Sleeping with my tenant

Hi guys, I am sharing my real story that happened with me few weeks back. I had been an avid reader of ISS few years back but then from a very long time I never visited this site.  I am 24yrs old, doing my master’s, good looking guy, living with my girl friend in a 1-bedroom apartment in US. We have a big living room which is kind of separate so we thought of giving it on rent to cover our expenses. To make the living room completely separate we have put curtains on both the entrance , one is from the kitchen and other is close to the bathroom.

Now two girls came to visit our place Meera & Hema (names changed). Hema was very fat but Meera was so cute looking gal with fair complexion and eye catching figure. Both of them are Indian. After they went I was wishing for Meera to join us. Few days later we heard from them and Meera confirmed that she’ll be moving soon. From that day onwards I again started visiting ISS, as somewhere in my mind I was ready to enjoy all the sensual pleasures with this girl.

She moved in. Me, pinki(my gf) and Meera we used to chat a lot, hang out together , go to movies and we became good friends. Meera is 24yrs old and has a very fair complexion, round face, clear skin with no marks on face which I love so much. Moving down she is 34B-28-34 and she stands 5′3.Whenever she used to wear skirts, I enjoyed starring her legs and imagine to get her panties down and lick all her juices before fucking her.

Whenever I used to be alone at home, I always checked out her bra and panty and enjoyed the fragrance. Holding her bra in my hand , I felt like holding her boobs which gave me a hard on. After few days she started coming home earlier than her usual time, she said she try to leave from her office early and then complete her work from home. I was looking for this kind of opportunity from a long time so that when my gf is at work and Meera is at home, we can be more close and then we can be in bed together.

Guys let me tell you, I had no idea how this will happen, but from inside I knew that this is going to happen and finally it happened. So if you have a belief then its definitely going to happen. I don’t know how she realized that I have been looking at her bra and panties when no one is home. One day when she came and I was working in the kitchen, she asked me ” do you look at my clothes when I’m not home” ?

From inside I was a bit scared because I don’t know where things might lead to. I said what clothes ? She said you know what clothes I’m talking about. Her vioce was not in a complaining manner but rather it was soft and it was in an inquiring manner which gave me the courage to respond her in affirmation later.
I said ‘how can you say that’ ?

She said I have noticed that my bra and panty are not kept the way I keep them and I have been doing that purposefully to find out whether you have been doing it or not. So now I know that you are checking them out behind my back. In my mind I knew that this was going to happen some day but that’s what I have been waiting for so long.

I said to her’ I don’t know what to say now. Yes , I have been doing that almost everyday when no one is at home. I have tried a lot not to think about you like this but I cannot stop myself. She said ‘ like what ?’

I said whenever I’m with pinki, I do anything with her, you are in my mind as if I’m doing it with you. I am obsessed about you, and cannot think of any other thing besides making love to you. I saw her , she was listening all this being so calm and patient as if she wanted to hear all this from me. After speaking all this, still I do not have courage to hold her or do anything with her. I just walked back to my room, without looking at her,

Keeping my door opened and lying down with my stomach on the bed. After a few minutes she came to my room, and sat beside me. She started waving her hand on my head in my hairs like my gf do. After a few seconds I kept my head on her lap and her hands was still in my hairs. We both didn’t speak a word and there was utter silence all around. I kissed on her lap, she didn’t responded. Now I knew, I’m on my way.

I started kissing her slowly on her lap, that was her thighs, she was wearing a gray lower and her maroon top which was my favorite since they both stick to her body, & that makes her look very sexy. Slowly I was near her waist kissing her slowly and passionately. She was responding to me by moving her fingers in my hairs. I kept kissing her and moving upwards. Soon my nose touched her boob, but instead of kissing her on her boobs ,

I went straight to her neck and started kissing her passionately over there. I know very well how to excite women and I started licking her neck and also holding her neck in my hand. She could not sit anymore and lied down on the bed. I kept kissing her neck and then started moving towards her face, I kissed on her cheeks, eyes, nose, forehead and started rubbing my face with her face.

She liked that and started responding by rubbing against me. In no time our lips were rubbing against each other and then finally I took hold of her lips with mine and we started kissing passionately. I was moving my hands from her thighs to waist and then I brought them to her neck and then her head. I don’t want to make her feel that I was hungry for her, instead I wanted her to feel that I liked her so much and that’s why we are making out.

