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Sex story websites were very useless and complicated.The pages of the stories were complicated and then in the middle of the story there were comments as well as subscriptions and paid stories,threats and insults from the admins etc.,for writers and readers both. We ourselves were a user like you,so we got tired and thought of creating a website and playstore application that would be the most unique, free, beautiful and complete where there is no offense.


1: - Every story is absolutely free and will remain free, no subscription cycle.

2: - Login is not required to comment, ie without any hassle instant comment.

3: - An application has also been released on the Play Store which can also be downloaded from the menu button of the website.

4: - At the moment we are collecting stories from other sites but after some time story writers will also be paid whether they write a story for our site or convert another story from any site.

5: - If you want to send your story or there is a problem with the site and the app etc., the email is also available on the website.

6: - Soon stories will be available in every language Urdu, Hindi, English, Arabic, Punjabi, Russian and Chinese etc.

7: - You can tell us your choice directly. We will try to make such a story available by writing it ourselves.

8: - Stories that are paid files on other sites, we will give them on our site for free so that your enjoyment can be doubled.

9: - Stories are also categorized according to the names so that you can quickly search and find the story of your choice.

Boy sex

Lesbo sex

Rape sex

Animal sex

10: - Search button is given in the menu button. You can search any story by name.

11: - Stories will also be given special grades such as Short story as Story of the Week and large story as Story of the Month.

12: - There is an All Stories button on the homepage of the site but if you want to read a story of a specific category like Urdu, English or Roman etc. you can go to the menu button.
13: - Our main goal is to give people free entertainment (now what is the use if it costs money to masturbate) but we have installed small ads to cover the cost of the website and if they save us anything We will also provide rewards to the users. Isn't it interesting? The solution to eliminate ads will also be given in the site after some time.

You may want to ask that there are many more sites, then why would you come to our site? So the answer is that first check,if you don't like our site your complaint is justified. Secondly, you will be respected on our site. Sir, whether you are a reader or a writer, we are respected. Ethics is important thing and because everyone has their own choice,in this case if you don't like a story, go to another story instead of abusing so that no one gets hurt by your words.We ll provide all kinds of stories and try to show you what is happening in the society. Now it is up to you to enjoy it or learn a lesson because earlier we thought that rape stories should not be included because some people find it more appealing but then we added by thinking that maybe someone can learn a lesson from them and save him or herself, In the end. We would like to say that we have created this forum for you. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts. We have tried and will continue to improve the site according to your opinion.We are suere thatb you ll like sites and the app and don't forget to give your opinion by commenting on the stories.soms stories are copied without reading so if fjnd any mistake pleass comment and tell.
Thanks for reading.

Posted on: 09:28:AM 26-Feb-2021

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