Cross country sex

Hello everybody, I am Sojol, a resident of Western Eurpoe. I am 28 yrs old, six ft tall, medium built physical structure. I work for an investment bank in a junior management position. I had a relation with a girl through ISS and Orkut, who lived in Savona, Northern Italy. Her name was NILA,22 yrs old, a graduate student in nearby University. We used to chat and talk very dirty. We then decided to meet each other. Hers being a conservative family, she told her parents that she was going to spend couple days with her friend, who lived about 90 miles away in Portofino city. Its coastal city in Laguarian sea.

Nila’s parent let her 20 yrs old younger sister MILA to accompany her, since they both had summer holiday in school. Mila managed her friend to help her meet me. I already booked a 7 days cruise package for us with ‘Pricess Cruise’. On the particular day, I started my voyage from Villefrance, a coastal south western French city. The ship ‘ocean princess’ docked 7 in the morning at Portofino where they are supposed to join me. Most of the passengers disembarked for shore excursion and would return to the ship at 4 pm to resume their journey towards southern Italy.

I was supposed to meet them at the reception desk at pier 10.My heart was pounding. They were late about forty minutes. The pictures and live video did not match with real Nila. She was much shorter and chubbier. On the other hand, her sister Mila was absolutely stunning. Both of them were short but Mila was like a pink doll. She looked about 18 yrs old. Nila hugged me with a wide embrace, Mila lightly embraced me from the side. Even though Nila was talking to me but I was staring at Mila. I could not help myself.

She was a bit shorter than her elder sister, very slim, with a triple D size breast cup. Sweet face, big eyes She had ‘Mona Lisa’ smile always in her face. Nila started to cuddle with me, holding my hands. Mila was smiling and staring at me. New passengers embarkation start at 3pm,till then I had to take them to visit places to spend time. Mila was smarter, she quickly selected few place to visit. I did not know Italian at all so, they were much comfortable than me. In the taxi Nila placed her head on my arm and my hand on her lap.

We visited couple of parks, beach and shopping district. We had lunch in an authentic Italian pisa bistro. Nila placed my hand between her hips. She was squeezing my hands by her big hips. I was just touching her hips. Once, I unwillingly jolted my right elbow with Mila’s left breast. A shock wave ran through my body. She held my hand for a second and smiled. I bought them couple of gift items and returned to the shipyard. We were first to embark in the ship. The officer checking our documents told the girls that they could not go outside Italy, since they did not have an European Union passport.

I was very disappointed and upset about it. It meant that, they could only go up to Naples with me. I have to go to Greece and Turkey by myself. Anyway, the girls were overwhelmed to see the entertainment vessel. It was thirteen storied ,lots of elevators, restaurants, shops ,casinos, theaters ,swimming pools and jogging tracks with about four thousand passengers and crews. Our deluxe suite with balcony was located in 9th floor. It was a five star accommodation. We had one king size bed but a make ship bed could be arranged upon request. I went to the balcony, Nila followed me and pulled me to the deck chair.

She climbed on my lap and we started to kiss each other. She asked Mila to change her dress.
I asked Nila the simple question, how could we get intimate with her sister in the same room? She told me, that would not be a problem. They were not sisters but best friends. I was fondling her breasts over clothes. She told me she was a virgin and I could have sex with her, with some string attached with it. I surprisingly asked what that was? She said, she would explain it on time. Mila asked us to come inside to change, she would go to the balcony.

Nila went to the bathroom to change and I was doing it in the room. Nila was done before me. I was in my underware, she came out of the bathroom and grabbed my half erect dick and started kiss and bite softly over the cloths. I pushed her to the bed and started to kiss. Mila opened the door from balcony, seen us in bed and said,”Sorry guys, I have to take a book to spend my time in balcony beside looking at the sea.” Mila grabbed the book from her bag, while Nila was kissing me. The room telephone rang and Mila picket it up.

They were having a safety drill, as new passangers, Nila and Mila had to attend. I had to go with them. We all were wearing shorts. My eyes were glued at Mila. Her sexy thighs, low cut tea shirt and poking nipples. In the drill, each and everybody’s eyes were on Mila. I was in the middle of them. In the drill maneuver both were holding me tight, they were pushing their boobs on my elbows. When we came back Mila went back to balcony with the book and we were in our bed.Nila said ,she had sexual experience by only in porn movie. I stripped Nila to her panty and bra. I Just had the short.

