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This is Rajiv and I am currently staying in Melbourne (Australia). I am a big fan of Xyz, read most of the stories. Thanks to all the people who have published your stories. Since lot of people has given me pleasure by sending in their stories, now it is my turn to make you all happy. This is a true incident which happened 2 years back in Perth (Australia).

Before I moved to Melbourne I was working in Perth. I am never lucky in my entire life. One day when I was browsing, I came across this Indian girl who wanted to improve her English. I emailed her with my willingness and told her I can be of some help when I am free. After 2 days I got an email back from her, she introduced herself to me, her name is Pavitra and she is a student in Perth.

We started to exchange emails almost every day, she asked a lot of questions regarding English, sometimes she used to send me her assignments I check her assignment and make sure it is grammatically right etc. we became good friends. One day she sent me an email asking shall we meet if I am free. Since she was a good friend I accepted her invitation and we met for coffee in one prime location. The day came and I couldn’t believe my eyes, she was one gorgeous girl.

I pinched myself few times, just to make sure if I am not dreaming. I immediately got a bulge under my pants seeing her, I couldn’t take my eyes of her, but we broke the ice and we introduced each other, since this was the first time we meeting face to face. We ordered coffee and talked for almost 2 hours; time went so quickly, I enjoyed the time we had together. Let me describe her to you, she was around 5.5 feet tall, very fair complexion, and had great assets.

Since it became dark we said good bye to each other, but promised to meet regularly.
After our meeting, we continued with emails 3 to 4 times a week. Our friendship grew stronger each day. She again sent me an email saying can we meet on Wednesday next week and spend some time together as she feels lonely. I didn’t have any feeling for her until this day. I asked her to meet me near my office at 5pm.

I called her exactly at 5pm, asking her where she is, she informed me that she is waiting next to the office building. I drive to work, so I said her to wait for 5 minutes, so I can get my car and meet you at the same place after few minutes I met her. She looked even beautiful than the other day, as usual got bulge under my pants, I tried hard to control myself. I asked her to get in to the car, she did. And I asked her where she wants to go, she said she wants to go to some place quite and talk.

She didn’t have any books this time, I asked her where is your books, she replied today we are not going to study; I want to go out and spend some good time. I drove the car to a nearest pier (beach). We both walked to the beach and that particular day was so beautiful and little windy and chilly but we didn’t mind, we were walking and talking about various things in both our lives. After a few hours it became chillier and she was standing there bit cold, I asked her if she wants to leave, she didn’t want as she was enjoying the sunset.

So I offered my jacket to her. Then I gathered some courage and put my hand around her shoulder as if I am warming her. She didn’t mind me doing that. That is when I realized I need to get her. Slowly I rubbed my arms over her and made her feel warm, she was enjoying it and after sometimes we decided to leave.

We both hopped on to the car and I offered to drop her as it is getting late and her house is little far. She accepted and we drove, she rents a room downstairs and the tenants leave upstairs. After 20 minutes drive we reached her house, she said she want to talk in the car if I don’t mind, so I parked the car nearby and we started to chat, I decided this is a time to make some move. So I put my arms around her and started to warm her as it was a cold night.

She didn’t say anything, after a while we decided to go back seat as it was not comfortable for both of us in the front, Once we sat at the back, she came near me as if asking me to warm her, after a while she became comfortable and we were talking as usual about studies, work etc. I couldn’t resist myself after seeing her so close to me, Then I decided to make a move again, so

I kept rubbing my arms on her shoulder and moved slowly to her breast and touched it and at the same time talking to her, she didn’t say anything, this gave me courage and I started to rub more towards the breast. Now she moved away from me and asked what I am doing, I replied sorry I didn’t mean to do it. After a few minutes I told her that I am starting to like her, she said the same too and also said she feels more comfortable with me.

Then I boldly asked her if I can kiss her, she hesitated and after a few minutes she agreed. I put my lips on her sweet lips, Omg! That was a great feeling, we kissed for a few minutes, before us both got carried away, and we parted. The main part is yet to started, so if you guys like this please send me feedback to [email protected], the more I get, the more motivated I will be, I am planning to write around 3 parts, Next 2 parts will be interesting and more fun for you all readers.

