Mother watches daughter having lesbian sex

I retired as a Matron from a big hospital in Delhi. I am a widow. My Husband who was a vascular surgeon died in a road accident after 10 years of a very ‘sexualful’ joyous marriage, leaving behind a daughter. I now run a nurses hostel for the hospital I had worked for. My daughter is 15 years at the time of the incident I am about to narrate. She was 10 when her father died. I did not get get married but did lead an ‘sexciting’ life after about a year of becoming a widow, but had to be careful that my daughter is not scandalised or that is what I thought. The fact turned out to be different from what I had anticipated. I was returning home from the hostel one late afternoon.

Enroute I stopped at the fruit stall to buy some fruits when I saw a malayasian trainee nurse going past in a scooter rickshaw heading towards my home. She was not in nurses uniform but in shorts and top so obviosly going somewhere else. I did not bother too much and after doing my shopping I moved on.

When I was about 600 mtrs from my house, I noticed the scooter turning around and returning my way. Got me wondering. Normally the girl would give me a ring before coming to my place as we were in a ‘relationship’ which we did not want my daughter to know about. Maybe I was wrong about where the scooter had stopped.

Anyhow, I went home and as my daughter was expected to be in college opened the door with my keys and went to the drawing room. No one was there. As I came into the corridor I heard some voices in my daughter’s bedroom. I recognised the voices of my daughter and of the Malayasian nurse.

I peeped in and saw both of them on the bed – the room had not much furniture – bed, writing table and chair and a cupboard. Normally my daughter did all the entertaining of her friends on that bed. The bed was perpendicular to the door. My daughter was lying facing the trainee, resting her head on her palm and the trainee was facing her but lying with her head on the pillow.

The converstion ( almost as I remember hearing it) that was taking place was thus:- Daughter(D) : “I am thankful you could come. I have no friend so get bored -not knowing what to do I thought I would ring you up and become your friend -that is if you do not mind.” Trainee(T); ” Oh that would be wonderful as I also have almost no friends here.

You are so nice looking so how is it you do not not have any friends -specially boys?” D: ” ug I do not like boys. They are a pain in the arse. Did you have any boy friend in Malaya?” T : ” Oh yes, some are pain in the arse, some have their brains on the tip of their cocks, but some are decent. I use to go with all types.

The first type are good to take you to a movie and hold your hands; the second type take you to a movie or a drive and spend their time feeing you and putting their cocks into you or till where you permit them and the last type take you to restaurants and behave like gentlemen. So you see we can take advantage of the them depending on the mood we are in.”

D : “That is a good caterogrization of the men. Never thought of it like that. So you had sex with the second type? sorry, for being personal so you need not answer that” T : ” No need to apologise. If we have to be friend then we have to be more open and do not answer questions which you do not want to without hurting feelings. Oh Yes, I have enjoyed getting fucked.

No regrets, Will do it again sometime when I meet a decent chap and have the desire. How about you? D : “Well I have been fucked couple of times and sometimes only given a blowjobs but did not enjoy either one. Actually, the fact was that There have been only two chaps – one I have fucked often and still do and the other I have given only a blowjob and that too only once”

( I was shocked to hear my daughter has been fucking around and been sucking men). “Both were older men and married -in fact one is a doctor here who I gave only a blow job and the other was a friend’s father.” T : ” Poor you, Really, how is it you did not enjoy it. They should have known how to fuck.

( The topic was getting warmer and the trainee was now moving the hair from my daughter’s face and playing with her cheeks. Daughter bent over her and kissed her on her lips) D : “The doctor was probably scared shit. He had somework with Mom and I was feeling horny. Mom was not at home but I told him that she would be soon returning -to wait.

While waiting I started to try and get him horny and put my hands on his crotch, but he moved it away and showed anger. He got up to go; so I told him if he does not fuck me I will start yelling that he tried to rape me and would tear my clothes and scratch myself and him to show I resisted. It frightened him so he agreed.