I started to kiss from her forehead, lips,cheeks, chin and neck and chest. She was already hot. I pulled up her bra. Those big hanging melons showed up in glory. I was feeding on them, sucking one big nipple and kneading the other. Nila was moaning and wrestling with me. In few minutes, I roll down to her lower abdomen, started to lick her naval and rub her pussy over her panty. She removed my hand started to squeeze my throbbing dick and eventually was sucking my dick. I showed her how to do it. At last she was able to suck it nice and steady.

She was doing it like a bitch, even though she was able to go up to the half of my shaft. I was holding her head along hair and thrusting hard in her mouth. I pulled down her panty and pressed her hairy pussy. She held my hand and said that her pussy was off limit. I was shocked and asked,”What? Are you serious?” She said that she was. She wanted to keep her pussy intact for her future husband. I could use her mouth, boobs or ass to fuck her. I never heard such an eccentric view like that about sexual intercourse.

I tried to persuade her but she was kissing and biting me holding her pussy. I was raising like a bull but I did not have a nature to force anybody for anything! It was quite disappointing. She started to suck me hard. She was sucking my balls one by one. I was bound to climb on top of her and fuck her mouth. I was upset and fucking her mouth deep in throat, with huge thrust, she was gagging herself. She was hauling like an animal, rolling her tears down. In ten minutes I sprayed my hot semen deep in her throat. She gagged, threw up ,swallowed a bit, spill all over her face and chest. It was a mess.

Mila knocked the door and asked if everything was ok!I said, fine!.Nila rubbed everything in her face and chest, resting on my hips and breathing heavy. After few minutes, she went to the bathroom and cleaned herself. She looked like a cow in heat. She again hugged, kissed and apologized to me. I did not say anything. She went to the mini bar had some soft drink for both of us. She got something in a glass and kept by the night stand. In fifteen minutes she started to suck me again. This time she was sucking my nipples, soft biting my butt ,licking my ass.

I was reluctant to go further, she promised me that this time it would definitely be better. I was squeezing and kneading her boobs mercilessly. She was really on heat. She laid on her stomach and asked me to fuck her ass. She asked me to rub whatever she had in the glass in her ass. I rubbed a lot of me both in her ass and my dick. It looked kind of white membranes portion of egg. I parted her ass cheek, placed the head of my dick in. She was biting her own lips. It was so slippery that with one grand thrust, my monster cock shattered her ass wall and disappeared in her colon.

She was shaking and growling like an animal. She was in a trance. I stopped for few seconds, then eventually started to slowly pump her. I asked her whether she was ok? She moved her head up and down. In five minutes, she got easier. Another few minutes, she was moaning and moving her ass. I wanted to kiss or suck her chicks on the side, I couldn’t. She was too short for me. Now she was loudly moaning. I turned her on side, pulled her one leg on my thigh and pumped her few minutes. I turned her on the other side and pumped her the same way another few minutes. Her pussy was flooding with vaginal fluid.

I turned her around, she held her pussy hole and I shoved my cock in her ass at this position. I was kneading her both breasts and she was whirling aloud. Suddenly, Mila knocked the door and said,”Sorry guys, its raining out there, I am almost drenched, I have to come in.” I pulled the white bed sheet on us but did not stop fucking. Mila sat on a chair, ten ft away in front of the bathroom, facing other way. We were making foch-foch-foch fucking noise. I whispered Nila that I would be coming. She pulled me on top of her, held my waist hard. In few long stroke, I discharged deep in her ass. She pressed my butt and held to her ass for quite a long time, did not let me go. She was slowly sucking my nipples.

Mila yelled at us, whether she could approach us. She said she wanted to rest in the bed if we don’t mind. We were covered. I was in the outer side of the bed, she laid near me. Nila asked her to come to the inner side of the bed by her. Both sisters were holding each other and laid there for an hour with me. By this time it was 11pm.I asked the girls to get ready to go to the captain’s dinner party. We had a very enjoyable dinner, live entertainment and dance. I had dance with both sisters. Mila was crushing her huge boobs on my pelvic region, rubbing her face on my belly, slowly squeezing my butts with both hands closing her eyes.

We were sleeping at night in bed with Nila in the middle. After an hour, Nila asked me whether I wanted to fuck her ass again !I said, no! How could I do that her sister was sleeping right there. Nila insisted her sister was sleeping. But I knew, she wasn’t. She pulled down to my mid region and started to suck me. I was squeezing her huge butts and boobs. She said I could kiss her pussy but should not insert anything. I said I was not interested in her pussy at all. I turned her around rub those gel again on her ass.

