Sex with leah

I was spread eagle on my double bed with just my jeans trousers on and Leah was on top of me on her knees kissing me. Her tongue was darting out of her small mouth and pink lips to play with mine. I just lay there and enjoyed the sensation of her lips and tongue. Slowly she started to move away from my mouth to the chin and then the cheeks which she playfully bit and then went to the ears and sucked the lobes and bit into them sending electric current through my body and making my cock stand immediately.

Feeling the bulge and throbbing in my trousers, without let going the ears she pressed her hips onto my cock. She was wearing a thin frock which was now hanging over her hips bellowed as a parachute due to her striding posture and her pussy clad in a light blue panty was pressed hard against my cock. She slowly started to move her hips up and down teasing my cock and her tongue found its way on to my neck.

The effect was electrifying, wet tongue, kisses and bites on the neck and hard pressed hips on my hard dick. Involuntarily my hand went to her hips over her skirt and felt her hard buttock muscles contracting under my fingers each time she went up and down. My hands pressed hard onto her buttocks as if to support her buttocks. She had well proportioned buttocks as mostly all Filipino females have. The only exception with Leah as compared to most of the flat chested Filipino females was her 36D boobs.

Standing at just 4.8, straight hairs, very fair, and well proportioned for a Filipino she was a stunner. Her stats stood at 22 36 28. But her bums were quite muscular and stood at 30 giving her figure a superb hour glass finish. Her sense of grooming was quite praiseworthy – the way she choose her dresses, her shoes and perfume. She didn’t believe much in make ups, though she did use the foundation cream, powder, very light lip stick but very bold and vibrant nail enamel which gave her an added attraction as it caught attention fast.

She also flaunted her two tattoos, one on the back of her right shoulder (a small blue, red and green dragon) and one (blue and red creeper / twine) on her left leg as an ankle. She was running her fingers in my hair as her lips found the nape of my neck where the shoulder blades met and she started to kiss, the sensation was so tantalizing that I arched back and in doing so thrust my hips more into her pubic mound. She moaned “ummm yes, ikaw katulad mo” (you like). Then she tilted a bit towards her left side and raising her right leg thrust her right hand straight onto my bulging hardness and at the same time her lips found my left nipples.

“Ikaw katulad ” (you like) as she ran her tongue circular over my left nipple a couple of times and slowly sucked it into her mouth and pressed my hardness with her small hand moving it up and down and said “you Injan buro (donkey) , you have malaki (big) cock”. Her foreplay was making me impatient to spread her legs and sink my throbbing cock into her warmth and pump till she screamed. She then left my left nipple and reached for the right and she did the same circled the nipples made it wet and then slowly sucked it into her mouth.

I couldn’t hold on any longer and with a jump I tossed her over her side and pinned her down and my lips found hers. Her hands went involuntarily to my buttocks and pressed it down. I pushed her off and in one go removed my trousers and undies off. In the dim lit room, with the street light seeping in through the half opened blinds the silhouette of my erect cock stood out like a pole extending from my body. She lay there looking at my cock as I bent down and pulled her frock along with her satin panties off her legs. She looked so damn sexy with her fair skin and that blue and red tattoo on her leg.

I extended my right hand and touched her feet, it was smooth and silky. I slowly started to run my fingers up on her legs, she had well built calve muscles. As I reached her knees and proceeded to her thigh she shivered and closed her thighs together. I bent down, kissed her knees and slid my hands over her closed thighs to her waist and slightly pressed on her knees with my face. She opened her clasp and spread her thighs with a small “ummm”. As my face slid on her left thigh my tongue made a wet pattern on the smooth silky skin leaving a trail and I could feel her shivers with her sharp pull of breath.

She was clean and had shaved herself, I could feel the coarse stubs as my tongue ran over her mound. She was moaning “manganda” (beautiful) “magdala sa (carry on) lang” and her hands were running on my hair. I peeked over her belly, she had tossed her head over the pillow and her silky long hair was spread all over and her legs folded at the knee and thighs wide open. I slowly extended my hands and started to unbutton her top and she helped me remove her bra by opening the clasp at the back.

What a beauty she was, small, fair, with 36 d boobs with dark brown areolas and hardened nipples, flat stomach and strong legs with well formed thighs and calves. I sank down and my mouth found its way to her cunt. She shuddered and closed her thighs and had my head in a clasp. My tongue shot out and slowly started to run on her labia and finally reached her clits. She jerked upwards pushing her mound into my seeking mouth.

As my tongue started to make circles and go up and down on her clit her hands started to tug at my hair pushing my face down onto her cunt. As I licked her, she lay there wriggling and moaning “ummm aaahhh yes lang, dilaan ako (lick me) sumuso ako, (suck me), kumain ako (eat me)”.She was so hot that she was almost suffocating me thrusting her hips onto my face at the same time pressing my head down to meet each and every thrust of her hips. After about 5 minutes of licking and sucking her and making her cunt wet inside and all over with my saliva

I stood up and she reached to hold my cock. She pulled me close to her face and smelled my cock and then holding my cock looked curiously and said lang you are not cut (circumcised). I said no we don’t do in our religion and that shouldn’t be a problem. She pulled back the foreskin, and like a smooth well oiled sword it slid back exposing the pink head. Her small hand looked like that of a child’s holding my cock. She smiled at me and said naughtily you have a “buros (donkeys) cock, it’s malaki (big)”.

