Fucking friend s wife by invader

I am working in a corporate firm in Islamabad. This incident happened when I shifted to Islamabad for the first time. I found vacancy in an apartment in Bahria Town close to one of my colleagues (Ali) and I settled there.

Ali is married 4 years back and has a kid less than an year old. Ali is about 5'5" and has put on some weight from the time I saw him earlier and also has tummy. On the other hand, his wife Kinza is a beautiful lady though not milky white but fair, with right amounts of flesh in right areas. Though Kinza is sexy, i never had any bad intentions about her. she used to dress very traditional and never wore any revealing dress even at home.

Over a period of time, I got comfortable with Ali's family and used to visit their home regularly. Ali used to hang out at my house every weekend and we used to have a smoke or two. Ali got exception from Kinza to have very minimal smoking only on weekend and that too only at my house. If it had been anywhere else, it will be unsafe for him to drive home after Smoking. Since he stayed in the same apartment complex as mine, he used to hangout with me for smoking and take a walk to his home.

Let me tell you about myself, I am 5'10" nicely built, athletic body and jovial attitude. I used to hit the gym everyday and also regular swimmer, play tennis and Football whenever I got a chance. All this stuff helped me maintain a perfect shape. Though I am medium brown in skin complexion, I often catch female attention because of my physique.
Apart from that, cooking had always been my hobby and my specialty is Pulao Chawal. I often used to make Pulao on weekends and Ali on many occasions praised my cooked Pulao in front of Kinza and also advised her to learn the recipe from me.

As we all knew Kinza is also a very good cook, all I could do was just to be shy and give a smile. Kinza also used to smile and teasingly say sure Ali, I will learn Pulao from Asif so that you don’t have to trouble him.

I used to respond saying, it’s not a trouble. I love cooking and I am not cooking for him alone.

Coming to Ali's attitude, he used to be pretty reserved among friends and hardly used to discuss any of his family matters. He somehow used to be unsecure discussing those things. I doubted how he used to be with his wife and never tried to find out those aspects as that’s his personal matter.

Things took a turn one day, when I had some personal work and had to take a leave from office. I required some documents related to Plot installments and called Ali regarding the same.
Ali said that he is in office but the documents are at his home inside the table drawer. He said he will call his wife and tell her to keep those documents aside and

I can go and collect them from her.

I went to his home after half an hour to collect those documents. Meanwhile Ali called his wife and she was ready with those documents.
I knocked Ali's door and his wife opened the door. She invited me inside the house. I was falling short of time to finish my work so I opened my mouth to come straight to the point.

Asif: "Ali..."
Kinza: " yeah. he called me. here are your documents"
Asif: "thank you Kinza"

I checked those documents. Those are all I wanted and I was about to leave just then Kinza said" Asif, please sit for some time. I made tea for both of us"
though I was in a hurry, I could not say no to Kinza. So I sat down again.

Asif:" where is the baby?"

while handing me a cup of tea, she said" she is sleeping".
This is when I saw her close. I couldn’t help noticing her eyes were red. I thought she had a long fucking session with her hubby last night and couldn’t get enough sleep and I just smiled at her.

She understood this different smile of mine and asked me the reason for this smile. I tried my best to avoid answering the question, but after she repeatedly asked me,

I told her my guess. She did not say anything and her face became pale and dull.
I asked her "Kinza... Whats the matter? I am sorry if I blabbered something rubbish"
Kinza" no Asif. thats OK" she added" its true that I did not have proper sleep but its not because of sex with Ali"

Asif: "ohh ok... then what’s the reason?"

Kinza opened her mouth after a brief silence" I was not feeling well over the past one week. Ali would have told you. Didn’t he?"
Asif: "no Kinza. He didn’t tell me anything. What happened? You can tell me if it’s not too personal."