I inserted my prick in Nila’s ass and started to pump her. Mila’s ass was towards us. While I was pumping Nila,I squeezed one of Mila’s firm butt, the way Nila could not see it. Mila then moved and slept on her back. My heart was pounding to see her half naked boobs were going up and down with every breathing. Nila was in ecstasy moaning and groaning loudly. I moved her face on right side, kissed and bite her cheek. I squeezed hard Mila’s one boob with my heft hand .Even though her eyes were closed, she smiled and held my hand for few seconds.

Nila turned her face towards Mila and covered her boobs. I pumped Nila’s ass half an hour, turned her around pulled her both legs high on my chest and fucked her like a bitch. She was breathing heavy and grawling. I asked Nila, whether she was enjoying my dick in her ass. She said, yes and hushed me up by her hand. I could see Mila was smiling. She was now showing me her half naked breast again. I was on the verge to explode. Nila had already couple of orgasms. I leaned on her breast and bite both of her nipples.

She screamed loudly with joy and with foch-foch-foch noise, I sprayed in her ass. I withdrawn a bit placed my left forefinger soaked my cum and inserted in Mila’s mouth. Mila slowly sucked my finger. In few minutes I fell in between the sisters, holding Nila on my chest. She was in emotion and ecstasy, did not know what was going on!Mila was holding me tight, crushing her huge boobs on my back. In half an hour when Nila realized that, she pushed me aside and slept between me and Mila.

After few hours sleep, I again fucked Nila’s huge boobs and discharged in her mouth. This time she was able to swallow lot of my cum. She spilled a bit, I rubbed my left middle finger, slept on top of her, hiding her face under my chest. I pushed my cum soaked finger in Mila’s mouth and she suckled my finger like a child. When I woke up in the morning, found Nila was sleeping and suckling my half limp dick like a baby. Mila was staring at her with anger.

I reached Mila’s breast and squeezed it hard. She held my hand for few seconds there. Mila was staring at both of our naked body. The ship was already docked in Liverno city. People are getting off for shore excursion. Nila was still sleeping. I slowly got off, walked naked towards the bathroom. Mila was secretly looking at my shaft and naked body and was licking and biting her lips. Continued in part 11.please feed back at [email protected]

We all got ready to look around Liverno City. It was almost noon time. Before we go out, Nila Used my ‘One sim card’ mobile to call her friend along with their parents in a’telecom’call to convince them. We disembarked from the ship but, the weather was not so favorable. We walked through the shopping thorough fare and bought some souvenir and gift items. We walked along the broad walk and shoreline. We had lunch in a restaurant .

After the lunch Nila went to the bathroom. I asked Mila,”did you like my ice cream yesterday?”She held my hand, smiled and said,”Thank you. You guys probably forgot that, I am also a human being, damn it. I don’t know how long I will be able to take it! I have sheer pity for you.”Nila came back. It was raining a bit. Mila removed her hand from me. Nila said she was not feeling good, wanted to go back to the ship.

From the elevator to our stateroom, everybody was silent. I had to go to the bathroom in our stateroom suite. When I came out, found the girls were talking in the balcony. I wanted to take a short nap and laid in the bed. They were having an argument and it intensified over time. Mila said, Nila was deceiving me and asked why Nila get upset when Mila touched me. I was not her husband or fiancé. Mila would not touch her sister’s boyfriend or husband. We all came here to have good time.

I came from a different country, spending a heavy fortune. They should try to do everything to make me happy. Nila said, she wanted to protect her little sister’s virginity. But if Mila wanted to fuck me, she did not care. The ship already started to move towards southern Italy. I did not know how long I slept, when I woke up, found both were sleeping holding me, I was in the middle. Nila was holding my neck and Mila was crashing her boobs on my back. I fondled Nila’s breast and sucked her lips.

I got off few minutes later and went out to get coffee for all of us. When I came back to the stateroom, they were still sleeping. I called them and placed their coffee in the sofa table. It was already evening. I brought my coffee to the balcony, turned the light on and started to watch the silver waves of the ocean. Few minutes later, Mila appeared there. She held and rubbed my shoulder and looked at the water. I asked Mila where Nila was. She said, Nila was not feeling well.