This is Rajiv again and I am back with part 2, thanks for all the comments you guys sent in the last day. Any girls from Melbourne (Australia) can contact me on [email protected]
After our first kiss we parted, she said she wanted to leave. I asked her if she enjoyed the kiss, she was quite for a while, I told her if she doesn’t like then I will not kiss her again, then she blushed and said yes I liked it. That gave me more courage and asked her if I can kiss again, she said ok but a short one.

We kissed again for minutes and then she said she has to go now as it is getting late. so we said good bye and left. That day I went home I couldn’t believe my luck; I was thinking of the whole incident and slept. Next day I sent a sms asking if she want to meet on Friday after work, she replied me back and said why I want to meet her. I said I liked your company so I want to spend more time knowing you. She replied back and said I have class till 7pm, if I want we can meet after that.

I was excited and sent a reply saying yes I will pick you up at 7pm in front of your university.
Next day arrived and I went to her university at 7pm, she finished her classes and called me. We met and this time we went to get some dinner. After dinner we went to the same spot near her house and parked the car. I asked her if she wants to sit in the car and talk for a while, she said yes we can go to the back seat as it is more comfortable. We talked for a while and I went near her as if I wanted to kiss her, she didn’t mind me doing that and she closed her eyes,

We kissed and this time we both were in heaven and kept kissing for more than 10 minutes, at the same time I put my hands over her hips and moved it slowly towards her breast and kept rubbing her wonderful asserts she was enjoying the whole thing, now I slowly put my hands inside her top and touched her boobs, they were so soft, she started to moan. I knew I got her after seeing her reaction.

Then I slowly touched her nipples, they were so firm and she began to enjoy it more, I put my whole hand inside and cupped both her boobs. Wow what a feeling, her boobs where so soft, I can play with it all day. While she was enjoying I asked her if I can see her boobs, she hesitated first as someone will see us, because we are in the car. Then after a few minutes I convinced her as the car has a black tint and no one can see us. Now she said ok and removed her tops, she was so gorgeous; she was wearing very sexy lingerie, as if she was prepared for the whole act.

We again kissed for a few minutes and I was playing with her nice boobs, both were having a great time, now with one hand in her boobs I slowly moved my other hand towards her thigh. Since she was wearing a skirt it was easy for me to place my hands over her thigh, so I slowly moved her skirt up and at the same time moving my hand towards her panty, she was a bit hesitant then since she was so tempted she allowed me to touch those, while I put my hands inside her panty, she started to place her hand in my pants and started to press them,

This is the first time she ever touched those. I asked her if she wants to feel those, she said yes, so I slowly removed my zip and let my cock out, she was amazed to see those, she started to move it up and down, I was still playing with her pussy, she still kept moaning, then I asked her if she wants to give me a blowjob, she said she has never done it before. Told her it is not rocket science, just put it in your mouth and keep sucking. She did as I told, oh man that was a great feeling, once it went into her mouth I was in heaven.

I asked her to suck it and at the same time use her hand to move up and down, she did exactly as I said. After a few minutes I said I am Cumming, she still had her mouth inside, so I had no choice to come inside her mouth, she didn’t know what to do, after that she drank the whole cum and said she didn’t like it. I told since this is the first time you will like if as you keep doing it. then we hugged each other, she was still so moody she was playing with my balls and she wanted more,

I asked it will be uncomfortable to do it in the car, she accepted and said I will go home, and asked me to follow her in 5 minutes times and use the back entrance, I did as she said, she opened the back door, now she was wearing only her bra and panty, oh man she looked like a model. We both went into her bedroom and we kissed again and slowly laid down on her bed, now I got rid of my shirt and pant, and she removed her bra and panty, that was an amazing sight to see, we had sex 2 times till 12pm and then I left home. Hope you guys enjoyed the story, more to come in the next part, please send more comments.

