Sex with hot cousin

It was around noon, I was waiting for Sabari to pull into the railway station. The stench of urine and really loud messages through the PA system was giving me a bad migraine. I pulled out my handkerchief and covered my nose. Ignoring beggars without limbs every few minutes was aggravating me.

Maybe I was not ready to see so much of my Incredible India so soon. I started to think, it was just a few days back that I was sitting at my apartment balcony in Melbourne and looking over at the sun set over the sea of buildings. The air was so fresh, the sky was clear. The beer tasted so good. sigh.

The train arrived a few minutes late. Hordes of mallu women just flooded the platform in a matter of seconds. It seemed as though every other girl who got down from that train was a teenager getting into a nursing college here, which made matters worse because I was there to pickup my cousin who was starting work at a hospital next week.

I don’t exactly remember the last time I saw her but I did remember of pictures and some memories when I had visited my hometown in Trivandrum about some 6 years back. She seemed like a little package who would never stop talking, I remember she was really fond of me and would never leave my side for those two weeks.

I still had the kerchief on my face as I walked up and down beside the compartment I was told that she would be in. I tried calling her phone but it was switched off. Just like the wave of humanity flowed on the platform from that train, in just about two minutes – the platform was almost empty.

I saw a few girls still standing and chatting to each other and I went up and asked them if they knew my cousin in my broken Malayalam. While I was still talking to them, a loud shrill squeak just tore the station down “ACHACHA” I turned around and saw this girl run towards me and jump to hug me.

I remember her arms crushing my neck and a few seconds away she pulled away from me and started telling me how much I have changed and stuff. I was still shocked at what I was seeing, she had grown twice in every aspect that I could imagine. She was just a little shorter than me, she had straighted her hair and I could not help but noticing her boobs under her shirt,

they seemed like they were being captured in a inappropriate bra size and were just waiting to burst out of there. I greeted her too and helped her with her luggage to the car. During our walk to the car I noticed how she was walking and shaking her booty like an African woman would. How do I know? I used to date a woman from an African descent for over a year.

She was just the same with her barrage of questions. She asked me about my last 5 years outside the country, and how I was liking being back in India and to how my job was, blah blah.., to all these questions I had pretty straightforward answers but was not quite ready for when she asked – did you not have any girlfriends when you were in Melbourne ? I said – huh ?

She shot back – cause you could not take your eyes off me since I got here, I was just asking and started laughing. I said – I am sorry Reny, its just that, you grew up really fast. I was expecting a tiny Reny and not a hot girl like you. She laughed some more and said – you remember I am still your cousin right ?

I said yeah, yeah with a nervous laugh and shoved her luggage into the car. I sat in front with Raju, our faithful driver/assistant to my dad for many years now while Reny sat in the rear seat of our Innova. It was a short drive back home and after a little drama of my folks meeting Reny and some tea, I said my goodbyes and went upstairs to my room for a nap.

The next day, I had to go to Chennai for some American VISA related work. I was gone for 2 days and since my vacation was for three weeks, I was looking forward to going to Goa with a few old friends, basically have as much fun before I got back to sitting in my 6/6 cubicle for who knows how long. I got back to my house in the morning and walked into the house.

There was breakfast on the table and I remembered that mom and dad were in Warangal for some inspection work in one of our factories there. I gobbled up some of the idlis and poured a juice for myself and headed into my room. I pushed the door open and saw Reny standing there in her panties, topless and staring at the mirror.

Between the moment where my jaw hit the floor and my cousin dashing for a towel I thought to myself if it was really happening, I only thought stuff like this was made up by people in their stories. We did not say a word, I did not ask her what she was doing in my room and most importantly why was she in her panties and topless in my room but

I kind of figured out a few minutes later that my folks were planning on renovating both the guest rooms and might have asked her to stay in my room (which was the only other room with a bathroom) and also that I was leaving the day after to Goa anyways. She stood there in one corner of the room looking sideways and I stood in the other corner staring at her,

she muttered that she wanted the clothes that were lying in the suitcase beside me. I did not move, I could not move! I was transfixed at her body – her skin tone seemed like some kinda bronze – it was glowing and everything seemed to move in slow motion for me – I glanced at her hips – how they curved so naturally onto her round butt,

I caught a drop of water fall off from her hair tied over her head to her waist and run into her panties. She called my name and said she wanted the clothes a little louder – I heard that but I could not get to move a inch. She walked towards me and asked me to look away, I looked at the door about a few degrees away from her because I still wanted her in my view.

She begged me not to look and bent over to pickup the first pair of clothes she found in her suitcase. I turned to look at her, she was at an arms reach from me, my mind was telling me that this was not right but I was resisting reaching out and feeling her boobs that was partially covered by the little towel she had on.