She was seasick. I went back to the suite and gave couple of ‘Avomine’ tab to Nila and asked her to take with coffee. She did not woke up, I kissed her and came back to the balcony. Mila sat on my lap, giggled with lust and said, from that point, she was my wife. I said, you are not as intimate as a wife should be. She took off her shirt and asked me, how intimate I wanted her, she kissed my lips. I asked her to take off the cloths. She unhooked her bra and those amazing boobs spang out. My god, it was absolutely stunning.

Firm, pointed, big pink breast and nipples, small brownish areola. I asked her to remove all her cloths. It was breathtaking view. Her flat tummy and naval, spotless shining pussy, amazing hips and legs smiling at me. Her pussy looked like two pieces of orange clustered together, enclosing her clitoris and G spot. She wanted to hold me. I prevented and asked her to wait. I wanted to satisfy my eyes first. Every inch of her body was stunning. She was God made, a big pink doll for me. I would or would not fuck her later but first I wanted to swallow her beauty by my eyes.

I asked her to give me few poses. Her big grapefruit size butts were tantalizing. I picked up her small body like a child and place on the small table. I touched my lips on hers, nipple and pussy lips. She wanted to press my mouth there. I said, not yet. Let me love you first. She opened and pulled my shorts down. She kissed my lower abdomen and dick with passion. I placed her on my lap. She was sitting and holding me face to face, legs on my both side, crushing her huge boobs on my chest.

She was holding my dick between her hips, my dick was poking her pussy lips. I held her tight like that. Nila knocked the door and said she was feeling better, going to have her dinner, get couple of package dinner for us and left our stateroom suite. I and Mila both naked held each other another ten minutes. Mila was overwhelmed and crying. She said, nobody loved her like that. She lost her virginity to an incest, had a boyfriend for a while. But they just fucked her few times. That’s all. She started to lick my chest, suck my nipples, squeeze my hard dick and balls.

Her wet cunt was heating up in my crotch. I lifted her and entered the room and eventually to the bed. She passionately was kissing my dick. Spread my cum hole, rubbed the tip of her tongue, sucked the strawberry. Then she started to suck my dick hard. In few minutes, she was sucking my balls like hard candy, bit my butt and licked my ass. I started to kiss her forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin, earlobes and throat.

I slowly sucked her one nipple and softly held the other breast. As if, it might get smashed and it hurt her! She was pressing my mouth to her breast hard. I kissed her belly bottom, amazing naval a spread her legs. I was in heaven. I parted her vertical lips and started to suck her hidden clit. She was shivering with her closed eyes. In couple of minutes, she had lots of nectarine juice for me to quench my thirst. She held my face on her erupting volcano for a minute. I could not take it anymore. I spread her legs, placed her hips on both of my thighs, rubbed the tip of my prick on her pussy lips.

I gave a firm but slow thrust in her golden gate. I was half way. I pulled back a bit, with a little bit of force I buried my monster at the bottom of her womb. I still had an inch to go. She gave out a big sigh. She was holding my back tight. I wanted to suck her boobs or lips, while fucking her but neither was possible. She was too short for me. Instead I was kneading her juicy breasts, stroking her slowly. She was moving her mid section upwards. I was stroking her harder now. Her pussy wall squeezed my dick hard and released a lot of juice on it. She was in a trance.

I asked her to cross her legs, while my dick was inside her pussy. I also stressed her legs together with my hips. It was tighter than a virgin. She was moaning loudly. In five minutes, she had another orgasm. She sucked my nipples and asked me,”Sweetheart, can I move with you? You are a great lover. I like to be your whore and sex toy for the rest of my life.”I said, we’ll talk about it later. Asked, where did she wanted my cum?

She said, that was perfectly her safe time. I could cum inside without hesitation. Even if there was a problem, I lived in another country, I could not be held responsible. She said, she could not forgive herself if she did not feel my cum inside her pussy. She said, she was smart enough to handle any problem later. I started to stroke her with force, her body bent like an arch. I stressed my body, bit her cheeks and discharged my hot luva at the bottom of her pussy. She held me with great force, did not let me go.

I hard, Nila opened the door. I did not get off, just covered our body little bit. Nila placed the dinner packages on the sofa table and yelled,”guys, go and wash yourself to have your dinner.”I was 170 lbs, Mila was only about 85/90 lbs. Still, she was holding me on her like crazy. Couple of minutes later, Nila pinched my butt and said,”Soju, you want to kill my little sister? Please get off her.” I slide down to Mila’s side. Mila was breathing heavy and laughing to her sister. Nila said,” Are you happy to de flour your bottom.” I said,”

At least I did not have to do anything about it.” Nila was surprised and asked me why? I said to ask her sister. Mila was smiling and entering the bathroom, covering her chest with a towel. We could see my cum was dripping through her hips. I told them I was not hungry at all. Still, the girls feed me while I was laying on bed. Mila was holding me in her lap and chest, wrapping me around with her legs. Nila was feeding me. I asked Mila to be naked around me all the time, they were laughing.

