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This happened about 3 months back during the summer of 2010. So my memory is fresh and vivid. When I was in school, during summer vacations every year, I used to visit my uncle’s place for vacation in Kasargod and used to stay there for a couple of weeks.(Border of Kerala and Karnataka states).

My uncle passed away long time back when I was in school and their only son was now in the Army. They have a nice plot of land about 5 kms from the city with some coconut trees, cashew, arecanut trees and banana plants. The neighbor was a Malyalee family with the husband working in Dubai and the wife working in a bank in Kasargod.

The had a similar plot of land and a house in it. They had a daughter, Roopa- she was 2 years my senior. We(my uncle’s son, Roopa and I) used to play together, watch TV and sports and movies and TV serials togther during my visits and used to have a great time. My aunt and Roopa’s mom were close as they helped each other, with their husbands not there in person.

Starting from my PUC 2 year to completion of my Engineering in Bangalore, due to the academic schedule (tuitions, coaching etc.) and urge to do well, with hardly any vacations between semesters, I had not visited my uncle’s place for 5 years. Now I was visiting them and arrived at Kasaragod and noticed that a lot of things had changed. My aunt was getting older.

I learnt from my aunt that my neighbor’s daughter had just finished her M.Sc. at Mangalore University and looking for jobs. I came to know that Roopa’s dad was now planning on coming back for good in a year’s time and had plans to set up a auto parts business in Mangalore. When I first met Roopa, I could not recognize her – the girl with whom I used to play and watch TV was now a tall beautiful woman.

She was around 5’7″ tall, fair complexion, (Soji rava complexion),long black hair, tied in a typical mallu fashion, with big beautiful eyes. She looked strikingly beautiful in a Long Skirt (called Langa in kannada) and a top. She was shy, not willing to make direct eye contact at first and spoke just enough to carry on a conversation.

When I mentioned that to her that I could hardly recognize her, she told me that it applied to me too. In perspective, I had changed too. I was now a tall man 6 feet in height and well built – thanks to my gym visits. During these years, I had also watched a lot of Mallu adult movies (Reshma!! Sindhu!…) used to dream and fantasise,

made some friends in college who had tasted aunties back in their native (one friend of mine was banging a nurse in Bangalore and told me all about the pill preventing pregnancy and its usage, another had an affair with a female bank employee in Bangalore where he had an account!). In a couple of days of my stay when I went over to her mom’s house, I observed Roopa more closely.

She used to look at me when my focus was elsewhere and suddenly change it when I looked at her. But she was more talkative now. I noticed that she had a great set of boobs within that top – of course most mallu females do have that. I was beginning to dream and wonder and ponder about those dozens of mallu adult movies that I had watched.

A couple of times, I did not respond to her conversation as I was dreaming in my own world, and she literally had to snap her fingers at me. Anyhow, during my first week of stay, one day in the evening after dinner, my aunt accompanied me to Roopa’s house and we were all watching the photo album about Roopa her dad and mom when they visited Dubai.

Soon, my aunt and her mom went into the kitchen to get some stuff to eat. As we were going through the album, the power was out and the lights went off. Aunty was cursing the electricity board from the kitchen and asked us to stay put as she was getting the rechargeable battery operated light into the hall where we were sitting.

This is when I thought I did something silly and foolish. I pulled Roopa close to me and tried to kiss her. She pushed me away as I kissed her partly on the cheek and jumped out of the sofa and went into the kitchen. The power was restored in about 15 minutes and we had snacks and Roopa was giving me the look of ” I will kill you’. We finally said goodbye and went home.

I was a bit tensed not knowing if she would tell her mom and what would happen next. Well, things would happen in the next couple of days as nothing damaging came out of the incident. Every other saturday, my aunt and Roopa’s mother used to go together to Kasargod city limits to make groceries and vegetables purchases.

My aunt told me that on the friday night and said she had cooked enough for my breakfast/lunch and everything was in the refrigerator and not wait for her to have lunch. She said usually they go by bus and return by auto and the whole thing takes about 4 to 5 hrs. The next day (Saturday), after having my bath, my aunt and I had a nice breakfast,

and I and at around 8.30am, my aunt left with Roopa’s mom for the shopping trip. As they left, I locked my place and went to Roopa’s house. She let me in and asked me if wanted any breakfast. Having said no thanks, I settled in the hall and she switched on the TV and went inside to wash vessels in the kitchen. We were now alone and I was into watching a movie on one of the channels.

In about 30 minutes, she walked by and asked me to relax, saying that she will be back in 30 minutes. I said ok, but got interested to know what work she had to do. So slowly I followed her and stood by her bedroom door unnoticed. She was singing softly a tune and gathering her clothes and a bath towel. She had no idea that I was watching.

As she turned around she saw me at the door of her bedroom. She froze for a moment and her bath towel and set of clothes she had dropped from her hands. I noticed a white bra and red panty in the mix. She picked it up and as she got up I was so close to her now and asked her why she pushed me away when I tried to kiss her the other night.

She moved a step back without replying and I could sense she was trembling a bit. I was excited too and I moved forward and held her. She was now shy, but tried to get away from me, not looking at me. I pulled her towards me, kissed her even as she made it difficult for me. She was breathing hard, sweating a bit and reluctant.

I could sense that she had never experienced anything like it (same for me too). It took almost 5 minutes to kiss her lips and taste her saliva as she twisting her upper body and dodged me. The silence was absorbing. Finally, she said, “I have to go and take bath”. I let her go for a moment. She was trembling and getting excited – her chest was heaving up and down.

