Encounter with a german

Hi Everyone….This is Silver back with a new experience…My last experience I had written was Sales women in Sept 2009, and thank you to those who mailed me back, some with comments and some for experience….and also thanks to all readers of ISS. This is not an incest story, but still i think this section is the most read. thats y I’m writing it here.

I would like to apologize to one of the readers who had mailed to me, for my inability to relate to her situation coz of my lack of understanding, she is Anu from Delhi.The others who had mailed me some stood by to make my experiences more beautiful and some felt scared and may be had doubts weather they could trust a unknown man, I still thank you for gathering courage and writing to me, even though a few were blank mails.

So now I think I should come back to my new experience, this was with a foreigner, Recently I had been to Pokhara, Nepal. While my way back I decided to take flight to Kathmandu (Ktm), coz I had a connecting flight the next day to Delhi. While I was checking in to counter for my boarding pass, in hurry I forgot my ID on the desk and walked into the departure hall… As I was waiting for my flight, I saw this beautiful blond gal walking towards me, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was a real beauty…..

She was taller than me 6 or 6’2, Long legs, Hour glass shaped body, 32-26-30. A cute face with a beautiful smile and milky white skin… She came towards me and said “ Excuse me, U dropped ur ID on the boarding counter.”. I took my Id and thanked her and offered her seat next to me. This was the opportunity for me to grab and get friendly with her. So we began to talk and I found out that she was from Germany. We talked for a long time and introduced each other and by the time our flight was announced we were friends..

We both boarded our flight and in these flights there is no seat number, u can sit anywhere as the flights are small (18 Seater), I sat next to her and we talked about different things , our countries, etc…. she then told me that she was urgently returning back to Germany, and she was going through India by the same flight that I was to travel by the next day.

So I asked her where she was planning to stay, she said nothing in particular, but some where cheap as she didn’t have enough money for her way back… So I told her to stay with me, and we could share, in that way it would cost less for both of us. So when we reached Ktm, we took a cab to Thamel and got a room in a hotel in which I usually stay.

She thanked me for the help and then I asked her to go freshen up, then we could go around ktm and do a little shopping. She agreed and then she went to the bathroom and got fresh and when she came out after 15 min I was stunned… She was wearing a red bikini and her hair was dripping wet, my silly willy was making a tent in my jeans and my jaw was just open, my eyes about to pop out. She looked at me and said haven’t u seen a gal. I couldn’t believe that she could become so frank in just 4 hrs.

I said sorry and excused myself to the bathroom and gave my 7inch rod a good jerk to calm him down and then took bath and got dressed. She had already got dressed and to my surprise she was wearing a Salwar suit. I asked her from where she got this, she told me an Indian friend of hers had presented it to her, and she wore it coz it will make her look as though we r couples, I was fine with that and I told her that she was looking more beautiful than a Bollywood actress and trust me she really was…

Suddenly we kissed each other, our lips locked and then I broke it after 5min. and told her lets see ktm my beautiful lady. We went to shopping malls and then for a Hindi Movie and then to Yak and Yeti Hotel for Casino.. We played roulette as we didn’t have much money we just couldn’t afford to loose to much…

I love playing Black jack so we went to the blackjack table and I played for 500/- IC, with this beauty beside me my lady luck was really good, I began to win and I won up to 5000/- IC, but then she said she is going for dinner and as soon as she left I lost 2000/-IC. I knew my luck had run out so I too joined her for dinner, with the 3000/- that I still had won. We then had dinner and wine and occasionally kissed each other and then made our way back to our hotel.

As we got back to our room, we were high and our lips locked our tongues exploring each others mouth.. I locked the room and then we were suddenly in a hurry…there was a sense of urgency…. we began to take off each other cloths and then there she was like a beautiful angel in her birthday dress standing in front of me.

Her skin was soft and smooth like a new born baby. Her hair was like white silk…. I was so lost in her beauty, She unzipped my pant and removed the button and pulled it down, my dick was getting aroused and making a large tent in my underwear. She then said “ U must take off ur under wear before it tears…. And she pulled it down and like a spring my dick flung it self out…..

She looked at my black dick and said…. Wow…. She then got on the floor and before I could say anything the whole dick was in her mouth….she was licking and sucking my rod like a real professional I could see my pre-cum smearing her lips, and she would take my dick in and out… I had never had such pleasure getting a blow job, I was getting excited and I caught hold of her hair and pushed her head more till she began to gag….

Her speed increased and suddenly I shot my cum into her throat…..She swallowed it all. Then she got up on the bed and we began to smooch again and I too could taste the salty and slimy taste of my cum that had remained in her mouth…

As we kept our lips locked and tongue exploring each others mouth, I moved my hand to her tender white breasts with pink nipples… and I began to squeeze them… she had begin to moan…. But dick which was lying lifeless was again responding to her moans….her hand too were busy on my dick playing with it and waking it up…

I then moved my lips to the nape of her neck and then to her ears and slowly guiding it down over her butterfly skin to her tender and juicy breast…. It felt like I was in bed with a Hollywood star….. as I sucked on her breast my hand explored her smooth, pink, hairless cunt. Every body part I would kiss or suck would turn Red. I was trying to be extra careful not to hurt such a delicate baby…. But she was thinking otherwise….

She began to spank me and order me to finger her cunt hard…. So I had no choice but to obey her.. I put in two fingers, but felt tight her pussy muscles were swallowing my fingers, then she said harder honey …I want one more…. So I put in another finger and began to move it in and out…. My mouth still tasted her juicy tits….

She then asked me to get down and lick her pussy, I was anyway planning to do it…. So I got down between her beautiful long white legs and separated it and I could see the valley of love in front of me…. Lick a thirsty child I dug my face into her cunt and began to lick it , then slowly separated her clit and buried my tongue into her pink pussy….

I then began to lick and suck her pussy… I could hear her lose control…. She was screaming and then she caught hold of my head and was pushing it in to her love hole… I kept sucking on it until a gush of salty fluid gave me a face wash…. I then wiped it off my face and pulled her close and we were again locked in lips…

She then laid down flat and I lifted her legs parted it and inserted my dick into her pussy… ohhhh heavens it was really tight…. She kept moaning aaahhhh….. eeeeeeeaahhhhhhhh …… ohhhhhh….baaby… come on, come on fuck me… fuck me hard honey….. in between she was also saying something in German ( which went over my head) but her words added fuel to my energy and I was banging her hard and really hard.

And she kept moaning loudly and I was banging her pussy…. We then got into doggy style and then the missionary position… and then we  so tired that we fell flat on the bed, but still locked in each other’s arms….. This was one wonderful fuck of my life….Once I got back some breath, I got of the bed, covered my angle with a bed sheet and walked into the bathroom….

Filled the bath tub with some warm water and then just got into the water…. Within a few min I found my angle at the bathroom door and then they walked inside the tub with me and said something which I never thought she would…

She said “I Love you…. Silver, I wish we could be like this forever. ” I had already fallen in love with her… but not all have a Happy Ending. We than had more sex, till we left the next day to our destination….I would have loved to share the rest of our experience in detail but, for now I’ll end here…

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