Fucking vice principal

I grabbed the last sandwich and rushed to my bike, It was 20 minutes short of 9am. I put my foot to the pedal and cycled as fast as I could. I knew I wanted to be late, but not too late to be sent to the Principal’s office. I needed to be late just by 15 minutes so that I am sent to the vice principal Reena’s office. There was a price to be paid though, she would whack you twice with a cane on your her choicest spots, usually was your palm if she was in an ok mood, your buttocks if she wanted to warn you of or her favorite – the back of your upper thighs – OMG – it hurt like a bitch!! but she would never do that unless she was really pissed off.

A little about Mrs. Reena, she started off as an English teacher married to a professor in the university. None of us really saw him but the rumor was that he was an old rich man who really pampered her. She has been with the school for over 10 years now and must be in her mid 40′s.

I remember watching her since I was a little kid, I was in the last year of school now but there was absolutely no one who could guess her right age – She was easily 6 feet tall. Her head was always lifted high, her sari was always crisp like paper all day, matching blouses that lifted her breasts to point to the sky.

An ass that made heads shake long with it as she walked down the classroom aisles. I don’t remember seeing her wear the same dress in years. She always walked around like a proud swan, she was a very fitness conscious woman, everyday after school ended at 3pm,

she would wait till the ground cleared and she would change into loose tracks and run around the huge campus ground till she was tired – she knew every subject so well that she would substitute any senior class with ease. Well, in short – she was what would turn up if you had to look up “hot teacher” in the dictionary.

This particular morning, I had two reasons to get to my first class late. One was that I could not complete my homework as I was busy jerking off to the pictures of Mrs.Reena from my last yearbook and second was that I was super obsessed with her. I had intentionally enrolled into scout classes because we got to stay late and this way I could see her run on the field all evening.

Call me weird but, my favorite fantasy was about her calling me into her room and asking me to get under her table sucking her pussy while she continued on with her day as if nothing was happening. I was last in a queue of maybe 20 people walking into Mrs. Reena’s room, I was scared and horny at the same time.

I was realizing that the first few guys were getting out with just one whack each on their palms. As the line grew shorter it seemed as though she was getting really angry. The guy before me gave some idiotic reason for coming in late and got a whack on the buttocks. I heard the stern unmistakable voice call – NEXT !!

I quivered as I walked in, she was standing with her usual thin bamboo cane in her right hand facing away from her body like a ninja warrior ready to strike. She asked me sarcastically – were you also late because your mum did not iron your clothes on time ? I out of all honesty said – no Mrs. Reena – she ironed it last night.

I could see the color of her eyeballs go from white to red as soon as she heard that, she held my arm with her left hand, pushed me and brought down her cane with force under my buttocks – The first few seconds it stung like nothing I had ever experienced before, but the second one got a very high pitched girly scream out of me.

I clenched my buttocks, dropped my bag and jumped around the room rubbing the back. She did not say a word but I felt that she was enjoying me being hurt for answering back at her. While I was writing in pain, I heard her say – wait, come here. I did not pay attention to her, I kept jumping around. She sternly said the second time. Wait, you – come here!!

I limped across the room to her, she turned me over and looked at my butt. I was bleeding and it was visible on my pants. She gasped and looked outside her room. There was no one. She asked me to stay standing and not sit down and went through her cupboard to get some medicines out.

She pointed me to her washroom and gave me a bottle of neosprin and some dettol and asked me to go clean myself. I obediently took the stuff and walked into the washroom. I could not believe my eyes, I was in the bathroom of Mrs. Reena. I could smell her everywhere in that room. It was so clean and everything was in place.

I walked up to the mirror on the wall, dropped my pants and realized it was too high up for me to see how bad I was cut. I tried to turn around and see but all I could see was two cane marks and no cuts. I put the dettol on where I thought it hurt and then put some neosprin power and stood there.

I heard a squeak and turned to see Mrs. Reena looking at me from the doorway – I turned sideways when she asked me how it was feeling. I said I could not see exactly where it hurt. She stood at the door for a few seconds and then walked in closing the door behind her. She bent down behind me and said – oh – She took some more dettol and cotton and started to clean the wound.

I realised that she knew that she would be in trouble if people at school got to know how badly she hurt me. I said, Mrs. Reena – it hurts real bad. I think I need to see a doctor or something. She said – you look like a grown up man, you are taller than me. Don’t cry like a kid, its just a little blister. It will heal itself in a day or two.

