can now change and relax” With that she opened her suite case and took out her Pyjama suit.

I volunteered to step out till she changed her clothes. “No need to that. I may require help anyhow” she said. She peeled of her sari and put it on the berth after folding it neatly. She seemed to have rather big busts and arse. I pretended to read a magzine. She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off and folded it slowly. Yes, it confirmed she was very busty no doubt.

Then I got a shock. ” Please unclip my Bra. I have a shoulder injury and cannot twist my hand back”. I was nervous to say the least. I got up and my hands were trembling as I touched her bra and back ” Do not get nervous. What are you afraid off? I will not eat you.” With a little of fumbling I managed to unclip her bra. She took it off as I took my seat again.

“Gosh, You look as if you have seen a ghost” she said adding to my misery as she bent down to pick up her Pyjama top. Her pedulous breast hung down and swayed slightly as she wore them -ever so slowly. My cock had begun to rise in salutation. “Why don’t you change? she asked me. “I am comfortable like this” “Don’t be silly.

Sleeping in your underwears is not only unhygenic but terribly uncomfortable. If you don’t have anything wear my pyjama. My top covers me well”. While telling me that she removed her petticoat and panty and sat down. After almost ordering me to undress she gave my the pyjama. I started to undress, trying to hide as my cock just would not listen to me to relax.

It was semi standing as I turned to take off my trousers and underwear. “aha ha I did manage to get some life into you” She further embrrassed me. I quietly sat down without commenting or seeing her. She then from her large picnic box pulled out a bottle of beer and a bottle opener. Opening it, she said “I hope you will share it with me” I smiled. she took a swig and handed the bottle to me.

“Relax kid, we are in this together for almost the next 24 hours and you sitting so tensed up will ruin the journey for both of us. Come sit closer to me so the bottle can be easily passed to each other” I relaxed bit as I moved closer to her. Our thighs almost touching each other’s. As more beer went down the more relaxed I felt. A second bottle was opened.

I then felt her hand on my thighs moving up and down. I smiled at her. ” Give me a kiss ” she said as she moved towards me. and encircled my body with her arms and started to kiss me on my lips. She put her tongue into my mouth and the took my tongue into her mouth and sucked it. It was very exciting for me a first timer. My cock was erect as never before.

She put her hand and felt it while kissing me. She all of a sudden climbed astride me. I put my hand om her breast and kneaded them. They were so smooth and surprising quite tight but soft to touch. She was really on heat. She quickly pulled of her top and was now completely nude sitting on me. I could feel my pyjamas were getting wet and I thought that I was leaking –

which I was but it was more of her fluid falling on my pyjamas. She then held up her breast to my mouth and said “Suck them, please” She had about a half inch tit seated on a two inch diameter very black areole. I licked and sucked each one with vengeance. While I was busy with her twin towers she put her hand between her thighs and caught my cock.

“Lovely big lund” she said as I put by hand down and felt for the first time a woman’s cunts. The well trimmed hair were just above her pussy lips. It was very wet and slppery. My finger slipped in easily and I felt the soft flesh inside. It felt so heavenly. Premanjali then so very neatly slipped off my thighs and enroute to the floor pulled my pyjama down with her teeth.

I was now stark naked like her. She took me cock into her mouth and after licking the precum of the knob she started to pump it with her mouth. Within a few seconds I felt I was going to climax and told her “I will come and you will get dirty” She let go for just enough time to say “Let fly, kiddo Dirty me” and again started her pumping motion.

I started to shoot my cum but she kept on sucking me. I released all my cum into her mouth and she continued to lick me to clean up my cock. ” I am sorry I could not do it, but it was the first time so I got extra excited” “Not to worry, we are not done with for the night” she said. She climbed back and sat next to me and started to play with my cock. I also started to play with her tits.

We had another swig of beer and lite a fag which we shared. ” Can I suck you like you did to me” I asked. “Ofcourse you can. Never ask such a stupid question from me. My choot is meant for fucking. It is the same I told the grocery boy who brought grocery to the house” She said. With that she raised her legs and bent her knees and spread them.

She then further split her cunt with her fingers. I went down. It was my first look at a cunt and it was so beautiful and glistening. I started to lick it and after a while she said ” Suck this also” pointing to her ( now I know her cilt). It was small and protuding. It was soft and slightly salty but felt nice. I continued to suck her while I used my hand in a fruitful employment by pressing her large melons.

She kept moaning and sighing as I alternately sucked and licked not only her cilt but also the entrance to her honey bank. After a while her hips started to move backward and forward and after a loud “I am cumming you madarchod” she pressed my head into her cunt and and kept saying “Yes, Yes suck me more bite it’ Till she finally stopped oscillating and was breathing heavily.

My mouth and face was all wet with her cum juices. As I Got up she started to lick my face clean. ” “Now put your lund into my choot and pharo it my lovely maderchod” She got on her back and put a pillow under her bottom and lifted her leg high and wide. My cock had hardened by now, I got between and thrust my javeline into her watering can with full force.

As I had climaxed a short while earlier it took me a while to discharge my cum into her. With all her experience she helped me my matching my thrust with her upward movement of her hip. as soon as I dischrged almost simaltaneously with her we both lay exhausted with me on top of her. When my cock has lost the erection it came out Premanjali took it in her mouth and licked it clean.

I then reciprocated the honour and let a mixture of her cum and my cum fall into my mouth. Premanjali then got up and removed the beer bottles from the table which was also when the covering is open served as a washhand basin, She picked up the cover and then sat astride the basin and pissed into it.

I wanted to piss also so after she finished I stood next to it and pissed and while I was pissing she got my cock and held it so that a bit of the piss came on her hand which she licked off. After draining the washhand basin we finished the beer and she took out food which she had brought from home. The top berth remained empty as we both slept in the raw and having a midnight fuck.

The next day, after B’fast from the train cratering service we started again. This time with her on the top. She taught me the finer points of 69 position – which I fully enjoyed. She asked me to take her arse hole and finally she taught me to swallow piss without dropping a drop. (These training has come handy for me with women on the plantation and then with my wife)

As we came closer to Cal, I asked her for her address & Tele number.”No my lover, we had a good time fucking each other; as soon as we get off we forget we ever met, unless we have another chance encounter, then we will catch up on our sex again. However, I would like you to give me your underpants, which we have been wiping ourselves with, as a remembrance of our sex episode.

You are a good learner and you have satisfied my emotions for the 48 hours.” ” Will you give me yours too?” “Sure” As the train made itsway into the Howrah station we had a last quick suck of each other. We exchanged or underwear -she even gave me her bra besides her pantys and so we both got off without our underwears on.

Fast forward. I never saw her again till the day of my marriage to her granddaughter as mentioned earlier. A Few days after our honeymoon she called us for dinner at her swanky home. Latter we called her to our place and when I went to drop her at her place she wanted to feel my cock and asked if I had her gift which I did have at the plantation.

She pulled out my underwear, still unwashed, from her handbag. She passed away a year after my marriage and she surprised everyone of her family, most of all my wife (who did not even attend the will reading by her lawyer) and her son and daughter. She had left everything to her grand-daughter i.e. my wife. Bless her.
The end

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