My horny girlfriend

I have recently started having daydreams about my girlfriend, Rachel, and another boy having sex in front of me. Rachel is a bit of a tart, and is always flirting with the boys, and the other day my dream came true.

Rachel is a tall, dark haired girl, with a stunning body, 34d tits and an ass to die for! It started when me, her, and her mate, Ryan were sat on the sofa at her house, she was wearing a short black skirt, a see-through black thong, and a white blouse and no bra.

We were sat on the sofa when I wanted a drink, so I went into the kitchen to get one. When I walked back into the living room, Rachel was kissing Ryan passionately on the lips and I could see their tongues sliding in and out of each others mouths which started making me excited. I walked back over and sat back down on the sofa, and Ryan was shocked that I was back, and stopped kissing her. We carried on watching the film for a while longer, and a sex scene came on, which made Rachel even hornier.

Rachel then grabbed Ryan’s hand and put it on her naked leg, and looked at me a kissed me. Rachel then turned back to Ryan and started to kiss him again, and started to rub his, by now, growing cock through his jeans. By this time, Rachel’s nipples were clearly visible through her blouse, and Ryan started rubbing them bringing quiet moans from Rachel.

As Ryan was rubbing Rachel’s nipples, I reached around her and unbuttoned her blouse for him, much to his approval. As soon as her big tits were out of her blouse, which I soon took off, Ryan started to suck her nipples which made her moan even louder.

Rachel then thought that it was her turn to give some fun, so she took off Ryan’s top and his jeans, leaving him in just his boxers, where Rachel could see his hard cock bulging through his boxers.

She slowly started rubbing his cock, until he couldn’t get any harder, and then took off his boxers as well. She got between his legs and looked at me, giving me a really devilish look. Then she took his cock into her mouth, letting me watch as she did. I knew how much he was enjoying the feeling from the noise he was making. She gives such a perfect blowjob, that he was cumming in her mouth after 3 minutes, and I watched her swallow every single drop of it.

At this point, Rachel didn’t care who was watching her. She sat back up on the sofa and took her skirt off. Then she got back onto the floor and led on her back, spreading her legs. She then started slowly rubbing her clit through her thong. After a while of giving us this show, Ryan took her thong off, and started kissing her legs, which makes her beg for the person to lick her out. After he teased her for 5 minutes, she was almost screaming at him to lick her out.

Ryan then moved his head between her legs and started gently licking her lips, then started to get a bit rougher. He then started concentrating on her clit, which make her cum almost instantly. Ryan’s face was covered in her cum so she snogged him and licked it all off of his face.

When Rachel recovered from this, her cunt was soaking wet, and she was extremely horny. So she grabbed Ryan’s cock and pulled him closer to her. He then took over from her and held both of her hands above her head with his left hand, and guided his cock her cunt with his right hand. He then teased her by rubbing the head of his cock up and down her cunt, which made her beg him to fuck her. When he didn’t give into her, she wrapped her legs around him, and pulled his 9inch cock into her. As soon as he go inside her, he started pumping away at her, and she was loving the thought that I was watching her be such a slut. As she started getting closer to cumming, she started screaming about how she wanted to have Ryan’s baby, then with the thought of it, she hit her climax.

As her cunt tightened up around Ryan’s cock, he started getting close to cumming as well, and he asked her where she wanted him to cum, and she said to him that she wanted to feel his cum inside of her, even though she wasn’t on the pill, so just checked with her that it was what she wanted, and she said yes just as he started to cum up inside of her, and as he did, she hit another climax.

When he regained some of his energy, he got off of her, got dressed, gave her a big long passionate kiss and said bye.

When he was gone, Rachel told me that she still wasn’t totally satisfied, and as I still hadn’t cum, she got my cock out, and started sucking me off, and I came almost instantly, but my cock stayed hard. So, feeling horny as she was, she climbed on top of me, and started riding me, and as she did, I started to finger her ass, something that she wouldn’t let me do before.

I was just about to cum, when she stopped me, and climbed off of my cock. She got on the floor on her hands and her knees, and told me to fuck her virgin ass, so I did. I used some of her cunt juices to lube her ass up, and I pressed my big cock against her ass hole, and I slowly slid into it, feeling the warmth. As I was fucking her ass she was rubbing her clit, and doing both of these things at the same time, she had her largest ever climax, and I came up her ass. Now she always wants to have her ass fucked, and never refuses.

The end

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