Hookup with office hottie

I am happy to pen down another incident that happened to me. I am happy for the responses that I have had previously for my 2 previous incidents. I always get a hardon when I read incest stories here. This happened to me some 2 years ago. I was working with a MNC in bangalore and there was this girl who called me from a consultancy wanting to know if I want to switch jobs with better packages.

I told her I was not interested but stores her number and said I will call her when I need some assistance, and she accepted. After a few days I got a call again from her, but this time she called me Anna (Brother). I was surprised and she claimed that she did not call me for the interview stuff but called me just to talk and kill some time.

I asked why she is calling me Anna, and she said that was a surprise and anyways I was not much bothered. One day she told that she knew my brother who she also used to consider a brother and since I was elder to my brother she preferred calling me brother too. So I agreed and things were just going on.

Things like SMS, talking at nights till I feel sleepy, calling her if I was getting bored. I had no intentions of meeting her, or going out with her nothing at all. Suddenly after about 2 months she asked me if we can meet, I told yes and I told her I cannot meet any common places as I hate visiting places which have crowd there. Moreover I do not even know how she looks.

So I did not want to go to a crowded place and make a fool of myself. Hence I called to a park near my place, and she came and I was surprised to see her. Becuase she had some extra pounds, chubby cheeks and lots of baby fat. We introduced ourselves to eachother and we just sat on a stone seat there and were talking.

Later from there we left a restaurant and had some ice cream and left home. That she started messaging me and started talking and boyfriend girlfriend and all that. From that night our conversations were different and I was wondering where this was going to end. Anyways I was enjoying out conversations and slowly our conversations started about kissing, sex, making love and all that.

She told she has not smooched any one and too told the same and she said she cannot beleive that. I said the only way how you would beleive that is when I smooch u, you will get to know that I am a learner in that. And instantly agreed, I was seeing stars. Then I asked when can I kiss her, and she told that her parents are going out this weekend and I was asked to come to her place,

and I did not know where her house was. Then she told that she stayed in Indranagar, so she asked me to come to CMH road signal and call her from there, and that sunday I was there at 10 am. I called her and she directed me to her house. The previous night were messaging almost till 5am and we were discussing only about this.

And many times I asked her if only kissing and tried to advance and she was not letting me more than that. So I thought lemme go home and try my luck. When she opened the door she was on a tight salwar. I was thinking how I can make her mine today and no ideas coming to my head. She invited me in and I sat on the sofa and something was on the TV dont know what program.

Then she got some juice and sat next to me and both were sipping it from the glass and she broke the silence and asked me how come you have not kissed anyone, and I said did not find one, and I asked her how come you have kissed someone and she said I have not kissed any one. Then I finished the juice and as watching the TV I lied on her lap and she continued the movie on the TV.

Then I asked so wht now? and she just put her face on mine and smooched me and I immediately got to know that she is an expert in this. Ah that experience has been the best so far. I have not been smooched that well ever. She sucked my lips and rolled her tongue all over and I was like on beginer in the way she was kissing,

I felt like she was sucking me completely and I was in heaven and slowly put my hand on her back and started caressing her and she started to move her hand all over my body as I was lying on her lap. She broke the kiss and asked how was it. I did not have anywords. I asked her “Do u now beleive me that I am a beginner” she did not reply. instead asked me to get up and she had some work.

I asked if I could leave then, as I was not sure to proceed or not, because she told she had some work. Then she said to wait and told me to use her computer if was bored, so I decided that was better. I asked her where is the comp and she said in the bedroom and by this time my dick was hard as rock and I sat on the comp and just switching it on, and she came and hugged me tightly.

I immediately got up and caught her neck real tight and smooched her and this time she was in the receiving end and we smooched for about 12-15 mins, I sucked her lips, rolled my tongue all over her mouth and sucked her tongue and she did the same and broke the kiss. I asked how am i, and she said I was a quick learner (she does not know that I have done this over a hundred times)

Then I pushed her to the wall and asked her is that all I have, and she asked whatelse you want, and I asked her “what do you think I would ask” and she said “Anna take me!!” that turned me and we started undressing each other. Thats the last thing we spoke, we were nude in seconds and she was rubbing my dick and smoocking me and I was squeezing her boobs.

Slowly she lay on the sofa and I was on her, I was crushing her boobs, sucking the nipples and finger fucking her and her moan started. It became more and suddenly started to held me tight and then gave a big ‘mmmmm’ kinda sound and I understood that she had her orgasm. Then she was tired and I continued though and she regained herself in 2 mins and then asked me to go to the bedroom and I did the same and was lying on the bed

and she came sat next to me took my dick into her mouth and sucked, I felt like it was for eternity. Then she came on me and put my dick inside her and started to ride me. I knew I did not have a condo and this was the first time I was doing it without a condo and I was not worried becuase I knew I had to take it out when I am going to cum and moreover she was a virgin.

So I threw all thoughts aside and let her ride to her satisfaction. I could see her tits bounce and turn in front of my eyes and finally she was done and lay on the bed and now my turn to give it back to her. I spread her legs so wide as though I am going to split them apart. Then I placed my dick at the opening and in once jerk pushed it inside and she screamed and remains of blood stain inside her pussy came out.

I fucked her and she started to mon. As my speed increased she started moaning louder and her moans were clearly audible very easy. I starte to sucks the nipples as I was fucking her pussy. I was ramming into her pussy and her moning became more louder, So now I stuffed a cloth inside her mouth and the sound stopped.

I was going to cum and I asked her purposely where I should cum and looked at me naughtly and hurriedly pulled herself out and got her face at my dick and asked me to cum inside her mouth and she wanted to taste it as she has never done it. I started to jack with my hands and in few seconds I was loading all my cum inside her mouth and I was sure I came atleast 30 ml

into her mouth and she swalloed it and started to lick my dick and cleant it completely with her tongue. I had never cum like that before and not even until now (not even the one that happened on sep-12-2010, will narate this later).

Then I left home and we continued this for about 2-3 months and later we lost contact. But I saw her again after 2 yeras now and thats what reminded me of that sex activity so I put it here. So I am going to have it again with her. Hoping to be more steamy this time.
The end

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