Hot encounter

I met a girl at my work place who was a new joinee. Her name was Kalyani(name changed). She was a really hot chick. She had graduated and it was her first job in my office as a consultant. I was working as system analyst in one of the corporate company. She had a good dressing sense and made everyone attract towards her. The first thing that came in my mind was, I am gonna fuck her if I get a chance. So we all introduced each other in the office and started working. Days passed and we became close to each other. Then one fine day I got a chance to drop her at her house because of the bus strike. So I dropped her after the office and met her parents and introduced myself.

From then I started visiting them very often maybe every weekend. My dirty mind started popping with ideas that let me start touching her at her waist tickling her, put my finger in her ear, etc., I done couple of times and she never stopped me in doing that but I found her feeling’s somewhat horny.

Somewhere in my mind, I was confused and did not initiate to ask her as I was afraid. Now the time has come for me. One fine day it was raining cats and dogs in the evening and we were done with our work and about to leave but could not because of the rain. So was waiting for the rain to stop. Meanwhile Kalyani came to me and was standing beside me.

We started talking to each other and she said that she would like to get drenched in the rain. And I replied so I am. We stepped out of office and sat on the motorcycle and left from there. We are now totally wet and drenched and rain did not stop yet. We reached her house and found that the house was locked but luckily Kalyani was having another set of keys.

She called her parents and asked them where were they and they said that they had come for a friends engagement and will return only in the night and said they will bring food for her and blah blah blah. Now my mind started thinking naughty. She told me to come in and wait till the rain stops and she bought me a towel to clean myself and said she will prepare tea for me.

I got an idea and started cleaning my hands and legs slowly (very slowly). Meanwhile she bought tea for me and for herself and wrapped a towel around her head and she was still on the wet clothes. When she saw my head wet, she said first dry your hair with towel and I asked her to do it.

She started cleaning my hair and dried but my eyes were on the boobs which are looking gorgeous and they are sticked to the clothes. I gave her a kiss on her belly and she patted me on my head with her hand but she did not say anything. Now I realized that she is not stopping me and she wants to have sex.

So I put my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me and my face was in between the boobs. She looked at me and asked what do you want. I said I want to….I want to…….and said nothing. She said I know what you want you naughty guy. So without diverting her mind, I kissed her on the boobs and she hold my head and pushed my between her boobs and I can feel the heat coming out.

Our clothes were half dried already as were in heat. We hopped into her bedroom and stood near the wall. I started kissing her from her forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose, ears, ear lobes and neck. All of a sudden she locked her lips with my lips and started kissing. She put her tongue and was reaching my tongue.

We kissed for a long time, hugging each other and my hands were on her boobs caressing them, massaging them. I slowly started unzipping her kurta from behind and placed my hand on her back and removed her kurta slowly. Now she was on her bra and kameez. I slowly removed the knot of the kameez and removed it and she does not have an idea that I am removing.

Meanwhile we were busy kissing each other and drying our mouths. I stopped kissing and made her sit on the bed and in between she realized that her kameez is not present she found herself wearing a bra and panty. I saw her wearing black color bra and designer panty with some animal pictures on it (hehehe).

I put my hand on her waist and started rubbing her very slowly. Now she was in a mood to have a wild sex. She slowly undressed me and saw my hairy chest and got attracted. She started kissing me from forehead till the neck and came down to my chest and licked my tits and I was playing with her boobs.

We both hugged for each other and I sucked her boobs, squeezed them like a sponge and she shouted like anything. I saw her erect nipples and licked them very gently, biting them and caressing the boobs. Done a gentle massage on the boobs by applying oil and she became horny and could not control herself.

I slowly came down and kissed on her stomach many times and reached down the mighty hole. Her pussy was shaved and had little pubic hair which I got attracted. I was feeling the smell of the juice (mucus), I started licking the outer lips of the pussy with my tongue and drinking the juice. Wow that was a wonderful experience licking the mucus.

She was moaning loudly (aaaaahhhhhhhh… oooooohhhhhhhh ehhaaaaahhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiissssss come on Kiran, I am feeling something which I never felt before) and holding my hair in her hands and trying to push me in the hole. My tongue slipped into her pussy and started licking the inner lips also.

Now I licked it for about 10-15 mins and I now inserted my finger in the pussy and was doing the foreplay. The pussy was tight as she is a virgin and inserted my other finger into it. She is now in seventh heaven and was about to cum shouting (uuuummmmmmmummmmmmmm aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh).

While I was doing the foreplay I felt the sense of her and increased the speed and finally she came. When I can saw her face she was feeling happy as if something released from her pussy which was locked for years. She looked at me and whispered in my ear saying that she felt like being in heaven and never had done this before.

We had tea which was cold and rested for a while hugging each other to get charged. Now it was my turn to start the play and insert my cock in her sweet little pussy. First I started playing with her boobs, sucking and licking the erect nipples and biting them and she was in a mood and told me that she cannot wait any more longer but to insert my cock in the pussy,

break the barrier and load the cum. I licked the whole pussy, clits to make it wet so that my cock can slip into her pussy easily. I first placed me cock at the entrance and was trying to push it in slowly but was difficult to get in as it was toooooooooo tight. It went in for about one inch and she felt the pain and was shouting loudly.

I kissed her on her lips locking my lips so that the sound does not go out if the neighbour’s hear. Now she does not want me to insert my cock as the pain she is feeling at the moment was more but I convinced her that do not worry and the pain will be for 2 mins and later will not regret but wanting for more sex.

She was holding me tight and I inserted my cock and gave a slow push, told her to be ready for the next push. When I gave her a hard push, boom its over, alllllll over. I hugged her tight and my cock was inside her pussy and waited for a while to come back from the shock. When the hymen broke I saw her shouting and crying with pain saw tears in her eyes and biting my back with her nails.

I saw blood stains on my cock and this is where I had a first time sex experience with a virgin. After a while I started pounding her pussy and she was then enjoying the sex. She was moaning aaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhaahhhhahahahahahahahahahhuhhuhuhhhuhuhhhh oh god oh god oh god come on push deep inside more and more Kiran.

I increased the speed of the strokes and now she was enjoying more. ah ahah ah aha aha ha ah aha ha aha ha aha ha and gave stokes for 20 mins in different positions. I saw her and felt that she was about to cum and at the same time I was about to cum, I started giving her hard pushes and finally we both had cum together.

Soon we hugged each other rested for a while and kissing each other. It was 08.30 pm and time for me to leave home and time for her parents to come home. It stopped raining an hour back. We got up from the bed and cleaned ourselves and I was ready to leave. I gave her a kiss before leaving, hugged her tight, thanked her for this and left.

All this happened on a rainy day, parents were not at home, time permitted. After that we had sex maybe for a year and a half. She got married later to someone who works as a SW Eng for an MNC company. Now we are still in touch with each other but in sex.

She has an 8 months old baby now and leading a happy life with her husband. Well, wait until for my next post(or email me) with another virgin girl who was a neighbour

The end

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