One night stand in london

I am Raja,29 yrs old, six foot, medium built physical structure. After finishing my MBA, taking care of my family business. Among few other business, we have a pharmaceutical company. I had to attend a conference of British Pharmaceutical Industries(ABPI)in New Castle, England. My sister lives with her family in Pinner, Middle sex suburb of London. Which is just twelve miles away from London Heathrow Airport. I talked to my sister and brother in law before the departure from our country. They told me, they are coming to pick me up at Heathrow Airport.

After waiting half an hour, at the arrival gate, I could see, neither my sister nor my brother in law. I called their home. An unknown woman answered the phone and said that my brother in law’s mother had a heart attack this morning. They all left for Bradford, Yorkshire to see her. The woman asked me to take a taxi and get there. London City is not unknown to me. I did not have the patience to take tube train, after this long journey. I got their home by taxi. The woman opened the door and welcome me. Her name was Shompa. She is the sister of my BIL’s best friend. She was a lecturer of a known University of our country .She was doing her Phd in an

University here. She had husband and a seven years old kid back home. Her husband was also a professor in an University. They had some kind of complication about his leave and their family visa. She came here just a couple of months ago. They are following her very soon. She is living here with her brother’s friend for the time being. She was about 32/33 years old. Her face was not so attractive, brown complexion but she had huge boobs and butts. Infact, it was kind of unusual with her slim body. Her assets were so attractive that I could not help myself fixated my eyes all the time to her chest.

I took a shower, by the time my dinner was ready. My sister and brother in law called and talked to me and said they did not know when they would be able to get back. Shompa and I had dinner together. I was staring at her boobs and cleavage all the time. She used to cover her chest but, over the time she did not bother. She rather smiled at me. She walked me to the guest room downstairs and told me to sleep there. I tried to sleep but, could not. I could not forget the woman’s busty chest. On the other hand, I was cursing myself thinking her a respected teacher, educationist who was older than me.

I did not know how long I slept. I woke up with the urge of going to the bathroom to relax my kidney. I could see the sitting room light and TV was on, but nobody was around. I thought Shompa forgot to turn these off so, let me finish my bathroom then I would turn them off. I entered the bathroom and pulled the string switch on. I could see Shompa was sitting in their luxury velvet toilet seat completely nude and fingering herself. She was probably gratifying herself closing her eyes. She was startled got frozen to see me in the bathroom. She just tried to hide her huge boobs and pussy with both hands in vain and uttered, ’sorry, I forgot to close the door.’

I came out of the bathroom towards the sitting room and could see a xxx type of DVD was being played in TV. I was stunned. It was embarrassing for Shompa but exiting for me. I sat on the couch and started to watch the movie. Shompa spent ten more minutes to get out of the bathroom. She want to stop the DVD player but I told her,Let it run, I like it.” The sexually starved woman said,”I am sorry that you had to see that. It’s been a while I was with my husband–.”I said,”You don’t have to explain, I understand. Come here, let me help you relieve your tension.” I caught her hand and pulled towards my couch.

I was riding wild horse She sat by me ,seemed surprised by my action, tried to free herself and said,”Please let me go. I heard you are a highly educated person and a gentleman.”I replied,” Does it matter? You told me, you are a respected professor, doing phd. But we both are human being, have our physical needs. If my sister and her husband knew what you been doing—.”

She said,”Are you trying to blackmail me?” I replied,” Do I need to?” She kept silent. I said,
“Let me tell you as simply as I could. You have a nice body. I crave your huge boobs and butts. You don’t need to masturbate. Right now you need me and I need you. Lets enjoy ourselves. Otherwise, I am going to my room. I don’t want to force or blackmail you.” I let her go and left for my room. She was motionless. I went to the bed and was thinking what might have happened She eventually shut the TV and turned off the sitting room light and went to her room.

I was not exactly sleeping, going in and out of sleep. A couple of hours later, around three in the morning, I heard couple of small knocks on my door. The door was not locked. I knew it was Shompa. I did not respond. Few seconds later she pushed the door got in my room and sat nearby the night stand. In the blue dim light of the room, I could see her hesitation. She said,”Raja Bhaiya.” I kept silent, pretended to be sleeping. She touched my arm and called again. With a small pause, I turned towards her and asked, what’s up?” She said,”I am sorry, if I hurt your feeling. Please don’t mention anything about me to your sister of brother in law. I am ashamed of what happened today.” I said,

Your apology accepted but, I am sure, you did not come to my room in the middle of the night just to say that.” Saying that, I pulled her forcefully on me and embraced her. She did not embraced me back but did not try to stop me either. I started to kiss her. She held me and said,”Oh God! I can’t believe I am doing this. Never in my wildest dream thought of cheating my husband!” I smiled and said,”Shompa ,this is certainly not a holy matrimonial. You don’t have to call God here.” I started to unbuttoned her sleeping gown. She was wearing a bra inside her gown. I unbuttoned and threw away my shirt. Placed her hand on my throbbing cock outside underwear and trouser. I pulled her bra up and the two Himalayas came down. Oh my God!

