Getting laid with lecturer

Hello everyone, this incident happened when I was doing my masters from UK with one of my professors which is going still now and in fact I was able to seduce her younger sister and now I enjoy them both let’s not waste time and start with the incident which happened 4 months before, Goldie had always been a good student but he had a few secret desires that created constant wet dreams and erections during class, among other things. The uni counselor, Mrs. Smith, was an object of sexual desire for Goldie and he dreamed of having sex with her every day.

Uni started around eight in the morning but he always made sure to get to uni early so that he could be alone with that beautiful and mature, fine woman. Mrs. Smith was in her early forties but she looked pretty good and Goldie noticed this whenever he stared at her ass or her boobs when she talked to him. She had curly brown hair and was rather tall, standing five feet nine inches. Goldie loved this because he preferred a woman with long legs so that he could have more to grab.

He was just a bit taller than her by two inches. The end of the uni year was approaching and Goldie would be graduating soon, never to see his greatest fantasy ever again. He knew that he had to do something because if he didn’t try he would regret it for the rest of his life. There were less than three months left of uni and he finally decided to make his move after uni one day.  There was a program held after uni every other day to help those students who needed extra help in management and HR.

Goldie stayed one particular Friday in order to talk to Mrs. Smith and let her know what was on his mind. When he arrived at the library he found it to be empty and this was quite strange because it was nearly full every day. He only saw Mrs. Smith at her desk and the librarian, Mrs. Monroe, near a book shelf. He then walked over to Mrs. Smith and asked her, “Hey Kim, why is it so lonely in here.” Goldie got along really well with her so he took the liberty of calling her by her first name.

“Didn’t you hear? Today there is no after uni program. Leave it to you to get distracted during morning announcements.” Mrs. Smith then chuckled and continued her work. Goldie smiled and saw a huge opportunity. The only other person there was Mrs. Monroe and she would be leaving soon. He then asked Mrs. Smith if he could stay there in order to do some work and she said it was okay by her.

Ten minutes later Mrs. Monroe left and Goldie instantly stood up and walked over to his Mrs. Smith desk and sat across her while staring at her and grinning. “Goldie why are you staring at me?” I’m sorry Kim but I just couldn’t help but admire your flawless skin and your beautiful eyes. How old are you? Twenty-five? Twenty-six?”

“I wish. Thanks for the compliment Goldie but I have to finish these reports and I need to get back to work.” Goldie offered to help and they both worked much faster now and more productively. They were finished in thirty minutes and so they started to talk. The whole time Goldie started to get closer and closer to her and she couldn’t help but notice how attractive she found him to be. She thought about how her husband hadn’t fucked her in a long time and now this young man stood beside her, staring at her breasts and slightly licking his lips. They talked for many minutes and they both felt the tension building up between them.

He made the first move and she didn’t resist much. He put his arm around her and started to rub the side of her arm as she moaned a little. She closed her eyes and he proceeded to place his other hand on her left thigh. He squeezed her leg and slowly moved his hand closer to her pussy. His other hand had now found its way to her breasts and he was fondling them. They both looked at each other for a few seconds and then they moved their lips closer to each other.
Goldie felt her soft lips as they moved ever so slowly on his.

She grabbed his head and they began to kiss more passionately. He had pulled her dress up and was trying to take off her panties. He got them off and began to rub her pussy. She moaned through their kisses and this turned him on even more. She took off his shirt and began to kiss his chest. She grabbed his arms and proceeded to get on top of his lap. Goldie then began to take off her bra while she unbuttoned his jeans. She gasped at the sight of his big cock and instantly started to suck him.

Goldie couldn’t believe this was happening but he was enjoying it all the same. He ran his fingers through her hair while he leaned his head back and savored this moment. He had been waiting for this to happen for a long time and now here she was sucking his cock. Oh God! Kim I’ve wanted you for so long. I’ve dreamed of sticking my dick in your cunt and fucking you like you’ve never been fucked.”Mrs. Smith looked up at Goldie after hearing this and increased her speed.

She licked the head of his cock and then took most of it in her mouth. She used her hands to fondle his balls and this drove him over the edge. He gasped and felt the best sensation of his life. He could bare it no longer and pulled her up into his lap. He placed his nine inch cock in her pussy and slowly started to push it in. He worked it in and out very slowly until he was finally able to thrust in and out with ease. Mrs. Smith screamed with pleasure as she rode his cock and Goldie took her breasts in his hands and licked her nipples one by one.

“Oh Goldie! Fuck me faster! Oh! God! Mmm!” He then picked her up and placed her on the desk and started to ram up against her while they kissed passionately. He inserted his tongue into her mouth and they kept at it for a long time. Time flew by and they continued to kiss all the while and they fucked for an hour like this. He then turned her around and started to pound her like there was no tomorrow. He leaned forward and grabbed her head. He kissed her and felt her soft lips.

Goldie had plenty of experience with girls his age and had enjoyed all of his sexual relationships. This was different though. He and Mrs. Smith had chemistry and she made him feel good in every way. He didn’t know what was going to happen in the future but he was enjoying every minute of fucking her for the moment. He thrust in and out of her cunt and she screamed in pleasure. He pulled her hair ever so softly with one hand and ran his other hand over her body.

“Mmm. Oh that feels so good. Fuck! Oh! Oh!” God Kim, you are so beautiful. You love the way I fuck you, huh? I love the feeling of your vagina wrapped around my cock. Oh!”She turned around and pushed him into the chair once again. She walked around him slowly and got behind him. She got on her knees and started to kiss his neck while running her hands over his chest. She touched him slowly and kissed him very softly in order to tease him. He tried to pull her closer to him but she pushed his hands away.

She walked in front of him and started to dance slowly. She put on some music and did a lap dance for him. She did this for a few minutes and then began to kiss him again. He couldn’t take it anymore and picked her up. He stuck his cock in her and pushed in with great force. She laughed as they hit the wall and proceeded to pleasure each other. They had both withheld long enough and their thrusts met in unison. Fifteen minutes had passed by and Goldie felt close to coming.

“I’m close Kim! I want to come inside you. Oh my god! Fuck!” Mrs. Smith said, “I’m close too. Cum inside me! I’m ready. Oh! Goldie! Mmm! Fuck me faster! Oh God I can’t take it anymore! Fuck!”And with that they both came and for many seconds they kept thrusting until Goldie had stopped releasing his cum and Mrs. Smith had stopped screaming. He slowly got on his knees while they kissed and savored the best moment of their lives. He then laid on his back with her on top of him. Exhausted they fell asleep.  Hope everyone likes this and there is still more to go……

The end

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