There was so much happening at that time but it was as though I was high on something really potent. She got her clothes and walked into the bathroom but I reached out my hand in front of her to stop her, she whispered “Acha” and I said Reny, you are most beautiful woman I have ever seen – she looked down and up with a shy smile, her lips were wet.

I reached out and held her face in my hands, before I moved my face to kiss her she closed her eyes and parted her lips. I brushed my lips on her and kissed her tenderly a few times and she was responding with the same passion. A few seconds later, something fell on my feet. It was her towel, she wrapped her arms around me tightly and I opened my eyes while kissing her and looked at her,

her eye lashes were the longest, she tasted sweeter than honey. I had been with a good number of women in India and in Australia, nothing felt so good, so mutual, so right yet so wrong. she ran her hands all over my back and pressed herself against me, I could feel her breasts heave against me. I held her waist and pushed her on the study table behind her.

I started to kiss her neck and leave little love bites there. There was a little thud – A book fell off the table, it was The Wolf and The Dove Book by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I thought to myself how ironic it was in this scenario, I was here feasting on such an exotic beauty who happens to be related to me as I moved on to her breasts.

She gasped the second I wrapped my lips around her nipple, her books were huge but firm. They just stood there with those dark areolas, I could not get enough of them. She kept rubbing my head and my shoulders and left little moans every now and then. I had got on my knees and was kissing her belly when she pulled my call of duty shirt off me and ran her fingers through the hair on my chest and shoulders.

She came down to kiss my neck but it was like a surprise, I was not ready for it. We both fell on my back to the floor but she did not let that spoil anything. She still was stuck to my neck and left me scratches and bites. I slipped my hands into her panties to cup her ass – I could feel the cellulite stretch marks but that added to the excitement.

Her crotch was right above mine and we were rubbing each other pretty hard. With my legs I got her legs together and pushed her panties down and she started to yank at my 3/4 shorts and we were both lying naked on the floor of my room just rubbing our bodies together. I did not want to get her pregnant – I pushed one hand between us and started to rub her pussy.

She was soaking wet and did have a good amount of pubic hair – I was loving it. Every woman I had slept with till then had a clean beaver :):) She was so reactive – she raised her butt to give me space and a few seconds later she had her arms around my neck squeezing me and her legs came together and almost broke my wrist.

She had just had an orgasm, she did not let go of me, I moved my face to breath properly and continued to rub her. She kept slipping to my side and lifted one leg, a few minutes later she pushed my hand away – I looked at my hand and it was dripping wet. I brought it to my face to smell it and she giggled and asked me what I was doing,

I did not say anything but put the middle finger in my mouth and sucked it. Her face went from a little disgusted to very interested in a few seconds. She wrapped her left hand over my semi hard penis, stared at it for a few seconds and started to stroke it. She was no expert and it was slightly uncomfortable –

she was lying to my side, her head was on my chest and looking down at my dick she asked me if this is how any of my girlfriends had pleasured me and went ahead to kiss the sides of my dick and slowly sucking it. She did that in the most sexiest way possible and every now and then she would look at me with my head in her mouth to see how I was feeling.

I had got as hard as I could and was moaning her name and how good it felt, she did not deep throat me but she had this amazing way of flicking her tongue at my opening of my penis, she was holding my dick so hard it was beginning to hurt a bit but at the same time was keeping me from having an orgasm soon.

She kept sucking on it, took little breaks to catch her breath and kiss the sides of my dick and my balls. Her ass was still in reach from me and I rubbed it and slowly slid a finger inside her pussy, I saw how she closed her eyes every time I pushed my finger deeper inside her. Not long after that, I motioned to her that I was going to cum.

She stopped sucking me and started jerking me off – I usually would have preferred faster strokes but she was going at one slow rhythm – my toes started to curl and I stretched out on the floor and started to spurt cum over her hands. She kept going a little after I was milked clean and slowly got soft. After I came I put my finger back in her and she started to moan like a little kitten.

I pulled her waist closer to me and asked her to sit on my face. She pushed her muff into my mouth and I caught a big chunk of her pussy into my mouth and started to suck on it. She was moving a little with me and very soon came on my face. She got off and came and lay next to me and put one leg and arm over me. I could see that she had a little of my cum still on her hands.

I asked her if she liked everything we did and she nodded. I kissed her on her forehead. Later that evening, I was out in the balcony for a smoke and she came and stood a little far from me, leaning on the grill she said. Acha, I know we are related and what we did was not right. I was slightly freaking out if she was having a guilty trip and was going to tell someone about what happened.