I haven’t seen anything like that. Not even not in the porn movies. She was squeezing my cock. I held her one boob with my both hands. It was not too firm. A little bit loose. I liked that. Big round areola and big brown nipples. I started to feast on them sucking and biting one and squeeze the other. She was moaning and put her hand inside my undy and stroking my dick. I made her complete nude and started to kiss her top to bottom. When I reached her belly bottom She pressed my face on her pussy. It was small light hair on her pussy. She had a beautiful pussy. No stress mark, looked like virgin. I was kissing and biting her pussy lips and eventually put my tongue inside her vertical lips.

It was like a honeycomb. I sucked her honey, she was moving her ass up and down. Now she climbed on me pulled down my undy and trouser. She was kissing my chest and belly bottom, licked my balls and started to suck my dick. She was sucking me so deep that her mouth seemed like a powerful vacuum house. She did it like five minutes. If was more than that I might have cum in her mouth. She was licking my hips and butts. I climbed on her again, grabbed her boobs, bit nipples, squeezed them very hard. I spread her legs, holding her both ankles up with my both hands. I pulled her ass towards me and shoved my whole dick in her hot pussy.

She gave a loud moan and pressed my waist in her pussy. I started to ride her like a horse. She was stroking me back from the bottom. After ten minutes her pussy sucked my dick deep inside for a few seconds and released with a shower of juice around it. I put her legs down and asked her to cross her legs while my piston is deep inside her pussy. I was stroking her very hard in this position. It seemed I was fucking a tight virgin pussy. She was moaning and screaming like crazy. In five minutes she had another huge orgasm. I asked her,

I was about to cum, how did she want me to do it. She said that, a successful and enjoyable intercourse always ends with flooding the cunt hole with loads of cum. That was her safe period, I could cum inside without hesitation. With few long stroke I bit her one nipple squeezed the other and discharged deep inside her pussy. She held me tight for few minutes and sucked my lips and tongue. She told me that, my dick was thicker than her husband, she enjoyed it very much. But her husband’s dick was longer than mine and he could not fuck her more than five minutes.

I told her I did not want to be rude with her, but I needed to sleep a bit and run for the Victoria Station 10 in the morning towards Newcastle. She said it was ok and started to kiss me again, turned me around and kissed and bit my butts. Then again started to suck my half limp prick. My dick was like a steel pole in no time. She told me that her husband can’t fuck her more than once in a night. I asked her if she wanted to fuck in the ass. She got scared and said she could not do it. I said that, she was missing the most enjoyable kind of sex in her life. She climbed on top of me, leaned on her elbow and let me suck her hard nipples.

I held her both huge breasts, stressed together put her both nipples in my mouth together and sucked hard. Somehow I got some milk in her breast. It was very sweet. She was screaming and moaning like hell. She said that she never enjoyed boob sucking like that. She inserted my dick in her pussy and started to ride me. She asked me to suck her both nipples together again. While I did that ,she had an orgasm. Flooded my dick with her juice. Then I asked her to lay on her side, cross her legs together and fold her knees towards her face. I entered my dick in her pussy from behind her. It was so tight, I stroke her like a tiger.

She held her own legs and moaned loudly. I fucked her about twenty minutes like that. She had her orgasm twice. Then I turned her around and placed my dick in between her both boobs and asked her to stress them together. My dick disappeared in her boobs. I boob fucked her for five minutes and asked to swallow my cum. She was reluctant. She said, she never did it before. I shoved my prick forcefully in her mouth and she was sucking like a bitch. In a couple of minutes I sprayed my hot luva spurt after spurt in her mouth.

She gagged for a few seconds but was able to swallow everything at the end. She licked my limp dick and said, it was very sweet and enjoyable. She was missing that important thing in her life. She said if I come back here again, she would let me fuck her ass. We slept together naked. She woke me up at 8:30 in the morning. We took a shower together. She made me breakfast and escorted me to the taxi for tube station. I kissed her goodbye for the metropolitan line tube train at Pinner Station. I was on time at Victoria Station for Newcastle bound Train.

The end

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