Kinza: No Asif…. that’s OK. You are not an outsider to hide such things. Last week, I slipped and fell down in bathroom and hurt my back and sometimes I get severe back pain and I go through Hell during that period. Last night was one of those instances and I couldn’t sleep whole night"

Asif: Haven’t you consulted a doctor or apply Moov Cream?"
Kinza: Yeah, We did. But it was of no use

Asif: Then consult a different doctor or a chiropractor. They will have some good techniques to cure such pains, like Massages etc
Kinza:" Ali is dead against consulting a chiropractor or taking a massage. I am also reluctant to get a massage."
Kinza:" I feel getting massage very awkward. The touch of a stranger on my body feels very irritating."

I smiled at this and said "I understand" and further added " then why don’t you get a full body massage from your hubby itself".
Kinza: "Ali?? He doesn’t have time for all this. Moreover he doesn’t know any such techniques."

Asif:" Kinza.. It’s not about knowing any techniques to relieve from pain, it’s the touch that matters. It’s the soothing feeling and relaxation, the key thing here is the touch of someone you trust. And moreover, the first and foremost thing while getting a massage is you should be relaxed. Then only the massage will have its effect. You will be more relaxed getting such massage from your hubby and it can also lead to something intimate. You know what I mean" and I smiled.

Kinza understood what I was trying to say and blushed but still looked puzzled. I guess she became horny over this conversation.

I finished my tea and I was getting late for the work for which I took leave from office. I advised her to take good care of her health and bid her goodbye and left.

Over the next one week I got completely immersed in work at office and couldn’t go to Ali's house. I also did not inquire about Kinza's back pain from Ali since I did not know about it through Ali. And if I ask Ali, it may lead to misunderstandings in his house. So I thought I will ask Kinza directly when I meet her in person.

The subsequent week, me and Ali thought of going to office together to discuss some official things on the way. I got ready in the morning and went to Ali's house.

Ali was in toilet and was getting ready for office. I sat in the living room. Kinza got some tea for me.
I greeted her and asked about her back pain.

Kinza:"its no better Asif. in fact it’s got worse."
Asif:" Havent you consulted any other doctor?"
Kinza:"yeah we did. He referred a chiropractor."
Kinza:" as you know, both me and Ali are reluctant on this idea"

Asif: "OK. Then you should have asked Ali to rub your back and do some massage."
Kinza:" I asked him. But he doesn’t believe those things will ever work."

Asif:" yeah..i know he’s pretty orthodox and I doubted if he will agree. but as I said its not only about relieving pain, such massage can get intimate and you will forget your back pain."
Kinza:" yeah, I understand what you are saying. but Ali is not interested."


Kinza:" Asif, can I ask you something?"
Asif:" yeah sure Kinza"

Kinza:" If you don’t mind, can you give me a massage?"
I was like "whaaaaat?"

Just then Ali got ready and came to living room. Kinza noticed him and quickly changed the topic. I was still in deep shock and unable to believe if Kinza actually said that. Me and Ali started to office. On our way to office we tried to discuss some office related matters, but I could barely concentrate on those things.

After reaching office Ali went to his desk and I went to mine. I could not work as I was still thinking of the conversation with Kinza. I was unable to continue my work any further, I decided to call Kinza. I called Ali's landline and Kinza answered the call.

Kinza:" Hello"
Asif:" It’s me ..Asif"
Kinza:"I was expecting your call. In fact I only wanted to call you. I was so afraid that Ali would figure out what we were discussing about."
Asif:" Did you really mean what you said?"
Kinza:" Yes Asif. I really meant that. I am not getting any help from anyone."
Asif:" But Kinza... think once again. Do you realize that you will be semi nude during massage." I further added" And don’t forget, I am a man. What if I get aroused looking at you like that and do something which I shouldn’t."

Kinza:" After my husband, you are the one whom I can trust. I cannot ask for this favor to anyone else. And I would not mind even if something wrong happens. I will not blame you. Let’s give it a try and see if this works out. Hope you understand"
Asif:" I do. but..."
Kinza:" Asif plsss"
Asif:" What if Ali comes to know about this?"

Kinza:" Ali would not know all this. He will surely deny such things and I would continue to suffer with pain. I will not tell him, you also pls don’t tell him"

I could not deny Kinza as I understood her situation. So I agreed to give her massage.