We talked about an hour, I asked Nila to be naked as well. Both girls were holding and kissing me. I was kissing Nila, squeezing her butt and sucking her nipples, while Mila was biting my butts, squeezing my balls and sucking deep my prick. It was like, two rival vultures were feeding on a coccus. In few minutes, I asked them to get ready for a fucking season. One was in her back, spread her legs for me another was on her stomach with her ass ready for me. That was a weird scene. I shoved my prick in Mila’s pussy, pushed Nila upwards and started to fuck Mila and suck

Nila’s Nipples. After five minutes, I plunged my lubed dick in Nila’s ass sucked Mila’s lips and breast. Nila was holding me backward like crazy. In five minutes she had her orgasm. Then I fucked Mila, holding her legs high, while Nila was squeezing my balls. Mila had her juice out in a couple of minutes. I asked, who wanted my cum? Both was ready with their mouth. I started to fuck Nila’s mouth and Mila was squeezing my butt. With a loud moan, I sprayed my cum in Nila’s mouth. She swallowed most of them, spilled on both side of her chin.

Mila pushed me aside, licked Nila’s chin then started to suck my limp dick. Nila was scolding her sister a pervert to lick her face. I was resting in Nila’s lap, while fingering Mila. Nila pushed one of her nipple inside my mouth. I was sucking one and kneading the other. Mila started to suck me again. We all were hot again. Mila invited me to fuck her virgin ass. I was very happy about it.I asked Nila to get her special gel and rub well for me in Mila’s asshole. Mila was in flat doggy position. I asked Nila to get laid near her sister’s head.

I rubbed my monster cock few times in Mila’s pubic hole and pushed in slowly. Mila screamed. I asked Nila to hold Mila’s mouth softly and I started to squeeze Nila’s breast hard. I was half way to Mila’s ass canal. I paused for couple of seconds and pushed hard myself in the bottom of her ass. Mila was making strange noise. I slowly started to pump her. I five minutes, she stopped the noise. I removed Nila’s hand from Mila’s mouth. With the foch-foch-foch fucking noise, Mila was moaning now.

I five minutes she had her orgasm, drenching her pussy. When I looked at her, I got scared. It was lot of blood in her ass and my dick. I picked her up like a child, rushed to the bathroom, washed her ass and pussy with warm water and checked thoroughly. There was no visible injury. I kissed her and said I was sorry, if I hurt her. She was sucking my lips and tongue. I held her on my chest by one hand carried back to the bed. I was fucking her mouth for a minute to lube it, the ride her ass for another few minutes and eventually fucked her pussy.

Nila was upset but, kissing my back and biting my butts. I was on the verge to explode, Mila asked me to cum in her pussy. In few long stroke, I discharged in her pussy. Nila pushed me aside, sucked my cum from her sister’s pussy and started to suck my limp dick. Mila was scolding her to be so shameless. Nila was calling her a slut, as she lost her virginity, nobody knows when, probably at her tender age. Mila was saying it was none of her business. I stopped them, holding in my both side.

They both were saying, they did not want to share me anymore. They wanted me alone, exclusively. I asked Mila to hold her breasts ,riding me, on my face. I stressed them together ,sucked her both nipples hard at a time. She was screaming with joy. Obviously, Nila asked me to do the same and growled like a bitch. We slept together but I had to fuck them separately couple of times. Then Nila, in order to get me alone said, she changed her mind and wanted me to fuck her virgin pussy.

I said no way. She deprived me of that thing, last whole night. She apologized holding my knees, I did not buzz. To compensate and make her happy I had to mouth fuck my queen and feed my cum to her alone. I had the good time of my life, till I left them. We docked in Naples in next afternoon. We all disembarked there, had a taxi towards the airport, squeezing their hot boobs on both side.

I did not have any reason to voyage through the Mediterranean and Ionian sea to Greece or Turkey without them. I bought two plane tickets for the girls and one KLM ticket for myself to fly back home. People were looking at me while, they both kissed and sucked my lips, before I said goodbye to them. I had contact with Mila. After acquiring her European Union Passport, Mila come to visit me and stayed couple of weeks. That would be another story.
The end

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