After a long kiss, I laid besides her as earlier I was on top of her , and then we hugged each other tightly. That was a wonderful feeling, her boobs pressed completely against my chest and I started moving my hand towards her bums. In seconds one of my hand was at her back holding her strap and other was caressing her bums. We were now looking in each other’s eyes and then I again started kissing her on her lips, she responded very well and now

I took one of my hand in her lower on top of her panty and started caressing and in couple of seconds my hand was in her panty caressing her bums. Now I could not wait anymore to send the electric pulse all over her body by touching her soft wet cunt. As I touched her cunt she held me tightly in her arms and I was enjoying that. Rubbing her cunt for seconds , I took out my hand and then went down removing her lower and kissing her thighs and legs simultaneously.

She had a gorgeous white pair of legs, I started caressing and kissing them passionately. She said ‘ I noticed you a lot of times starring at my legs’. That made my cock really hard thinking she wanted me to love her legs like this. Later I moved to her panty which had white and orange stripes and started licking it, it made me remember the same fragrance when

I used to smell them earlier, soon she removed my head from there and lowered her panty for me, that gave me a view of her closed juicy lips with very small hairs growing on the sides like she must have shaved them a week before.  I started licking the sides without removing her panty and then I removed her panty. She opened her legs for me and with no time my head was between her thighs licking her juices.

She started moaning very softly, I was holding her thighs and kept licking her badly. Soon she asked me to stop, she hasn’t squirted by that time but she asked me to come back to her. I started approaching to her with my lips rubbing over her body from her waist and sliding her top upwards. Soon my lips touch her bra, I took her top in my teeth and raised it above her bra. Soon her black bra was exposed to me,

She was so pink and has such soft smooth skin. I could not stop myself from kissing her all over her bra. I took off her top and started rubbing on her bra with my hands and kissing on her neck. She lowered a strap for me and I started kissing her shoulder , I myself removed her other strap kissed on her shoulders and putting my hand behind I removed the bra with my one hand. Her bulging tits were in front of me and in no time I took one of her tits in my mouth and started caressing the other with my hand.

Then I switched to her other boob and now took my hand to her cunt and started rubbing her cunt, She started moaning again, but at the same time it was so hard for me to resist my cock which was still inside my shorts. I always had been imagining her sucking my cock. I kept rubbing her cunt for the next couple of minutes and she became very hot by that time. My cock was also very hard by that time, I went to her lips and kissed her and held her tightly in my hands pressing my cock to her thighs.

Now she knew it was her chance to please me. Her hand went down to my waist and then she tried to put her hand on my cock but the pose was not convenient for her. She pushed me back softly and then made me lie on my back. She tried to remove my t shirt and I helped her out. She started caressing my chest and then started kissing on my chest and her hands were going inside my shorts.

She took my hard 6′ cock and brought it out of my undi and shorts. She started the to and fro motion of the skin on my cock and I was enjoying that so much. Soon she went down and started licking my cock, she tried to get my cock into her mouth but it was difficult for her on the first time. So she kept pumping my cock and then soon my cock was in her mouth. She was far better in this than my gf as pinki cannot take even half of my cock in her small mouth but this cute bitch took it all down to her throat.

I was loving that. I also started moving and in I got up and sat on her face with my cock in her mouth and started pushing it in. I have been waiting for so long to fuck a mouth like this. I fucked her mouth like this for the next couple of minutes but now she could not open her mouth anymore so I again lied down beside her and kissed her lips, put my tongue inside her mouth to share my juice. We kept on kissing, caressing each other’s bodies for the next few minutes. I could not think of anything besides fucking her.

I again took my hand to her cunt and this time while rubbing her cunt I inserted my finger in her pussy, she raised her lower back due to excitement and pain and then I started fingering her, she was enjoying & after few seconds she also started moving with my finger, I inserted one more finger now and by the end all my 4 fingers were in her pussy she squirted. Whenever I used to insert another finger she used to shout and ask me to stop but

I kept on fingering and then she started enjoying it. She was tired by now but how could I stop I was not done yet. I went to her lips, kissed her for a couple of minutes giving my cock in her hand. I laid down besides her. We kept on kissing and she was stroking my cock. I signaled her with my eyes to move down, she went down and gave me a nice blow job and hand job. Both of us stood up and 2 hours had passed by now, it was the time for my gf to arrive. We quickly dressed up and meanwhile she also came home.

After this me and Meera had a lot of encounters in which I rammed her pussy and ass. Now I am having the best time of my life by having threesome with my gf and Meera. Now we sleep together on same bed exchanging our places.

The end

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