Asif" ok fine. When do you want to do it?"
Kinza:" let’s do it tomorrow." she continued" try to take leave tomorrow or come back from office early stating that you are not feeling well. Ali will be in office so he would not know if you are coming to my house. I know I am troubling you, but please do it for my sake."
Asif:" you want to get massage in your house?"
Kinza:" yeah...I need to take care of the baby too...right?"
Asif:" ohh yeah. True"

The next day, as usual, I got ready and went to Ali's house. Kinza answered the door and I was waiting for Ali in the living room. Just then Kinza showed up and we made eye contact and she nodded her head in affirmation indicating that she is ready. Just then Ali got ready for office and came to living room. I was giving him hints that I was not feeling well by acting little weak.

Ali:" Hey Asif...what happened. Are you fine"
Asif:" yeah.. I am OK...just feeling little weak. I didn’t have proper sleep over past few days"
Ali:" Are you sure you want to come to office? Why don’t you take a leave today and take rest."
Asif:" Thats OK Ali. Let’s go to office, if things get worse. I will come back home."
Ali:" ok then let’s go"

We both started to office. On the way too I acted restless and upon reaching office, I waited for some time in my cubicle, then I informed my boss and also Ali and started home. While coming home, I called Kinza.

Kinza:" Hello."
Asif:" Kinza...Asif here. I just started from office. I will go to my house, Change my dress and come to your house in 1 hour."
Kinza:" ok Asif...I will be ready. Thank you so much."

I could not decide if I should thank her or she should thank me.

I reached her house after 1 hour. As soon as I knocked the door she opened it as if she was waiting for me near the door.
We went straight to the bedroom. She removed her Shirt so that she can expose her bare back to me.
I told her," Before I start working on your back, I will start with head massage then slowly move to neck, shoulders, hands and then back."

She couldn’t understand why all those things were required when she has her pain on her back alone.
I told her “your body should adjust to the massage step-by-step. So it’s not good to directly massage your back. And massage doesn’t mean only physical, you should be mentally prepared."

Kinza thought it makes sense and agreed to what I said.

Though I didn’t have prior experience with a Female body, I read on internet a lot and got knowledge from other sources about female body, i.e. what stimulates a woman, what pleases her during sex, how to give her squirting orgasm etc etc. I have watched a lot of Massage Videos. (Now I am expert in this, and can do different type of Massages)

To be frank, I didn’t have any intentions of taking advantage of Kinza's situation. Just that even my massage doesn’t cure her pain; I wanted to give her a good time so that she will forget her pain at least for some time and feel LOVED. So I decided to try out those techniques.

I started playing a soft music (pretty suitable for a massage) on the laptop and asked her to sit close to one edge on the bed. I stood behind her and Start Massaging. This is when I got a chance to see the actual shape of her boobs. Ohh my God...what a sight that was...those will be around 34D size and I couldn’t take my eyes of them. I was wondering how the sight would be when she’s naked. I just felt like grabbing those in my hands and squeeze them. But I controlled myself as I was there for some other purpose.

Slowly I started massaging her neck. She was reluctant in the beginning and I could figure out that she was feeling somewhat awkward with my touch. So I was very soft on her skin initially and when she was getting comfortable I started getting hard on her skin. It was an amazing feeling to touch her.
Once in a while she used to let out a slight moan. This is due to due to my hardness of massage on her body.
When ever my touch was harder, she used to moan "aahhh...that hurts" and I used to reduce the intensity.

After massaging her neck, I moved to her shoulders. I continued to massage her shoulders just as I did her neck. But due to her Blouse, I was unable to massage her properly.
I asked her "how are you feeling with the Masssage? Do you think it’s of any help?"
Kinza:"yeah Asif... neck massage was very relaxing, but shoulder massage is not feels little itchy and rough"
Asif:" that’s because of your blouse. Can we remove the blouse, if you allow"

Kinza was trapped here. She cursed herself for saying so. She would be uncomfortable being semi nude before me. At the same time, with her blouse on, the massage is not serving its purpose. But since she was anyways prepared to have her massage semi nude, she agreed and took off her blouse. Now she is only in her bra and I could now gaze at her voluptuous structure. Her milky white flesh balls were very tempting and driving me crazy. She was wearing a tight bra than her normal size which could hardly contain half her boobs and her milk tanks were trying to free themselves from that small piece of cloth.