I started to exaggerate how much it hurt and kept adding noises everytime she rubbed the wound. I could tell that she was getting real worried when she said, ok – I will clean the blood patch on your pants. Sit there in that corner. She went to the washbasin and started to clean the blood spots on the pants. I could not help but watch how she was so vulnerable to this situation.

I murmured something about needing to call my parents about this and she was getting very frustrated. I knew I had to make a move before the wound healed and the stain was cleaned. I unbuttoned my last button on my shirt and lifted it a little bit to give more view to my semi erection under my tight underwear. I leaned at the edge of a wall and showing her my bump so clearly.

She looked at me for a few seconds and then looked down at what I was doing and went back to cleaning the pants. Very soon she had the stains off and walked out of the bathroom. I was standing there in my underwear with my limp dick inside. I was one period late. The day went by so fast with me having flashbacks of spending that hour with the most gorgeous woman ever.

A few days after that incident, we were in our computer labs when Mrs. Reena walks in just checking on us. No one turned to look back after they realized she was in the room except me. I turned and gave her a full smile – she turned away not acknowledging me. That evening I intentionally hung around her room after school and when she came out in her track pants

– she stopped for a second and said – oh, so you are with the scouts eh ? I said – Yes, Mrs. Reena. She said – good for you. and walked away to the main ground. I stood by a tree very much visible to her watching her run down the tracks. Our eyes met every time she ran past me, I would pretend I was warming up or stretching every time she came close.

I did this everyday without fail. I heard that there was this pollution awareness drive that our school was taking part of, the school was split into 4 groups and not to your surprise I joined the noise pollution group that Mrs.Reena was heading. I always made up excuses to check with her if what I was doing was good enough for her.

I was getting to make it real obvious to her that I was having a major crush on her. We had three days to the drive, we were supposed to decorate four huge trucks with things we created and enact a play on the effects of pollution. The drive was from the Parliament building to our school and then there was going to be some sort of function where some minister would address the crowd.

Since I was tall I was chosen to be dressed up in a silly costume that looked like a burning firecracker. The evening before the drive we were all sticking and decorating the truck when I snuck up beside Mrs.Reena. She was wearing a loose tshirt and jeans. Every time she would lift her arms up or bend down – her tshirt would slip in to reveal her hips and I stood back just watching her work.

There was this one moment where she bent down and standing behind her I could see her black bra for a quick moment. I was so disappointed it only lasted for a second and really wished I could stop time and stare at them for some more. I loudly said damn, she turned back and looked at me asked me – how long have you been standing there.

The two other guys who heard it thought she was upset at me not doing anything. I did not have an excuse because I did not have anything in my hands. I walked away to do something on the other side of the truck. The pollution drive went fine, I was in that suit where no one could really see me but I noticed Mrs.Reena was looking at me every now and then.

We all reached the school, the sun had already gone down and the boring lectures started. I noticed Mrs.Reena was walking away towards the computer lab building. I followed her up to the terrace. She had lit a cigarette and was watching over the function from the top. My eyes started to get used to the darkness and the moonlight. She was wearing a formal suit and skirt.

It was the first time I had seen her knees. She had great legs. I was standing at the entrance to the terrace when she looked back at me. My first reaction was to turn back and run down the stairs but my legs just froze there. She took a few steps towards me and said – is that you Subbu ? I said – Yes, Mrs.Reena. Damn Chuck. You cannot keep sneaking up on me like that.

I can get you kicked out of this school for following me around like this. I mumbled some apologies. She looked away and asked me – what are you doing here ? why were you following me ? I said – for no particular reason Mrs.Reena. She said – do you like me Subbu ? I said – yes Mrs.Reena. I like you. She asked – how much ? I stared at her with a blank face.

She added – and please call me Reena for now. She corrected herself – what do you like about me ? I said – everything Mrs.Reena. You are a beautiful woman. she laughed and choked on her smoke and leaned against the wall and said, Subbu – do you have any girlfriends ? I said – No Mrs. Reena. She said – I think its time you get yourself a girlfriend, you are all grown up now.

I saw you the other day. Its better if you chase something you can get your hands around. I smiled and asked – what did you see the other day Mrs.Reena ? She said – don’t act like you dont know what I am talking about. the bulge in your pants. Its pretty obvious its your raging hormones that are talking right now. I asked her – is there something wrong in wanting you ?