My relationship with Pavitra went on and we used to meet at least 2 times a week in her house both to study and to have sex, this went on for the next 5 months, we both were enjoying our time together. Then one day i got a better job and have to move to Melbourne, we both were sad, but I had to do what is good for my career. Till my last day there in Perth we both spent more time and I promised Pavitra to meet in Perth again and she can come to Melbourne anytime.

After I moved to Melbourne we didn’t have time to meet, so we exchanged a lot of emails and used to regularly have sex chat. Then one day it was a long weekend and we decided to meet, Pavitra wanted to come to Melbourne as it is a chance for her to see new place and spend some time with me. So we agreed and booked her flight tickets. I booked a nice accommodation near Melbourne.

The day came and I went to pick Pavitra from the airport and go straight to the accommodation I booked for the next 3 days. She looked more stunning, couple of her buttons were opened on her shirt and was wearing a mini skirt, I told her she looked so sexy and looked like a model, she blushed and said thanks and let’s get out of here as she couldn’t wait anymore. We hopped into the car and hugging and kissing each other as we missed each other for a long time.

I told her we are going to this place and it is another few hours’ drive, she was ok with that, while on the way I put my hand over her legs and slowly started to move them between her skirts, she didn’t mind and was asking me to drive carefully, but I couldn’t control myself. We reached the place around 2:30pm on Saturday, she was so happy to see the cottage; it was clean, big and had all the facilities with a big private backyard. She said she has a lot of surprises for the next few days, and went to take a shower.

I was lying down on the bed as she came from shower, oh I couldn’t believe my eyes, she was wearing a transparent lingerie and god she looked sexy in that dress. I went straight to her and started to kiss her passionately and said that she looked beautiful. She said there are a lot of surprises to come. She went straight to my pants and removed them and started to give me a blowjob. Pavitra has become a great sucker now and she loved to drink the cum.

She is improving day by day and she sucked my cock for almost 25 minutes and finally drank the whole cum clean. then we had sex twice in the next few hours and then were tired and slept in the bed till 7pm.When we woke up both were lying nude and her hands were still on my cock. we freshened up and planned to have BBQ, we got all we needed for it and went to the back yard around 9pm to start the BBQ, she told me to get everything ready and will be back in few minutes.

I was wondering what she is up to this time. While I was waiting for the BBQ to heat up, Pavitra turned up, she was in her bikini top and a micro mini skirt with a transparent top, I started to like these surprises. She asked me if I like it, I told her I am looking all your surprises, and thanked her for it. Since it was a private backyard and no one can see us, I removed my pants and was in my underwear too, we both kissed passionately for a while playing with her assets. The grill was hot enough and we started to place a few chicken on top of it, and then

I went close to her and removed her transparent top, there was a chair nearby and asked her to come close to me and give me a nice blowjob, she came near to me and gave one of her best blowjobs, she said she is watching a lot of sex movies these days and that’s why her technique has improved, I thanked her for taking effort. She sucked my balls, I was in pain and at the same time in pleasure.

After a few minutes I went to the grill to turn the chicken and she followed me and continued her blowjob while I was turning. I couldn’t control myself and I came in the next 5 minutes, now I removed her panty and started to lick her, she was in the chair and started to moan and at the same time enjoying, she asked me to fuck her outside, since it was a private area, I didn’t see anything wrong, so took my condoms out and I sat on the chair and she was over me and

I fucked her for the next 15 minutes in various positions and at the same time looking after the chickens once the chicken was done, we had dinner, both were still nude and we ate in moon light, after a while we went inside and continued it in the bedroom. We had another 2 rounds that night, both were tired by now and slept, not sure what time we slept, but we woke up around 11am.

We had another round in the morning and then had shower together and got ready to go out. there was another surprise for me, she was wearing a skirt and a top, but she said she is not wearing any underwear’s, I actually liked when she said that, we went out had lunch and then went sightseeing till 4pm. whenever I am in the car, she allowed me to touch her pussy and play with her boobs. We had the best time in our life over the next few days and a lot of sex. Hope you guys loved my experience, now she has gone back to India and I feel lonely.

The end

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