Taste of old wine

This is a true incident that happened two weeks ago and it took me 2 weeks to get out of that sweet shock to pen down this experience of mine. Readers of my earlier stories might know that am currently in Europe and that’s something that I am glad about. Cause 2 weeks ago I had this wonderful chance of going to bed with a very elderly Dutch woman. She is by far the oldest woman I have ever had sex with. She was 48.

She is the best ever. Her name is Christina and she has been divorced for 10 years and her 2 kids don’t stay with her and they only visit her once in a while. Now about Christina, she is somebody whom you will call a gorgeous, classic aunty. She was classic in the way she dressed, the way she carried herself. I couldn’t really believe I got her. She has graying hair and its quite long till her mid back and its thick and straight. Now about the important features, she has a very tight butt.

I really couldn’t imagine how she has maintained it through all the years. She also had perky tits. She had very minimal wrinkles on her skin and you could never guess her age. I met her in a local bar, where I usually frequented to. I have seen her couple of times before than at that night. But it was only now that I had a chance to talk to her. She was very friendly and we talked about general things and the topics went to anything and everything. We talked about girl friends and everything.

She was a stranger but I wanted to lay her, so I made all the moves, was very open and passionate and everything. We had a few drinks and she asked me where I stayed and everything and we got really close in the mean time. I commented about her, her beauty and charm and she was falling for it, probably the alcohol was having an effect on her. We sat very close at the bar and at times I even caressed her.

Probably she was hungry too. She asked me how I would go home and I said I just lived close by and I can stroll along, she insisted being dropped. We went out of the bar and she was quite high. I told her that I would drive her home and then leave for mine. She accepted and we went and on the way she wanted some fresh air and so we stopped by the canal. It was a lonely deserted place and the time was around 11:30 PM. While we were at the canal, we smoked and

I held her hand told her that she was gorgeous even at this age and she smiled and she asked the most important question. She asked me if I would like to have her. I dropped my cigarette and started kissing her. She was so passionate and we smooched there for about 20 mins. Her perfume and the softness and the feeling of kissing her was so great. I held her butt close. I told her I needed her tonight and we got into the car and drove to her place.

Her place was very modest but very clean and her bed was big and well made. As soon as I went through the door, I pulled her and kissed her and by this time she also was in a more stable state. She kissed me wildly and went down to remove my pant. I sat down on the couch. She got down immediately and reached for my dick and rubbed it vigorously. It was already almost fully erect. She kept rubbing it and went down to take my balls. She sucked them slowly, man that was amazing. I have never experienced it before and it was a great feeling.

Then she slowly took my dicks head and licked it with her tongue and she made it all wet. She then started slowly sucking the entire dick and occasionally she would gag on it as well. Wow she had so many tricks, then she slowly built her pace and her hair fell onto her face when she did that, I held it up for her and it was a great feeling to do so. I removed her top and her bra, man I never knew someone over 45 years can have such perky tits.

It was not sagging one little bit. I even wondered if it was a fake. Lol. I pulled her up and removed her skirt and there it was the sight I still remember, that butt was so very cute. Her hip to ass ratio was amazing simply amazing. I removed her stockings and she was all nude now and drop dead sexy. I rubbed my cock while she stood before me and we immediately knew what to do, I needed her pussy and she needed my dick.

I lied on the carpet and we got ourselves into 69 position. Her pussy was clean shaven and was pink. I have never seen a pussy of that color. I made me mad and I chewed on it, but it sucked it. Oh my god the mere thought makes me have a hard on. We did the 69 and she cum after 10 mins of sucking and I almost cum at the same moment and we both drank each other’s cum. We rolled over and I pissed her and held her close. I made her stand up and bend over the couch and I held her hair and fucked her from behind.

The doggie position is by far my favorite position. I fucked her hard from behind and she was quite responsive. She started moaning for the first time and wow did that arouse me? I fucked her harder, and she started to scream mildly like vuiiiiiiiiii…..hmmm…vallllllla…vuiiiiii. After about 20 mins of fierce pounding, I finally cum into her. I was tired but she wasn’t she wanted more and she started rubbing my dick again and we went into the bedroom, she led me by holding my dick.

I lay on the bed and she climbed on top of me and she rode me like a cow girl. It was a wonderful sight to see her boobs bouncing, I squeezed her boobs, she was squeezing my dick with her pussy. She literally squeezed, she would bend down and kiss me every now and then. After 15 mins we both cum together and she did cum a river. We both lied down huddled and fondled and the time was already close to 1 in the morning and we caressed and kissed for one hour and then she again started sucking my dick and it was rock hard after a while and I told, her

I needed to fuck her butt. She smiled and I knew it was a green. I pulled her up and kissed her and held her legs apart and placed my dick at her butt hole. First I pumped in gently and it wouldn’t go through, I dint want to be hard, so she went to her dressing table and brought a lotion, I applied it over my dick and all over her butt hole and gently pushed my dick in, now it went in a bit easily and it took me slow jerks of about 5 mins to get in her completely,

I held her legs high, so that her butt was in the air and I climbed on top of her and I started pumping. She screamed like hell this time, vuuuuuuu hmmm aaaaiiiiiiii , wuuuu wuu hmmppffff , and she went on. Ripping through her lovely tight butt was one of the greatest pleasure I have ever had. I finally cum, but a very little. I hugged her close and we slept naked all night. I asked her how she felt and she told that she had needed this for a long time and that she was only happy that it happened. In the past 12 days, I have fucked her 8 times.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of fucking her, she is great. She has given into all my fantasies, and wow she was one enriching experience. Christina is a great aunt to fuck and I will fuck her as long as I can. This was a really wonderful experience; I never expected to go to bed with a Dutch woman. It is so very different to fuck a foreigner than an Indian. I wouldn’t say it was better but it was different yes.

The end

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