I impatiently said., OK – and ? I like what we did, I have never felt that good before. I know I should be happy and all but I was slightly worried if she was getting emotionally involved with me. I said – I loved every single minute of it too sweety, but you know there is nothing we can get out of this other than some pleasure.

She looked down a little disappointed and I asked her if she had a boyfriend back in Trivandrum, she said yeah and that they were still officially together. I asked her if they were sexually active and she said, yes. I said I wont tell, she smiled and said ever since she was a little kid she had a crush on me and that she used to masturbate thinking of me.

She also told me that she used to have sex with her boyfriend something thinking it was me. I took her inside the house and hugged her but I was a little scared too. Her hugs were so tight and were always a little longer than expected. She asked me to cancel my Goa trip. I said I would think about it and went out that evening.

I could not get her out of my mind, I knew I had to stop this before it got any worse. everything about her was so magical. The way she moved, the way she talked, the way she smelled. I was getting a hard on just thinking about her and what had happened earlier in the day. Don’t ask me why but I stopped over and bought a pack of condoms hoping I would never get to use it with Reny.

When I got back home that evening, she was in the front room chatting up with my folks like nothing had happened. Mom asked me if I was fine that Reny was going to use my room. I said that was fine and that I could stay in the guest room for the next few days. I called my friends and cancelled my Goa trip, I did not tell my folks.

We all chatted up that evening and I went to the guest room to sleep. I did not have any sleeping clothes on and realized I was still wearing the clothes from Chennai. I went up to my room and Reny was lying on the bed talking to her boyfriend on the phone. I signalled her to keep quiet and walked to my closet and picked out something to wear for the night.

While I went into the bathroom to pickup my toothbrush and paste I noticed in the corner of my eye that she was getting out of bed. When I turned after picking my towel and toothbrush, I saw her standing at the door still on the phone. She was not talking but just responding with uh huh, uh huh’s…, I walked up to her hoping she would give way, but instead she hugged me with one arm around me.

I stayed like that for a few minutes and she started asking her boyfriend what he was doing. I realized they were talking naughty on the phone, she was pretending to be rubbing herself on the phone when she was rubbing herself on me. I was a little confused as to what to make of it – should I be upset that she was cheating on her boyfriend with her cousin or should I whip out my dick and fuck her silly right there.

While whispering naughty things in Malayalam to her boyfriend, she turned and pushed her butt against my crotch and started rubbing me. My dick was hard as a rock and was crying to be let out of my shorts. I threw the things I had in my hands on the floor and with one hand cupped her boobs and with the other reached out under her track pants and started rubbing her pussy.

She was still whispering and moaning on the phone but occasionally would glance back at me to give me a kiss or to show me that she is really liking what I was doing. She then moved away and got on her knees and pulled my dick out, she giggled when it sprung out of my pants and took the head of my dick into her mouth. She was still taking breaks to tell something to her boyfriend.

Since the only Malayalam I knew was something I talk to mom, none of what she was saying was making sense to me and honestly I did not care much as long as she had my dick in her mouth. She was sucking me real hard and I was feeling real good, I reached out to my pocket and pulled out a 10 pack condom box, she gave me a happy nod with my dick in her mouth.

I put on a condom after a little fumbling and she sat on the edge of the bed with her legs parted. I slowly pushed myself into her, I soon realized that I was most certainly bigger than her boyfriend because she stopped talking to him for about a minute and I could hear him go – hello, hello, hello on the phone., he hung up and called back and she just lay there with her waist arched and her eyes tightly shut.

I slowly thrusted in and out her aiming for her upper walls inside her pussy and she was soon bucking into an orgasm, a few minutes later she tried to push me away but I kept going at it. Her firm boobs were bouncing all over the place, she placed her hand over her mouth to muffle her voice.

A little later she used all her strength to push me away and pulled her legs close to her chest and started crying softly. I was still hard and confused. I bent over and pushed her hair off her face and said sorry. She said it was fine and I sat next to her and saw my dick slowly soften. She got up after a few minutes and called her boyfriend and told her that someone had walked into the room and she had to leave.

She gave a look towards my limp dick and said – Acha, please do it slowly. She went back into the same position but I pushed her over and started to rub myself against her butt. Very soon I was going in and out of her slowly and steadily. She still seemed to be a little pain but I was feeling real good. Her pussy walls were so tight. I came on her butt cheeks a few minutes later.

one of my best orgasms ever. In the next two days we finished the condom pack, she certainly seemed to like it more every time, we did it like bunnies everyday till the morning I had to leave.
She came to see me off. Ironic eh ?

The end

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