She looked at me for a few seconds and came closer to me, stubbed out the cigarette on the wall – little sparkles flew everywhere and she said – what if I said you can want me – what would you do ? I mustered all the courage I could and said, I would make you a happy woman Mrs. Reena. She sarcastically asked me – and how do you think you are going to do that Subbu ?

you hardly know anything about me ? I said – yeah, maybe that is true – I dont know what kind of colors you like, I dont know what kind of music you like, I dont know anything about you. But I know that you are not a happy woman, I have seen you sitting in your room staring outside your window playing with your hair, how you flirt with Stevie Sir knowing that he is a married man.

How you look at little kids at parents meetings and thats what matters. She stood there looking at me and I saw her eyes fill up in the moonlight. I said – I did not mean to upset you Mrs. Reena. She blinked and a tear rolled down her cheek. I reached out and rubbed the trail. She did not object. I stepped closer to her and hugged her softly.

A few seconds later she responded and put her cheek on my shoulder and held me softly. I heard her say – its been so long since I was hugged. I don’t remember how long we stayed hugging like that, but I started rubbing her back slowly and she pulled her head back and looked into my eyes. I did not think for a moment but placed a kiss on her lips.

She opened her mouth and we locked and sucked each others lips till they were sore. The wall of the entrace door was to my left, I slowly pushed her towards it and started to kiss her neck and open her top slowly. Her arms were over my shoulder and rubbing my back. I got her suit and shirt open and squeezed out one of her breasts out.

They were huge but so supple, I took her into my mouth and back rub turned into a scratch I pulled out both her boobs soon and started alternating between them. She pulled my tshirt off me and threw it on the ground. I lifted up her skirt and felt her undies under them, she parted her legs for me to explore.

I rubbed her over the panties for a few minutes and noticed she had her mouth open and eyes tightly shut. I bent down and started kissing her thighs and panties under her skirt. I moved her panty to the side and sucked on what I saw under them, they tasted a little salty and smelled a little of pee but I was loving every tingling taste of it.

She had one leg over my shoulder and held my face tightly in between her legs. My face was wet with her juices when she pulled me away and in between catching her breath asked me – have you done this before ? I said no Mrs.Reena, just seen videos of them. we both laughed realizing how lame that was to mention I did something based on watching porn.

She said, now get here – and undid my belt and pulled my dick out. It was in its full splendor and might. She put my tshirt down and kneeled on it and pulled my pants down and stared at my dick for sometime. I asked her if she likes it and she gave me a big smile, bent it towards her, smelled it and started sucking on it.

I realized that I might have been smelling a bit sweaty of the long day but she did not seem to care much either – she had gobbled up the head of my dick and was sucking it hard. She stopped and coughed a few times and I figured it was time to do it all the way. I picked her up and got her to lean on the balcony, I was pushing at her clit when she guided me inside her.

It felt so soft and mushy inside her but she opened her eyes to the fullest and opened her mouth slowly. I kissed her and slowly starting pushing into her and out of her. She just stood there and with every time I pushed into her she moaned a little louder. I leaned back to realize what I was doing – I was fucking Mrs.Reena.

I told her that she looked beautiful and she said shut up and go faster, I pushed in and out a little faster. She was practically screaming. Over the ledge I could see the campus filled with people and the speaker blaring the message of some minister giving gyaan about pollution while I was fucking the ultimate fantasy I lived for.

My penis was starting to hurt but I kept going, she pushed me away and pulled my face down to her crotch. It was all slimy now but I sucked hard at her pussy. She grunted and came on my face again. I fell back on my butt while she sat with her back to the walls of the terrace holding her legs together.

I nursed my dick while it still stood erect but hurt because the skin was stretched, she took out another cigarette and I started rubbing myself standing there. She took a few whiffs and then called me to her. She pulled out both her breasts and pointed me to cum on them. I kept rubbing, it was hurting but it was so hard and I was closing in.

With one hand I leaned against the wall and with the other I pointed my dick as I squirted a huge load of cum on her. I sat next to her for a few minutes before she buttoned up. She kissed me on my forehead and said, thank you – I have not felt like that before with anyone. We did meet a few times after that at her house, once in a hotel,

a few times she would drive me outside the city on her kinetic but she grew more distant with me as months went by. I passed out of school and dated other women but never felt anything like I did for Mrs.Reena.

This is just a story. Its amazing where your mind allows you to wander based on some things that you have wanted to experience in the past. Comment if you like, and suggest if you don’t. Maybe I will write something of your liking.

The end

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