She had her head down unable to see me in the eye and I was getting excited too. As she turned to go, I held her from behind and started kissing her hair and moving my hands all over her. She tried to free herself and said softly ” Please,please, I need to go and have bath”. In about 5 minutes, after playing with her, I finally unbuttoned her top and removed it.

Her black bra and complexion made me crazy. The breasts were very shapely around 36C and pointed, heaving up and down as I squeezed them. For an unmarried woman they were big, but very nicely shaped and firm. She was defensive and closed her arms around them. In a minute her long skirt came off and she was now in a black bra and black panty.

Here she was tall, young, radiant, glowing with long black hair, almost no fat in and around her tummy, but only in the right places, shy and ready to be explored. I was amazed by the shape and size of her buttocks. The skirt had been hiding those assets pretty well. She had by now sensed where this was going.

I held her up against the wall, kissed her arm pits and neck and then led her to the side as we settled on to the floor. My lungi had long disappeared and she was lying on the floor. I removed her bra. The next half hour, I was feasting on her super soft pointed boobs and beautiful face. Kissing her at will and sucking her boobs, that had very black taut nipples,

I played around and she kissed me for the first time. Her body structure and complexion and youthfulness drove me crazy. I removed my underwear and she rolled her eyes as she saw my erect throbbing member. I kissed her thighs and long legs – very beautiful indeed – they were long and nicely shaped. Soon, I placed my mouth on her crotch.

She said ” no not that, “… I was deaf to her pleas, and realized that she was wet, her panty was moist with her secretions and the smell was strong and she was excited. In one motion, I yanked her panty. She covered her crotch with her hands whispering to me ” I am scared”.. To pacify her and not upset her immediately, I kissed her thighs and turned her on her tummy.

I was blown away by her body structure – long hair till her mid back, nice back, dainty and small waist and a well shaped bouncy set of plump buttock cheeks. I kissed her butt cheeks, kneaded them gently like chapati dough. She was moaning a bit and getting excited. Just like that, I turned her around and before she could react I moved towards her cunt.

The black pubic hair was wet. I spread her legs and tasted her. She was wet like a sponge that absorbs water – I licked and dined at her Y and she moaned lightly. She was wet, sticky and stinking down there. The foreplay had excited her and she was secreting fluids. The mound of flesh was inviting as I feasted and used my tongue to good effect, but not fingers, not yet at least.

Teasing her and exploring her nether world, I was beginning to lose control. Turning her around, I parted her butt cheeks and my animal instincts kicked in. I started licking her butt crack, smelling her asshole and fingered her deep in her anus. I licked my fingers as I drew them out of her anus and tasted her shitty matter. She was saying “what are you doing?

Cheeee” I buried my face in her butt crack and explored her ass and tasted more fecal matter. I was ready to ride her and was poking her thighs with my member. I turned her around, spread her legs open and then took a pillow that was on her bed and placed it under her back – the angle for entry seemed perfect.

As I approached her, all elongated, hard and excited, she was sweating profusely and called me by my first name and said ” I am scared ” I just winked at her and smiled. I was in a mood to bang her and slowly tried to enter. I was on top of her and she was holding on to me. As I tried the slow and steady approach, she complained about the light pain as I tried to enter.

It was tiring, but worth the time. Soon, I realized that before I lost my hardness, I had to enter her. So I spread her legs more, adjusted the pillow and the V shape as I folded her legs directed me to the target. I pushed hard and suddenly I was in her. She wailed “Aaaiiiyo Ammay” in pain (ammay means mother) as I pounded her.

I was feeling warm inside and she was struggling a bit at first. After about a minute, she relaxed and gave up, as I pumped harder. I was reaching my point of eruption as I pumped hard and finally ejaculated inside her. I fell on her while I was still inside her as she moved her fingers around my hair. After a couple of minutes, I removed my penis from her and it was all red and bloody.

She was bleeding and there were drops of blood on the floor. I had ruptured her hymen and we both had lost out virginity. She got up and was in a bit of pain. I brought some cotton and cleaned her up and pressed it against the place where I thought the bleeding was. She held on to me and cried a bit saying she was scared, about getting pregnant and it was hurting.

I pacified her and calmed her down and told her not to worry as there were pills to avoid pregnancy. All of this had happened in about half an hour. Finally she got up, I helped her to the bathroom and we bathed together. I washed her up and got to see her magnificent body – she was like a sex goddess in full bloom.

I made her feel good, praised her beauty and body and after coaxing, got her to give me a blow job. I came in her mouth as she played with my dick. There was no shyness involved now. Finally, by around 11.00am she was fresh again and we had tea together. I stayed and kissed her and sucked her boobs.

She then told me that I should go as her mom and my aunt would be back in a hour. Later, I called my friend and asked him the name of the pills. In the evening, I got them from the drug store and gave it to Roopa and asked her to take it immediately and continue for a couple of days.

For the next 2 weeks, I did her at least 6 times, whenever I got the chance – once on a Saturday. There were no restrictions, as I got free access to explore inside her skirt and blouse. Kisses were abundant and I even got to watch her pee once and licked her private area immediately after that.

We did it in various positions – missionary, Doggie, Cowgirl and once I even fucked her standing as she held on to the table. Finally, it was time to bid goodbye and I left promising to return later. It has been 6 months now and her parents are planning to get her married. Her dad is going to be back for good by the end of the year.

I am planning to visit my aunt next month for a week, before I take up my first assignment in Bangalore. I am hoping to have fun and frolic before she gets married off to someone and this time I am planning on taking more pregnancy prevention pills when I visit Roopa.

The end

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