Fucking a chinese

Hi! I’m Sagar from Dhaka . I’m an Engineer in profession, working at a MNC, 5′7″ height, fair color with a little bit bulky but strong shape. I got the opportunity to travel lot of countries for my profession and for just traveling. When I get time I try to go through some of the stories narrated in this site and appreciate that people of Indian sub-continent have been sharing their sex experience.

I have a habit that I never fucked any non graduate girl. I fucked few Doctors, two Engineers and some of them are Masters from reputed Universities. I would like to share one of my stories here where I fucked a wonderful Chinese girl in a five star hotel.  It was a shiny morning in 2008. I had a two months training in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is a newly planned city in China, under the province of Guangzho, near to Hong Kong and well developed like any European city. As I had to live there for long time,

Chinese culture, foods and life would be boring and difficult to get any English speaking friend, I decided to make a friend through e-mail. Luckily I managed one Miss Ying whose English name was Jeeny. Truly speaking she was not just like lady Diana but not so much inferior to her. At the 1st day I reached there I called her over phone. She told that she is also staying in the same district Nanshan in Shenzhen and came to meet me in hotel after 3 hours. It was a 5 star resort in

Nanshan with all facilities in a hill side area. She directly came to the reception , I informed my room no. One waitress helped her to reach my room. I was astonished to see her, more beautiful than her previous sent pictures, 5’5” height, very slim and fair. She completed her graduation in CSE from Shanghai University and doing a good job there at a MNC. She was preparing herself for MS and PhD from US/Canada .

I found lot of Chinese girls there during my stay over there but actually Ying was really beautiful. Her size would be 34-28-34, fair complexion, dress was totally western, high hill with silky hair. Firstly we exchanged greetings and I handed over some gifts, foods and fruits taken for her from Dhaka. She enjoyed them heavily. After half an hour talking she was trying to wear Mirpur Katan Shari and blouse taken for her from Dhaka over her western dress. It’s actually difficult to wear this dress for a new user.

So I was helping her a little bit whatever I could. By this process we came closer very shortly. I proposed her for a slow dance catching each other’s hand to mark our 1st meeting from different countries. She didn’t oppose it. So I caught her right hand and encircling her in my left hand, we danced for a while silently. When her boobs were touching my chest, she was trying to be far but soon she became calm and quite. For immigration delay at both ends and flying at night I was feeling tired but something different at her presence.

After getting her body smell my dick became very strong under my trouser. My cock was in its maximum hard-on and trying to come out from my trouser. So I was planning to fuck her immediately as it was very difficult for me to control myself for long time. There were two separate beds in the room, attached big size bath room with bathtub and other facilities like hot and cold water, central AC, refrigerator etc. I took her to one of the bed side and tried to open her western dress directly.

Nice bracelet, costly watch, jeans skirt, white tight shirt, high hills, took time to open one by one. I think she did a mistake 1st time that she guessed that I was opening them to help her for wearing Shari taken from Dhaka. But when I started to suck her boobs there was no scope of mistaking, she didn’t resist. Her breast were very tight, flat belly, full whitish color and nipples were just red colored marbles.

When I kissed her in bed she responded and took my face and planted the first kiss on my face, for it was like an electric shock. All my hairs straightened up blood is heating up coz something new is happening in my life with a foreign gal. Then she softly kissed me on my lower lips. She took my complete lips in her mouth in mean time I wrapped her with my both hands and pulled her to me.

We chewed our lips for 5 mins and both kissed everywhere, in the cheek, neck, forehead, eyes. We were not in the world. Then I pressed her breasts hardly and then slowly started to move my hands to her naval and then to her huge thighs. She started enjoying my activities. I turned her to me and took her face and planted a strong kiss to her lips, it was shivering and her eyes were closed. Then I hugged her to my chest and kissed her eyes.

I could feel that she was getting hot by the hardening nipples under my chest. Suddenly she hugged me tightly and kissed all my face . After unhooking her shirt buttons her boobs were inviting, I can’t control so I put my face in between them and kissed there. I licked her cleavage and in the meantime I pressed her bums and softly bitted in her cleavage she made a sound. Then I sat on the floor and kissed her naval ,

I rubbed my face in her beautiful thighs. Slowly I lifted her skirt and kissed her huge white thighs and then pressed my face to her triangle over her panty, pressed her clitoris with my nose, she was out of control now. Her panty was wet with her honey. I removed her panty and made her naked within a second and me too got naked .i can’t believe my eyes coz she is like a marble statue . I licked my dream lady’s flower.

Then I kissed in her lips gently. She kissed me back in my cheeks and hugged me tightly and smiled. Then she took my throbbing cock in her hand ,and squeezed . She was thrilled about the size and strength coz this is the first time she is giving attention to my cock. she kissed me again and sat on the nice bed and kissed my cock head. I knew I can’t control more if she is sucking me so I stopped her.

Without wasting time I lay inside her thighs and rubbed my cock in her pussy lips, she was shivering and making sounds. I understood that it is the right time so I tried to enter in to her. Then she took my cock in her hand and rubbed in her pussy lips and placed in the opening and told me to push. For avoiding odd situation I asked her if she had condoms, but she didn’t understand.

Then I repeated again but she failed to get the question. Then I inserted my dick inside her pussy. At the time of insertion she looked at my eyes and whispered at my eyes that she needs to marry soon. I slowly pushed , it went in , she was crying due to pain and pleasure coz my cock size is larger than her previous BF ( later on she told me that ) . So I rested on her for some times to give her some relax,

I slowly kissed her lips and sucked her tits and I took her both nipples in my mouth and sucked, by all these activities she is getting relaxed and I can feel her heat in my cock, her vaginal muscle are contracting in my cock . I was in seventh heaven. She kissed me and smiled. I slowly started pumping and gradually raise the speed , she is moaning all time. I pumped her faster and harder for 08 mins, she really cried in pleasure , she bitted my lips and wrapping me with her hands and legs.

Then a blasting happened in both of us, I can’t explain the feelings , I pumped my hot juice in her womb. Then I fell on her , she also got her orgasm and still wrapping me with her legs and hands for preventing my Withdrawal my cock from her pussy. I fucked her in different positions and Jeeny was making different kinds of Chinese sound. It was amazing to me who reached there before 03 hours only and got the chance to fuck such a Goddess. After a nice fuck she went to bath tub directly to wash herself.

When she came out there was a mysterious smile at her face but I saw her in tension for shooting all inside her vagina. She was not a virgin as her boy friend left her before two months who was also a graduate from Shanghai University. According to her statement, her BF cheated her during her absence and brought another GF at her flat. After this session I left her at neighboring bus stand. I fucked her 5 days after this.

Then she left for Hobec-her Province after getting phone call from her mother. I never saw her in the next except we had communications on e-mails only. She is in Canada after her MS there and doing a good job as per her mail information.

The end

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