I got him to to take his cock out and after a lot of sucking I finally got his up and the bugger’s was only four to fivr inches long and as thin as a weed. So the choice was to give him a blow job as the fuck would have been the “No show of the year”. The friend’s father was about 55-60 years when I met him. I was then in class 9.

He owns a chain of 4 & 5 Star hotels in some Northern Indian cities including Delhi. Once from school we were taken- about 20 girls – to his hotel on an educational trip. After going around we were invited to his office for a cup of tea. After tea as we were leaving I felt something being slipped into my palm. I turned around and saw it was the old man who was doing it.

He winked and put his finger to his lips asking me to keep quiet. When I got a chance I saw what it was – it was a 500 rupee note with a chit with a telephone number on it- Incidently till then he had no idea that I was his daughter’s friend. On reaching home I rang up the number and it was his private number. He asked me to come to his office without telling anyone after school.

As the hotel was enroute to the home I dropped in wondering what it was all about. That is another story. I think I am a lesbian – a born lesbian and the only reason I agreed to go with these men was to see if I was mistaken about my sex orientation. Yes, I have had a lot of lesbo experience and enjoyed every one of them. (More shock for me.

My daughter now had her hand on the trainees thighs and the trainee had her hand under my daughter’s blouse). Have you had any lesbian experience?” T : ” Yes, once and to tell you the truth it was a wonderful experience – better than what the boys gave. Why do you feel that you are a born lesbo?’

D : “My parents led a very active sexual life and though I was very young – and they thought that I was too young to understand I use to quietly see Mom & Dad fucking each other and at times -quite often with other partners also -but some how I never got facinated by the cock, which I should have because I did not possess that tool.

In fact I do not remember any of the cocks but could give a good description of the cunts as I concentrated on that part. T: ” That sounds exciting.” D : ” Besides that at school right from kindergarden, I use to ask classmates -the girls – if they want to see Barbie doll or Donald Duck painted on my panties. All my panties had some comic character painted on them.

If some agreed I would take then at the closest hidden place and show them my panties and ask if they wanted to see inside. Some agreed and I encouraged them to put their hand inside and feel my pussy. We would both giggle and come away. It felt nice when some girl touched me there and better if they allowed me to do the same.”

T : ” Do not stop carry on” ( The trainee had now pulled out my daughters breast and was playing with her tits. She had lovely tits -long and dark. I had started to leak. My daughter helped her along and holding her tits put it into the mouth of the trainee). D : Apparently, my activities was noticed by one of my teachers when I was in class 4.

She did not say anything to me in school but a few days later she walked me home and asked what I did when Mom was at work. Nothing very much, I told her but I finish me home work first and then sleep or play in the park. She then wanted to meet Mom so at a parent teachers meeting she met Mom and requested that I go to her home for the afternoon while Mom was at work.

The teacher was unmarried and living alone in the school premisis, so very reluctantly I started to go to her place after school. About a week after my starting to go go to her place, she said that she was also keen to see the Barbie Doll on my panty like the one I had been showing to the girls whom she named. I got excited to show it to her and lifted my dress.

She said she cannot see it properly like that and asked me to sit on the single sofa and put my legs on the arm rests. She went on to tell me that she would show me her pussy inside her panty. I thought it odd that she kept a pussy cat inside her panty !!! Anyhow I did what she told me to do and she knelt in front of me and started to move her hand up and down my choot from the top of the panty.

Every now and then she would put a finger inside my panty from the thigh and I would feel extra nice. She then kissed my Barbie and said she would like to see what Barbie doll looked from the back for which she said I would have to remove my panty. I did that with excitment. The Maam took the panty and kissed the inside of it and licked it.

She then parted my legs again and placed it of the arm rest. I was nicely stretched. It was for the first time that I saw my choot so wide. The Teacher then kissed it and started to lick it. I do not know whether I climaxed but I remember my body feeling as if it was glowing – a feeling I had never felt before in my life.