I was massaging her shoulders but I was starting at boobs most of the time and Kinza also caught my sight. She was also beginning to get horny standing seminude in front of a man other than her husband. Just then I got alert and told "it’s very hard to control looking at you like this. Could you please lie on the bed on your tummy so that I would not get a sight of your boobs"

She laid herself on the bed on her tummy. I also removed her trouser a little from the buttocks since it would be disturbing when I will be working on her back. She also didn’t object to it. I started massaging her on her back. My hands did wonders on her back and she was as relaxed as ever. To be more convenient i unstrapped her bra and the straps were left on either side exposing the sides of her boobs. I start with her upper back and knead all the way till lower back, just above her buttocks and travel to upper back again. I also gently massaged the area where she felt pain and she got pretty relaxed. She spread her hands because of which, at times I used to touch the sides of her boobs. Whenever I touched she used to get jerks, raise her head and often let out slight moans. I sensed she was getting horny and I enjoyed that I am making her wet, but I did not make any move to take advantage of her.

After some time when I touched the side of her boob she did not react, in fact she lifted upper half of her body to provide much better access to her boobs. I massaged her boobs for some time and asked her to sit on the edge of the bed as we were before.

I stood behind her and started massaging her shoulders again and I was moving my hands on to her boobs once in a while. The touch on her boobs was a heavenly feeling and can’t be described in words. She was also enjoying her massage and now she would have been completely wet and she was waiting for my hands to caress her breasts full time. Now I moved my point of concentration to her boobs and her stomach.

Her moans got increased "aahhh....ohhh myy gggooodd..Aaassiiifffff..." Whenever I touched kneaded her boobs. I had to bend in front of her to reach her stomach and my cheeks used to touch her cheeks and we used to feel each others' breath. She now began leaning on me to get more contact with my face and she was turning her face towards mine in an act of kissing me.

Meanwhile my dick was getting big and it’s made a tent in my Pants. I was trying to hide it from Kinza. But since I was standing behind Kinza that too pretty close to her, it was thrusting her back, and I knew Kinza understood that I got a hard on.

I asked her "Kinza lets take your trouser off and please lie down on your tummy. I will massage your legs."
She readily agreed and did not show any sign of protest, though it was no way related to her back pain. She was actually very horny by now and longing for a nice fuck.
She removed her trouser and lied down on the bed.

what a spectacular view that was, seeing Kinza almost nude. But I controlled myself and I went straight to her foot and massaged it instead of touching her pussy, much to her surprise, I gave her foot massage for about 5 minutes and she was enjoying that as well, but her point of interest now is something else. I didn’t want to give it so easily and maintained that tension in her.

Slowly I moved towards her thighs and was kneading her thighs top to bottom and vice versa. Her juicy thighs reminded me of chicken leg piece and literally wanted to take a bite of her thighs and her butts. I massager her thighs and slowly reached her inner thighs and was kneading and caressing them. This increased her intensity and was dying to have my hands on her pussy. So she opened her legs still wide to give easy access to her pussy. Instead, I did not take that invitation and proceeded towards her buttocks and massaged them. I squeezed her butts like dough and moans are getting louder than before. "ohh Aasssiiifff...please..don’t stop...harderr...ahh ahhhh ahhhhhhh"

Now I asked her to turn around and lay on her back. She turned around. I again started my massage from her feet and proceeded towards her pussy via her knees and thighs. I massaged her inner thighs and also caressed her pussy over her panty. Her moans were getting louder and wilder when I reached her pussy. I gazed the outline of her panty but did not move her panty. She was looking at me with lust and also caught my hard on and my Pant’s tent. She reached my Pant and caressed my manhood over my Pant.