She opened her mouth and her pink tongue darted out to lick the cock head. Then slowly she ran her tongue all the way down to the base of my cock and cupped my balls in her hand. Then she kissed and sucked my balls and made them wet and then her head came up and popped my cock head inside her warm mouth. She sucked on the head as her hand moved up and down my shaft and her right hand found its way on to my buttocks where she dug her nails. I bend down and my left hand went straight to her left breast and my mouth found its way to her right breast. I cupped her full 36 D breast in my left hand and sucked in as much of her right breast into my mouth. As I fondled her left breast and the hardened nipples I was sucking her right nipple and making circles on her areola with my tongue. After a few minutes of fondling her breasts I took my left hand straight to her cunt and rubbed her labia’s and clit. She jerked at the touch and pulled hard on my cock as she sucked. As she was already wet down, with my saliva and her discharge I didn’t find it hard at all to insert a finger into her cunt.

She screamed “ohhh” and arched her hips up. Slowly I started to push the finger in and out of her cunt as I sucked on her right nipple and the same time I kept my left thumb on her clits and rubbed it. She screamed out “ohhh puck (fuck) me Lang” arching her hips and widening her thighs. I kept fingering her and she was thrashing her hips moaning ummm ahhh ohh maganda (beautiful) and I could feel her wetness over my fingers and palm.

Slowly I took out the finger and positioned myself in between her legs and holding my cock with my right hand started to rub the cock head on her labia and clit. Her hands went back to hold the pillow in anticipation of the assault from my cock. Slowly I pushed and the cock head went in as she arched up and spread her thighs accommodating my body between her hips. I bent down and raising her head kissed her. Holding her tight in my arms, my lips locked with hers I thrust my cock in. Her closed eye lids contracted further in pain and pleasure and her head she threw back, sucking the air and arching her body like a bow.

We remained like that for a few minutes and then I pulled my cock out a bit as she took her hands to my lower back just above the buttocks and dug in her nails hard making me push forwards and my cock went all the way to the hilt inside her warm cunt. She gasped as my cock hit the very base and then in an acrobatic style she raised her legs in the air spread it wide. I started to thrust in and out of her tight cunt and the sensation was tantalizing as her tight cunt muscles held the cock skin tight. With every thrust I could feel the foreskin being pulled back and with every pull I could feel her muscles contracting to hold me inside.

Slowly she folded her legs on to my back and clinger as she started to throw her hips up to meet my thrusts. The room was filled with thud thud thud, the noise from our bodies slamming into each others and her moans “ohh ahhh yes lang puck matigas (hard), buro (donkey)”.I was fucking her hard and she was screaming and holding tight. We went on slamming for 10 minutes then I felt that I will come so I stopped and holding her as she was with her legs wrapped over my back I flipped upside down.

Now she was on top and I was down she didn’t waste time she pulled herself up all the way to take my cock out and then positioned herself with her legs on both sides of my body and lowered herself on to my hard cock guiding it with her small right hand. She looked so beautiful in her naked glory with her silk smooth hair falling all over her face and breasts and her small white frame astride my brown body. Slowly she started to move up and down as my hands reached up to her buttocks to support her.

She had firm strong thigh muscles and was riding me like a horse. After a few minutes she folded her knees and sat on my cock and put her hands on my chest and started to push her hips forwards and backwards and as she went backwards she would rotate her hips and grind more into me. My left hand was running on her smooth right thigh and my right hand found a way to her left breast and cupped it hard.

She increased her speed and dug her nails into my chest and screamed loud ayeeee and fell on my body holding me in a tight grip, her hips went into an arrhythmic thrust and I knew that she had an orgasm. She lay like that for a few mins and then when she raised her head she was all smiles and her naughty eyes twinkled. Muuuuaaaahhh she kissed me and said “you are beautiful”.

I was still hard and inside her and wanted to come badly so I got up from under her and got behind her back she said NO thinking that I was going for her arse. I pushed her body down and slowly positioned my cock on her cunt from the back, she immediately spread her legs and her right hand went below her mound to guide me in.

I reached out with my left hand and held her long hair like a bridle and pulled her back as I thrust forwards with my hips and in went my cock all the way and she moaned “aahhh”. Her cunt held my cock tight as I started to thrust holding her hair. As I rammed into her body her fleshy buttocks danced on every impact and the small blue green and red dragon tattoo made me more excited. It was beautiful and exciting for my eyes and sense, fair wide hips and me thumping into her. I bend down and with my stretched right hand cupped her right breast and fondled it. I could feel her hardened nipples against my palm as I cupped and un cupped kneading her boob.

The sensation was building up inside as I thrust faster and deeper into her and she thrust her back into me. She was moaning “ahhh ahhh puck me hard lang” “you buro puck fast”. I could feel slight tremor and knew that she is going in for her second orgasm and I released her hair and boob and with my hands held her waist firmly and increased my speed to match up with hers.

I was literally ramming into her “fat fat fat” and making her buttocks dance crazy. In a second she screamed flopping her head on to the pillow as she came and so did I spraying my cum deep into her cunt. My hips and thigh muscles were twitching from the strenuous thrusts as I held her hips in a tight grip pouring my cum into her cunt.

When finally I released my grip over her hips she flopped on the bed and so did I by her side. We lay there for quite some time catching up on our breath and then she turned on her back, twisted sideways and came into my arms hugging me in a warm embrace. For her small stature she had enough and more strength and endurance than any normal female to fuck brains out and I was thinking that its right what the others say about the Filipino females that “they are tigresses in bed”.  Feedbacks would be appreciated.

The end

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