After about ten minutes of this she took of my frock also and licked my very, very small breast. Then she asked if she would like to see her pussy -who was I to say “no” to a teacher. She removed her house coat she was wearing leaving her with only a bra and panty on. She then very sexily removed her panty. All I saw was a tuft of hair just above her choot.

I never had seen hair there because Mom and some of the other women’s cunt I had seen were clean shaven, so naturally I asked about the hair and the pussy cat. She laughed and said the thing is called a pussy and not pussycat and that as I grow older I would get hair there also. To keep them or shave them will be your choice.

She then asked me to suck her also which I readily did, she also took of her bra and asked me to suck the tits also. For the next eight months we use to have a sexual relationship almost daily except when she had periods; then she would give me a good amount of lick and use a small carrot on herself. She then told me about periods.

She got married and left the school and has never come back. (The trainee’ shorts and pantys had been taken off). T : ” Do you have hair on your choot now?” D : ” Don’t know, Why don’t you find out for yourself ( My daughter stood up and the trainee stripped off all her clothes. Daughters breast at 36D were beautiful and in full bloom with a large areole and about an inch and a half long tit now standing erect.

The trainee started to suck her tits and then felt her between her thighs and started to rub her pussy. Daughter had a fairly protuding pussy and was abs smooth – no hair anyhere) D : ” Do I have any hair around my cunt?” T : ” can’t tell. Your milkcans have blinded me so I will have to feel with my tongue and tell you”

( with that they giggled and daughter lay down and spread her legs as wide as possible and asked the trainee to check for hair. The trainee got on top of her and spread her legs over her mouth while she started to lick Daughters choot. My daughter’s cilt was really big and sticking out like a one month old boy.).

T : ” Check for my hair also my baby. Baby you have a real big cilt – never seen such a large and beautiful one. You could fuck me with it. ( They both looked so very preety that I felt like joining them but being their first day I felt it would be better if they enjoyed themselves on their own – maybe at a latter time we could have a threesome or more.

I was about to leave when I heard trainee ask, ” When will you Mom come? We do not want to get caught.” D : ” Yes it is is big. I have been coaxing and playing with it since I was four years old. Do not worry, Mom will not come to my room straightaway. She always yell, “I’m home” and then goes to the washroom to piss and change into her ‘T” shirt before sitting down whereever”

So we will have enough time to dress up” Actually, frankly speaking between you and me, I do wish Mom catches me because I would like to have sex with her -she is so sexy (I kept my ears glued on to what was happening in that room. When I visualized that they were finished I pretented to enter by banging the door and shouting ” I am home my love”.

I went to my room and watched the two come to the door to leave. The had a longish kiss and just as she was stepping out my daughter asked, ” You did not tell me if I had hair or not. You did not as far as I could tell but will have to check a couple of time before I can confirm. When can we meet again?

T: ” You tell me. Give me a call when you mom is busy or away for a day and we can have the time to ourselves. I just have not got enough of your cunt’s honey juices as yet.” D : ” You told me you had one lesbian experience who was it? Now no secrets between friends we decided. (after some hesitation the nurse said “It was your mom. She was abs superb”

D : “Let us work out how we can get mom to join us. I am leaking just imagining the three of us” D : ” Bye, See you soon” ( I made up my mind to pretend to go out for a day and hide and watch the action soon).

P.S.: A month after this episode my daughter ‘caught’ the nurse and me in a compromising position and joined us. After that we became a threesome for a long time. After a few sessions together I confined in the two that I had watched and heard them the first time they were enjoying sex;

my daughter then told me that she had also witnessed my seduction of the nurse as also my sex romp at the classroom with the boy,girl and the teacher. Now the nurse has retured to her country, daughter has married but continues her lesbian affairs as also is working for the Hotellier and obviously getting screwed by him.

Most of the daughter lesbian affairs takes place at my place and I do enjoy watching them. Hope you liked the three episodes. Looking forward to your comments. Incidentally my daughter now has the largest clit I have seen.

Ths end

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