I also started massaging her pussy. I moved the panty triangle aside and started caressing her pussy with her panty still on. Initially I only touched her clit and after some time I slid my finger inside the pussy. It easily slipped into the pussy as its already very wet. Now she let out a huge moan “ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh likeeeee thatttt...ittt feelssssssss sssssssso goodddddd. pleaaaaaaseeeeeee dont stttttoppp Aaasssiffff....ahhhh" I inserted one more finger and started making in out movements. Initially I was gentle on her pussy and after some time I increased my pace and started stroking her harder. After some time she came all over the bed and had her squirting orgasm. She was herself surprised seeing herself cum so much. She has never cumed so much earlier when she was having sex with Ali.

My hand was drenched with her cum but still continued stroking her. She was also caressing my dick and my dick now is full blown. She then pleaded me to fuck her.

Kinza: Asif...this is the best orgasm I ever had...I never experienced this before. I saw this kind of things in porn movies and thought these are possible only by professionals. I never imagined I also can cum so much and have such a great experience like this. This is really a wonderful feeling and I never knew that being a woman is so much fun. Now I want to feel your dick in my pussy. Please fuck me."

I was in no mood to refuse Kinza now as I also controlled myself a lot all this while. So I quickly got between her legs and took my throbbing cock out of my Pant.
Kinza saw my dick and had mixed reactions in her face. It was larger than Ali's, so even though she was longing for a nice fuck, she was afraid to take such a huge cock inside her. I have a cock almost 7.5 inches

Kinza:" ohh my God... Asif your dick is much thicker and longer than Ali's, it’s gonna tear my pussy...."
Asif: Don’t worry Kinza, I will not be rough on your some of the untouched areas of your pussy will be explored" I said with a wink.

Kinza understood that and felt shy and gave a smile.

I gave a thrust and a part of my dick was inside her pussy. Her pussy was pretty tight as she didn’t have sex with Ali in the recent times.
She let out a moan with pleasure mixed with pain "oohhh Asif….that hurtss... ahh ahhh".

Slowly I gave few more thrusts gradually increased my force and my entire cock was in her pussy and she cried with pain "Asif I cannot take this pain….. please take your cock out.... ahhh ...ohh noooo"

It was a point of no return for me.... I did not want to take a back step. We were in that position for some time and after some time when her pussy was adjusting to my cock's size, I started my inward and outward movements of my cock in her pussy.
Kinza's pain slowly vanished and she was now enjoying and having her heavenly experience.

The scene of the movement of her boobs when I was thrusting my cock in her pussy was a feast to watch and aroused me more and I began pumping her harder. After some time I lifted one of her legs and placed it on my shoulder, leaving the other leg on the bed and started giving sideway strokes. I grabbed one of her boobs and started squeezing it. She was moving her head in ecstasy and pleasure.

Ali being pretty orthodox always fucked her only in the missionary position so this poor thing never experienced any other sex positions and was getting higher and higher with each thrust. After fucking her for some time, when I was about to cum, I pulled out my dick on time as we were not in protection. I came over her mouth and boobs. It’s a strange thing for Kinza to have cum on her face and her body and she initially felt it very displeasing. After I convinced her, she tasted the cum and she liked it.

Then my dick was getting loose and I was caressing her boobs and was sucking and biting her nipples. After some time my dick started to blow again and I asked her to turn around. I set her up in doggy position and fucked her in doggy style. She liked being fucked in this position too...
After fucking her for about 30 minutes in different positions, when I was about to cum, I pulled out and unloaded on her ass.

By now both of us were exhausted and lied on bed naked for some time and didn’t realize when we caught sleep. When we opened our eyes, it was 5 PM and it was time Ali comes home from office.

We hurried into the bathroom and quickly washed ourselves and I went back to my home. Kinza put the bed sheet and the soiled clothes in washing machine and was waiting for Ali. Ali came home after some time, got fresh and came to my house to check how I was feeling. I opened the door and acted as if I just woke up from my sleep and said I am OK now. We both went to Ali's house for dinner.

After I finished my dinner, I went to wash basin to wash my hands. Kinza came to wash basin to hand me a towel. Ali was still having dinner. Since no one was around, I just planted a gentle kiss on her lips and softly bit her upper lip and said “we did everything today except this" and gave a wink.
Kinza too responded with a naughty smile.

That was one day when lust took over us both. After that we had few other love making sessions and I introduced her to new sex positions which she would not have known from Ali.

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